The Yin-Yang tree is only the thickness of a thumb. It was born on a rock wrapped in magma, and its rhizome penetrated into the cracks of the rock.

It is worth mentioning that it is not a grass, but a tree, a tree that can grow into a towering tree.

However, its growth cycle requires an extremely long process, and it may take at least thousands of years to have a finger thickness.

Black and white on the tree trunk, like a snake standing up.

On the only two branches and leaves of the tree, this special fruit grows. It is only the size of a thumb and shows a black and white color. It is a yin and yang fruit.

The yin-yang tree grows in the place where the yin and yang meet, where the hot and strong yang is strong, and the darkness there is boundless and terrifying. Between the two is the best place to grow the yin-yang tree.

"Don't worry!"

Wang Ye grabbed him, and wanted to step forward to take a closer look at Bai Ling'er, and smiled: "That is indeed a fruit of yin and yang! It will fall when you touch it, there is only one that can not be wasted! It is necessary to completely control the body of the Nine Nethers, not only You need yin and yang fruits, as well as special acupuncture and moxibustion to draw the cold breath in your body!"

"Otherwise, do you think that as long as you get the yin and yang fruit! Baiyue Summit rashly asked me to come here with the hope of the Bai family!"

Bai Ling'er was startled, and suddenly asked in surprise: "What do you mean..."

Wang Ye nodded and smiled, "Yes! Bai Yuefeng is going to kill me!"

"But you are the son of Aunt Qingyou! Even his grandson!" Bai Ling'er was even more surprised.

"Grandson, haha." Wang Ye sneered jokingly, "It's a grandson, he doesn't care about life or death, let alone a grandson! Why is Bai Yuan here, can Bai Yuefeng not know! He only allowed it, and it has already explained it. , He intends to let Bai Yuan and Wang Ye die together! It’s just that he didn’t expect that Bai Yuan’s goal is you besides me!"

Hearing this, Bai Ling'er's heart was cold.

Family!In the face of absolute interests, it seems so insignificant.

"Not all!" Wang Ye smiled and comforted: "Bai Yuefeng still cares about you. After all, as long as you control the body of the Nine Nethers, you will shoulder the future of the Bai family and may become the strongest person in the history of the Bai family. ! And me, he wants to kill me, he just wants to end the spirit of desire!"

"Forget it, let's not talk about those! Sit cross-legged, I will first acupuncture and moxibus the body breath for you, and then help you pick yin and yang fruits to help you control the body of the Nine Nethers!"

Bai Ling'er walked to the gully and sat down.

Wang Ye took out the silver needles and pierced them into her Tianling acupoint and the four major acupoints on her hands and feet.

Suddenly, Bai Ling'er clearly felt that a cold current in his body began to flow smoothly along his body meridians.

Crouching in front of Bai Ling'er, Wang Ye's expression gradually became serious.

"Bai Ling'er, promise me two things, can you?"

"What's the matter?" Bai Ling'er asked.

Wang Ye pointed to the yin and yang fruit, "I will take the yin and yang fruit later, and after feeding it to you, the breath in the body will be smooth! Remember, no matter what happens, don't use any power here! Otherwise, the weird energy will be here. Instantly squeeze you to burst!"

Regarding the mysterious energy lingering around, Wang Ye had reminded her more than once on the way!

It is precisely according to what Wang Ye said, trying to converge the breath in the body so that it has not been released as much as possible, so that this can be done safely.

Bai Ling'er nodded heavily, "Don't worry, I know the energy is terrible."

"Okay!" Wang Ye smiled slightly, "The second thing! No matter whether I can come out or not, after you have a good breath in your body, pull out the silver needle and leave here by yourself."

"Wh, what? Where are you going to go in?" Bai Ling'er asked in amazement. She slowly turned her head and looked at the pitch-black space behind the magma, "You, are you going there?"

Wang Ye smiled and nodded.

"It's dangerous at first sight! Wang Ye, don't go! We have found the Yin and Yang fruit, and we will be able to leave safely later..."

Interrupting her anxious words, Wang Ye smiled apologetically.

"Actually, taking you to find the Yin-Yang fruit is just a way. My real purpose is to enter the core area of ​​Medicine Valley to take a look! As for what to see, I actually don’t know, maybe just to understand the mystery of happiness. Right!"

He rubbed Bai Ling'er's head, looked at the mist in her eyes, and laughed.

"For so many years of forbearance, you have done it! Now, are you going to cry for me? That is really the honor of my Wang Ye! However, I am not bound to die."

"Don't laugh." Bai Ling'er groaned: "I'm not stupid, Bai Ling'er, I will not forget your kindness! But Wang Ye, I don't want you to take risks. In Bai's house, maybe in those big families. It's all the same, the family relationship between the children is very weak, but Wang Ye, you have to remember, I Bai Ling'er is your cousin, I order you not to go in."

"Haha, no one can order me yet! Cousin?" Wang Ye squeezed Bai Ling'er's face and joked, "Cousin who is forty years old? The maintenance is so good..."

"Enough for you! To be serious with you!" Bai Ling'er said anxiously.

Wang Ye converged his smile, "I'm serious too! Promise me, after your body's breath is smooth, leave here, don't go in and find me, otherwise your cousin will only harm me! I don't want to be dragged by you Hind legs!"

After he said, he stood up, walked to the gully, stepped on the rock wrapped in magma, spread his palms under the fruit of Yin and Yang.

The palm of his hand has not touched the yin and yang fruit, but slowly approached, that fruit has fallen off and fell into his palm.

Holding the yin and yang fruit, Wang Ye hurried over, "Open your mouth and take it!"

"You promise me not to go in, it's dangerous there!"

"Wang Ye, can't you just listen to me once?"

"If you stubbornly want to go in, even if I don't eat the yin and yang fruit in Bai Ling'er..."

"The yin and yang fruit will wither and dissipate soon, I can't help you!" Wang Ye pinched Bai Ling'er's mouth, stuffed the yin and yang fruit into her mouth, covered her mouth, and forced her to swallow it down.

"In about a quarter of an hour, your body's breath will be smooth! That means you have completely mastered the Nine Nether Body, and then leave here! Wait for me outside that grotto! If... if you can't wait for me, then leave!"

After Wang Ye said, he stood up, stepped across the magma-filled gully, and walked resolutely into the darkness.

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye..."

"I, I'm waiting for you... You have to come out alive, I'm waiting for you Bai Linger..."

Bai Ling'er heard a choked voice behind him, Wang Ye waved his hand without turning his head, his figure gradually melted into the darkness.

Sitting cross-legged, Bai Ling'er felt the yin and yang fruit in his throat turn into two gentle energies, flowing quickly toward every corner of his body.

As the silver needle enters the acupuncture point to pull the breath in the body, the medicine is pulled in a balanced manner, and spreads toward the body, the breath in the body becomes smoother and smoother.

Nine Nether Body is unique in this billions, a rare physique, which is perfectly merging with her, and is controlled by it.

This was what she had dreamed of for forty years, but now she couldn't be happy.

I was always worried about Wang Ye's safety, and looked at the darkness with tears in his eyes.

As everyone knows, that Bai Yuan is rushing here, and danger is approaching her.