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Chapter 559 Back Yam Valley

A monument stands at the entrance of a cave in Baijiahoushan.

The stone stele of one person tall showed signs of weathering, and there were two vigorous and powerful characters on it: Yaogu.

"This is Medicine Valley!" Bai Yuefeng pointed to the cave. "That is the entrance of Medicine Valley. The entire Medicine Valley exists in this mountain. Wang Ye, would you like to think about it?"

"Consider?" Wang Ye smiled jokingly: "If I said, I won't go now! Would you agree?"

These words made Bai Yuefeng asked's face ashen, as long as he had a one percent chance to help Bai Ling'er completely control the Nine Nether Body, he would not give up.

Therefore, there is no need to ask this question.

Wang Ye smiled and looked around, "Why didn't Brother Bai Hanyi come?"

He asked deliberately.

"My brother is in retreat!" Bai Yuan said solemnly: "This time, I will bring ten elites to accompany you and protect you all!"

"You? Hehe, thank God if you don't make trouble!"

"Wang Ye, you..." Bai Yuan clenched his fist.

"Alright!" Bai Yuefeng said solemnly, "I'll wait here and wait for you to return."

This decent guy has always wanted to put him to death, let alone put him to death after he has used him.

Wang Ye is not friendly to him, and Li is too lazy to care about him.

He raised his head at Bai Ling'er and said, "Let's go!"

After speaking, he should take a step forward and walk towards the entrance of Medicine Valley.

"Wang, you have to be careful!" Bai Dudu reminded behind him.

Without looking back, Wang Ye waved his hand, Wang Ye went straight away, reluctant Bai Jinxiao, this was the release of Bai Ling'er's hand, and Bai Ling'er quickly followed.

She walked side by side with Wang Ye, and Bai Yuan led ten elites and followed them at a distance of three meters.


Anyone can see that this form of protection has ulterior motives.

"There is no return!"

"Hey, Wang Ye wants to die, so he has to pull a back, let Bai Ling'er accompany him!"

"Perhaps that guy knows the remnants of betraying the Bai family, there is only one dead end to the Bai family, so he would rather risk his death!"


A group of Bai family heirs talked in a low voice, looking at Wang Ye who gradually entered the cave entrance with pity.

"Shut up all of you!" Bai Yuefeng yelled violently, and the frightened group of people shivered and dared not speak again!

He was also extremely nervous with his hands behind him.

Bai Ling'er was his painstaking effort over the past 40 years from Bai Yuefeng. His long-cherished wish was to allow Bai Ling'er to control the body of the Nine Nethers. Naturally, he didn't want Bai Ling'er to have an accident in the Medicine Valley.

At this time, Wang Ye and Bai Ling'er had already stepped side by side into the Valley of Medicine.

A strong scent of medicine mixed with a rancid smell hit his face, causing Wang Ye to frown.

The dim cave stretched straight forward, and after about ten feet out, the eyes suddenly opened up.

This is a huge gorge in the mountain, with little fluorescent lights shining on here, and there are many cracks as wide as a finger on the top of the valley, and those cracks go straight to the top of the mountain.

In addition, the bright stones in the mountain refracted light from the gaps and cast down, sprinkled on the fluorescence, making this place very beautiful.

"Wang Ye, straight ahead along the canyon, you can gradually approach the depths of the Medicine Valley." Bai Ling'er pointed to the front, which was a long and narrow canyon.

"It's really amazing, there is no cave in that big mountain!" Wang Ye said with emotion.

Not far behind, Bai Yuan smiled sarcastically when he heard the words, "beautiful? This is the cemetery of many people! Perhaps the nutrients of the rare and exotic plants come from the corpses!"

"It's possible!" Wang Ye turned his head and glanced at him, and said with deep meaning: "I hope you will not become a nourishment here!"

"Take care of yourself first!" Bai Yuan smiled overcastly.

Without a fight with him, Wang Ye stepped forward.

This is the outskirts of the Valley of Medicine. The light is intertwined very beautifully, and there are some rare herbs.

These rare and exotic plants that are rare in the outside world are everywhere in this medicine valley.

Bai Ling'er was leading the way. She had been here before, but only on the periphery, far away from the depths.

All the way forward, the deeper Wang Ye was shocked.

There are too many medicinal materials here, just like those flowers on the banks of the Baishui River, everywhere!

There are also some species that have been extinct in the outside world, which can be seen here.

"Go here."

After walking a short distance, there was a fork in the road, and Bai Ling'er pointed to the right.

"Where is it?" Wang Ye asked, looking to the left.

Bai Ling'er explained: "This is a ring, and eventually a foreign exchange will be opened at Baizhang! It's just that the left side is very narrow, and there is a strong miasma in the confined space. Generally no one goes there."

"Then let's go to the left! Miasma is nothing but your strength." Wang Ye smiled and walked away.

Bai Ling'er frowned and muttered: "You are really different from others! You have to ask for trouble."

As for Bai Yuan and others, naturally they followed.

Along the way, Wang Ye grinned broadly, as if he had no defense, which made Bai Yuan's eyes a smirk.

Maybe this arrogant guy will be killed without me!

Bai Yuan thought viciously in his heart.

It didn't go far, the road became narrower and narrower, and finally it could only accommodate the width of two people walking side by side, and there was a layer of gray miasma floating in it.

There are also medicinal materials adapted to this environment, but most of them are full of toxicity.

A fiery red, thorny flower caught Wang Ye's attention.

"Flame Flower, I didn't expect this kind of medicinal material to be available here!"

He stopped and reached out to touch the flame flower growing on the gap in the stone wall.

Bai Ling'er was nervous and grabbed his wrist, "Don't touch it! The thorns of the flame flower are very poisonous."

Wang Ye smiled. He possessed the Divine Doctor Encyclopedia chip and contained the five thousand years of experience of Chinese Divine Doctors. He naturally knew that Flame Flower was highly poisonous.

But he still took it off.

"Isn't it pretty? This flower is like a ball of flame, a very dangerous flame." Wang Ye raised the flame flower in his hand at Bai Ling'er.

"You're such a lunatic!" Bai Ling'er frowned, "The thorns on the flower path are very poisonous, and they almost seal the throat with blood..."


As soon as she finished speaking, Wang Ye deliberately took the flower branch and stabbed it on the back of her hand, causing her to take a breath.

"You are..."

Bai Ling'er only felt that the skin on the back of her hand was hot, and a tingling and numb sensation was quickly spreading along her arms to her whole body. She stared at Wang Ye in surprise.

"With a petal." Wang Ye grabbed the petal of a flame flower and handed it to Bai Ling'er's mouth.

"The petals are extremely poisonous..."

When Bai Ling'er said this, she stopped suddenly and looked at Wang Ye's smile. She chose to believe him.

Open the small cherry mouth and hold a petal in the mouth.

Suddenly, the feeling of burning and numbness faded quickly.

Wang Ye himself also stabbed the thorn on the back of his hand, and immediately plucked a petal and held it in his mouth.

"Actually, the thorns on the flower path are very poisonous, and so are the petals, but the two kinds of poison are different, and they live on the flame flower because when they contact each other, the two venoms neutralize each other. , It has become a nutrient solution with great nutrients."

Bai Yuan, who was originally astonished, saw Wang Ye if nothing had happened. He said with contempt: "Don't die because of that little trick to show off you!"