Anxious Bai did his duty, and kept muttering.

"It's over, this is really over!"

"Wang Ye, did you know! Once the Spirit of Desire is activated, it cannot be terminated until it is consumed by it! As for the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain, the Bai Family will definitely not allow you to open it!"

"Why?" Wang Ye frowned in confusion.

Isn't everyone looking for the four keys of the secret realm and trying to unlock them?

Why the Bai family didn't want him to open the secret realm.

But Bai did his duty but shook his head, "I don’t know! Very early, the spirit of desire fell into the hands of the Bai family. The Bai family knew that he was one of the four keys to the secret realm, but this magical spirit of desire was full of In addition to the weirdness, the ancestors of the past have left the ancestral instruction to dust it! It was lost more than 30 years ago!

"As for why the secret realm is not allowed to open, I don't know! But that is the ancestral motto of the Bai family, hey, this is really tricky! But don't worry, Wang Ye, uncle will not watch you die, I will look for opportunities Please go out, persuade him and let him help you."

"The Bai family, too old man, Bai He?" Wang Ye laughed mockingly.

Seeing Bai nodded conscientiously, he sneered: "It was his order. Back then, the Bai family were not allowed to avenge my mother, right? He, ha ha, he doesn't care about the life or death of his own son Bai Yueyang, will he take care of me?"

"Uncle Yueyang? Do you know him?" Bai Dudu was a little surprised.

Wang Ye nodded and told Bai Yueyang about his responsibility.

Knowing that he is still alive, he is now the Patriarch of the Miao family, Bai Duihui is very happy, but it is just happy.

"Okay, Wang Ye, I know everything, don't worry, there is uncle here! Go, let's enter Bai's house first."

Bai dutifully pulled him and headed towards the Bai family mansion.

He was actually very guilty in his heart. His name was Bai Duty, but he had not done his responsibilities to his sister and nephew. He wanted to make up for it, but he was weak in the Bai family.

Walking into the Baijia Mountain Gate and stepping into the Bai family mansion, Wang Ye was somewhat resistant, but he had to marvel at the strength of the Bai family.

The ability to build such a huge palace in the Demon Cave Mountain Range shows the deep roots of the Bai Family.


Yes, it is the palace. The three-story huge palace inside and outside is magnificent like a palace.

The outermost floor is the residence of the servants of the Bai family. The outer courtyard is the residence of the Bai family's descendants. The inner courtyard is the residence of the Bai family's descendants. Bai Qingyou.

In the main hall of the inner courtyard, surrounded by many people, Bai Linger was sitting trembling on a stool.

His father, Bai Jinxiao, paced back and forth in the hall, asking why the old man hadn't appeared yet.

With Bai Ling'er as the center, it exudes a bitter chill, filling the surrounding space with a cold breath.

Wang Ye and Bai dutifully walked in. Everyone looked at him from time to time, but their eyes were full of irony and pity.

"What's the situation?" About five minutes later, a white-haired old man walked quickly.



"Farewell to Grandpa!"

A group of Bai family members all bowed and saluted. The name of the visitor was Bai Yuefeng, who was the acting head of the Bai family. He was the same generation as Wang Ye's uncle Bai Yueyang, half brothers.

As soon as he walked into the room, he saw Wang Ye in the crowd, frowning slightly.

His eyes only stayed slightly on him, and he quickly walked to Bai Ling'er.

"Father, didn't you mean that after soaking in the water of the Baishui River for 81 days, plus acupuncture and medicine, Linger's Nine Nether Body will get better! But today, this last day she became ill... …"

Bai Yuefeng glared at Bai Jinxiao and motioned to him to shut up.

After observing Bai Ling'er's condition, Bai Yuefeng frowned.

"Wait and see! Midnight is the most sullen time, if she can survive tonight, she will definitely be fine."


Bai Jin's filial piety is like an ant on a hot pot, he is just such a baby girl, if there is a long and two short... he dare not think further.

As for the rest of the Bai family heirs, most of them came to watch the excitement, and there were even people such as Bai Yuan, praying that Bai Ling'er would die soon.

Over the past few decades, Bai Ling'er has been occupying the best position in the Bai family, Qingyou Pavilion!

Not only that, a lot of geniuses and treasures in the clan were wasted on her, and these people had long complained!


When Bai Yuefeng sat on top of the chief, Bai Yuan stood up and said, "This Wang Ye, trespassing into Bai's house! Claiming to be Bai Qingyou's orphan, he even held the spirit of desire in his hand and activated it!"

"Spirit of Desire?!"

Bai Yuefeng sat up straight for an instant, frowning and looking at Wang Ye.

Upon seeing this, Bai Yuan smiled quietly.

"Are you Bai Qingyou's son?" Bai Yuefeng asked.

Wang Ye nodded, and replied powerfully, "Yes! I am a descendant of Longwangshan Wang's family, my father Wang Cangshan, and my mother Bai Qingyou!"

"The spirit of desire is in your hands?" Bai Yuefeng asked, with a flash of murder in his eyes.

Wang Ye was not afraid, "In my hands, it is already open!"

With a wave of his hand, Bai Yuefeng said, "Take it down and go to death row first!"

"Patriarch, never!" Bai Jindu hurried forward and said: "You don't know that Uncle Yueyang is still alive, and this time Wang Ye came to Bai's house. It was also Uncle Yueyang's order that he had a deeper intention."

"Yue Yang is still alive?" Bai Yuefeng was a little shocked, but also a little delighted.

Bai Dudu hurriedly nodded, and informed Bai Yuefeng of Bai Yueyang's current whereabouts and current situation, especially in the Miao Family's Five Poison Altar, Wang Ye's rescue of Bai Yueyang was even more detailed.

After telling the story, Bai did his duty and sighed: "This is all by chance! If it weren't for Wang Ye, Uncle Yue Yang might still be alive in the dark, so please..."

"Grandpa!" Bai Yuan interrupted, "That is because they deserved the crime of betraying the Bai family. They have nothing to do with our Bai family. Now the key is that Wang Ye has returned with the spirit of desire after activation! We should take it down, kill him, and stop the spirit of desire as soon as possible!"

Hearing this, Wang Ye couldn't help but sneered. Bai Yuan really hated him.

Chief, Bai Yuefeng looked at the sky outside the hall, then looked at Bai Ling'er, who was shaking, and his brows were already condensed into frost, and he looked very anxious.

"You don't need to talk about conscientiousness anymore, I know you are his uncle, but the clan has clan rules, so let him detain him first! After I have resolved Linger's matter, I will consider it!"

Bai Yuefeng waved his hand and made up his mind. He stood up anxiously, walked quickly towards Bai Ling'er, and muttered: "Ling'er seems to be overwhelmed. Take my silver needle and hope to get the needle. Attracting acupuncture points can help her survive a catastrophe."

Bai Jinxiao heard the words and urged: "Why are you still stunned! Go and get the silver needle of the patriarch."

At this time, Bai dutifully took Wang Ye with one hand and walked out quietly.

"Wang Ye, your uncle is incompetent, and you may not be able to keep you! Taking advantage of their busyness with Ling'er now, you should leave the Bai family as soon as possible, as far as possible."

Wang Ye's footsteps stopped, and he shook his head and said: "I have to figure out why the Bai family is unwilling to open the secret realm! This may have something to do with the world. If I don't figure out the benefits, I will open the secret realm by then. Here comes the catastrophe."

"It's this time, what are you doing! Qingyou is your only blood, you must survive." Bai dutifully urged: "Go, leave with me!"

But Wang Ye not only didn't leave, but also sneered loudly: "Pulling needles to attract acupuncture points will only make her die faster!"

As soon as this remark came out, countless people's eyes were disgusting instantly.