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Chapter 551 Nine Nether Body

Looking at those hateful eyes, Bai Judu felt miserable in his heart. At this time, it was just when he was escaping from the chaos that Wang Ye uttered wild words.

If Bai Ling'er can't be saved today, Bai Yuefeng will be even more angry, and Wang Ye will undoubtedly die by then.

Simply, Bai Yuefeng turned his head to look, and shouted disdainfully: "Do your duty, what else do you need! Take it with you!"

"Yes, yes! I'll imprison him in death row." Bai Jindu said hurriedly, grabbing Wang Ye's wrist and trying to drag him down.

But Wang Ye's feet were still rooted, and he sneered disdainfully.

"Take acupuncture needles! You are such a good grandfather, wish your granddaughter died faster, right?"

"Wang Ye don't say it!" Bai Dudu reminded in a low voice.

Bai Yuan shouted in a deep voice: "Wang Ye! If you dare to be alarmist, you will be killed now!"

As he said, he rushed forward angrily, Bai Yuefeng did not stop, apparently acquiescing to his proposal.

In addition, the descendants of the Bai family, those who flattered Bai Yuan, also walked towards Wang Ye.

But facing them, Wang Ye laughed and said loudly: "Pulling the needle to draw acupuncture points will only shift the acupuncture points, and the cold in the body will vent too quickly, and a short-term imbalance will make her die on the spot!"

"You're really addicted! Come on, kill it on the spot!" Bai Yuan shouted violently, and started first.


At this moment, Bai Yuefeng shouted in a deep voice.

Bai Yuan and the others, this was the time to stop, and gave Wang Ye a bitter look.

Bai Yuefeng stared at him. The previous words did have some meaning. He asked: "You also know medical skills?"

"Your medical skills are inferior to that of the uncle Bai Yueyang!" Wang Ye sneered disdainfully.

Facing his sarcasm, Bai Yuefeng's face was slightly dark, but he truthfully replied: "Yes, Yue Yang's talent was indeed superior to mine back then, but what does it have to do with you? Since you think that it is impossible to draw acupuncture points, you have What suggestion?"

"Seal the acupuncture point and keep your breath, consolidate the foundation!" Wang Ye said.

As soon as he said this, he was immediately criticized by everyone.

"Don't you pretend to be a god here, seal the acupuncture point and keep your breath? The cold inside Ling'er will make her freeze to death!"

"An ignorant idiot, who can't use medical skills at all, dare to hack in front of my Bai family!"

"This kid is just slanderous, I think he is afraid of death, I want to find a reason to get through!"

"You kid hurry up and die, don't make Bai Ling'er tired!"

Some people criticized, some clamored, and no one believed Wang Ye.

Standing with his hand held, he poked a confident smile and met Bai Yuefeng's questioning eyes.

Finally, Bai Yuefeng pressured his hands and signaled everyone to calm down, he asked: "If you do what you said, seal the acupuncture point, close the air and consolidate the body, what then?

"Then it's time to witness your stupidity!"

As soon as Wang Ye said this, Bai was completely in a cold sweat with all his responsibility.

This is his Wang Ye's uncle, the current acting head of the Bai family. Even his father, Bai Yuehai, who was in retreat all the year round, would not dare to talk to Bai Yuefeng like this if he was there.

Obviously, these words made Bai Yuefeng's expression extremely gloomy, and he had gradually lost patience.

"If you want to say something cruel because of your unbalanced heart, then I advise you that there is no need for it!"

"Since you don't recognize me Wang Ye, then you and I have nothing to do with you, so you don't deserve to let me speak harshly!" Wang Ye said calmly.


This is too arrogant!

The language is not amazing and endless!

In the eyes of the Bai family at this moment, Wang Ye is seeking his own death.

But before Bai Yuefeng became angry, he changed his conversation and said, "Why do you say that you are stupid? I really don't know, how did your father Baihe impart your medical skills!"

Damn it, this kid dared to call Grandpa Bai's name!

A group of Bai family heirs are about to explode, even Bai conscientious is a drop of cold sweat on his forehead.

But he couldn't persuade him!

Wang Ye stepped forward slowly, and continued to sarcastically: "Do you know what the Nine Nether Body is? From the very beginning, it was suppressed by drugs that were just yang. You should know the basic cold and fever! Even if you don't know medical skills Everyone knows that if you carry it a little bit, you won’t catch a cold so easily next time. It’s really impossible to take medicine!"

"And you, the stupidity lies in the fact that you have a cold symptom, it is the medicine and the bottle, so you are stupid, not excessive?"

In the main hall, there was a sudden clamor.

Many heirs of the Bai family clamored to smash Wang Ye's body into thousands of pieces to prove the majesty of the Bai family.

But Bai Yuefeng, the murderous intent in his eyes dissipated, he waved his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, raised his head and said: "You continue!"

Wang Ye smiled contemptuously, "Because of your stupidity, Bai Ling'er's body of the Nine Nethers will become less and less resistant to drugs that are strong to the sun, such as Xuanyang Grass! Half a herb can suppress the cold in the body! But this is repeated, as time goes by, the adaptation of the Nine Nether Body increases, and the dosage of the medicine increases, right?"

Those with anger in their eyes, some of the shrewd ones, had gradually understood what Wang Ye meant, and began to show a touch of embarrassment.

Looking at Bai Yuefeng again, he nodded without hiding.

"Stupid, but there are stupid benefits!" Wang Ye grinned. "Over the years, Bai Ling'er has taken a lot of drugs with strong medicinal properties. The strong medicinal properties are accumulated in the body. Once the acupoints are closed and the air is closed, the body's regulatory mechanism will be changed. It will actively counteract the cold in the body and urge the medicinal properties! So that it can resist on its own!"

"Wonderful, really wonderful!" Bai Yuefeng had to applaud, "I didn't see that you are so proficient in pharmacology at a young age."

Upon hearing this, Bai Ling'er's father, Bai Jinxiao, finally saw hope.

He hurriedly stepped forward and pleaded: "Wang Ye, since you know so much, there should be a way to save Ling'er, right? Please take action and save her."

"Why?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

These words stunned Bai Jinxiao to ask.

Yeah, why?

Before, they were still satirizing Wang Ye and trying to put him to death!

But now?Instead, he asked him to save people.

In the main hall, the atmosphere was a bit strange, Bai Yuefeng didn't speak, and no one dared to shout.

As for Bai Jinxiao and others, those who wanted Bai Ling'er to survive were angry and at a loss.

"Then what do you want?" In the end, Bai Yuefeng asked.

Looking at him indifferently, Wang Ye said, "I can save her! And let her completely control the Nine Nether Body! Emphasis, everyone, please listen. It is to control the Nine Nether Body, not adapt. Her physique!"

Everyone heard it very clearly, but because of this, many people poke their noses.

It is already an extravagant hope to save Bai Ling'er, and it is even more daunting to make her adapt to her physique.

Even the Bai family couldn't do it. Why would Wang Ye boast that going to Haikou would not only save Bai Ling'er, but also let her completely control the Nine Nether Body.

Facing this and Bai Yuefeng's skeptical gaze, Wang Ye smiled faintly: "Want to know why? Just because you don't understand what the Nine Nether Body is! Okay, wait for you to figure it out. Now, talk to me about terms! But what I want to say is that Bai Ling'er's current situation cannot last for a stick of incense! Everyone, make a decision as soon as possible!"

This put Bai Jinxiao and his father Bai Yuefeng on a dead end.

What Wang Ye said is the Tao, if you don't believe him, Bai Ling'er will undoubtedly die.

But with this method, I am afraid that his bargaining chips will be very high, perhaps asking them to take the Bai family, and it is possible to avenge the Luo family to their parents!