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Chapter 557 Who Is Wearing White Clothes

The sunset glow shining on Bai Hanyi's body, that white dress seems to be bloody in the snow, coupled with his temperament, this is the most important thing Wang Ye has seen among the younger generation of the Bai family since entering the Bai family. Of a person.

"This is?" Wang Ye asked as he approached.

"Bai Hanyi!" Bai Linger introduced: "Brother Hanyi, he is Wang Ye, very powerful."

"Happy meeting, happy meeting." Bai Hanyi arched his hands.

Out of politeness, Wang Ye also bowed his hands.

The twittering Bai Ling'er introduced Bai Hanyi, almost blowing him into the sky.

"Brother Hanyi is the person with the best aptitude and best talent among the younger generation of the Bai family! Now he has entered Pojing, but it is a pity that the ancient martial realm is unknown. Otherwise, Hanyi is afraid that he has reached the sixth level of Pojing! "

A look of surprise flashed in Wang Ye's eyes. If he were to distinguish between the blurry realm, Bai Hanyi could be a realm higher than him.

However, it can also be seen that the Bai family's understanding of Gu Wu is obviously not comparable to that of the Luo family.

Today, the Luo family still uses the hierarchy of the ancient martial arts, but the Bai family already understands that the current ambiguity of the ancient martial realm is caused by the lack of spiritual energy.

This is not the point, the point is that Bai Hanyi is indeed very strong.

"Brother Hanyi is already recognized as the successor of the next Patriarch."

When Bai Ling'er mentioned this matter, Bai Hanyi clearly showed a touch of arrogance.

Wang Ye looked at him up and down, and smiled: "Brother Hanyi's temperament is indeed extraordinary! I can't help but think of a sentence, except for the three-foot snow of the king, who is the world with white clothes! Except for brother Hanyi, the younger generation of the Bai family I am afraid that no one is worthy of the identity of the next Patriarch."

"Brother Wang Ye lifted it up." Bai Hanyi smiled and arched his hands.

"Yeah, Wang Ye, you will flatter people too." Bai Linger said teasingly.

Wang Ye shook his head, "It's not flattery, it's just what you deserve!"

Although Wang Ye already knew that Bai Hanyi was Bai Yuan's own brother, he suddenly appeared the night before they left for Medicine Valley, so he definitely had no purpose!

But these words were indeed not flattery, Bai Hanyi had that strength.

Bai Hanyi made an inviting gesture and pointed to the pavilion in the lake.

The three of them walked under the pavilion and sat down one after another. Bai Hanyi was arching his hands towards Wang Ye.

"Brother Wang Ye, I am here to apologize to you for Bai Yuan. That kid is arrogant. It is said that brother, when you just entered the mountain gate, you had a conflict with him..."

"Brother Hanyi, are you here to intercede with him?" Wang Ye interrupted him with a smile, "If this is the case, I don't think it is necessary. Because I never put him in my eyes."

These arrogant words made Bai Ling'er a little embarrassed.

Bai Hanyi laughed, "Brother Wang Ye is so generous, let me be impressed! Well, don’t mention him, don’t mention him! I came here today to remind Brother Wang Ye, you may not know Yaogu. It's dangerous!"

Talking between smart people is simple, Wang Ye has already understood a word in Bai Hanyi, what he means is that Bai Yuan will not offend him, he will not care about Bai Yuan, this is enough.

"The dangers in Medicine Valley are extremely dangerous, and Ling'er knows it! But Brother Wang Ye can give up his life to help Ling'er, I'm here in Bai Hanyi, thank you first."

Watching him get up and bow his hands, Wang Ye also bowed his hands.

"Brother Hanyi, this time...hey." Bai Ling'er sighed.

Bai Hanyi comforted: "Brother Wang Ye is so clever, he will definitely judge the situation. If you find that there is a danger in the depths of the Medicine Valley, you will return to take you back. Don't worry."

"In the depths of the Medicine Valley, there is not only a dangerous and poisonous miasma, but it is also rumored that there is a strange energy! This energy is the most deadly danger in the Medicine Valley."

"Oh?" Wang Ye looked at Bai Ling'er with questioning eyes, who nodded.

What puzzled him was that Bai Ling'er hadn't mentioned it beforehand.

As if seeing what Wang Ye was thinking, Bai Hanyi said, "In the depths of Medicine Valley, few people know that strange energy. Linger and Uncle Duty didn't tell you, but they underestimated you."

"how do I say this?"

Bai Hanyi smiled and said: "It is said that that energy has no effect on ordinary people or low-strength people! But the stronger is stronger! The stronger the person, the greater the threat that energy poses to him! This is also the reason why the Bai family has searched for some dead servants over the years and entered them to find medicine for Linger. Most of those dead servants are ordinary people or people with average cultivation strength."

Hearing this, Wang Ye finally understood that Yaogu is a place with double insurance!

Why is it called double insurance? Once the energy in the depths of Medicine Valley restricts the powerful people from entering it, only ordinary people or people with average power can enter it.

But what is the point of those who are weaker after entering!Just those poisonous miasma can take their lives!

"So, no matter how strong or weak you are, there is only one dead end?" Wang Ye smiled bitterly.

"Who said no!" Bai Ling'er curled his lips. "If you regret it, you still have time to control the Nine Nether Body. It won't be fragrant if you live well!"

"You can't say that." Bai Hanyi shook his head and said, "Brother Wang Ye is for your own good too! You know very well how much the difference between you and the body of the Nine Nethers is now! So I'm here this time, just Brother Wang Ye, please consider carefully."

Touching his chin with one hand, Wang Ye was silent.

Both in and out of Bai Hanyi's words implied that his Medicine Valley was a place of death, but also hinted that it would be of great benefit to Bai Ling'er.

Regardless of Bai Hanyi's purpose, he is an enemy or a friend!

His words are all these words, I am afraid that if Bai Yuefeng, the acting Patriarch hears, he will definitely scold him.

The opportunity to take a shot and control the Nine Nether Body is of vital importance to the future of the Bai Family.

After a while, Wang Ye smiled faintly. Putting aside the intrigue in Bai's family, he must go to Medicine Valley to see what Qiu Xuanji found in Medicine Valley.

"If it's not for Yin and Yang, you have to take it immediately after picking, and I won't let Bai Ling'er take risks! But this matter, the Patriarch has already ordered, there will be no way out! But I still thank Brother Han Yi for reminding.

When his words fell, he clearly saw a trace of murder in the depths of Bai Hanyi's eyes.

This made Wang Ye instantly alert.

Bai Hanyi nodded, stood up without incident, and said, "Okay! In that case, I wish the two horses every success! It's getting late, then I will leave first!"

"Shall not be far away." Wang Ye replied, standing up and arching his hands.

When he left the courtyard, Wang Ye asked, "Bai Ling'er, are you sure that Bai Hanyi is the most hopeful one of the Bai family's younger generation?"

"Of course! Although the Bai family's heirs are prosperous, the Hanyi brother is highly respected by his peers in terms of strength and personality!" Bai Ling'er said with certainty.

"Oh!" Wang Ye replied speciously, and turned to walk outside the courtyard.

"Why are you going?" Bai Ling'er shouted behind him.

"Go back to my place and go to bed! Could it be possible to sleep here tonight?" Wang Ye waved his hand without turning his head, "rest early. I have to enter the medicine valley tomorrow morning!"

Bai Ling'er, who curled his lips, muttered: "Sleep here? Sleep here, sleep here! Why not! It's not like sleeping in the same room with me!"

Wang Ye naturally heard his muttered words!Only tonight, he still has something!