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Chapter 565 Mysterious Galaxy

The deepest part of the Valley of Medicine is a dark place.

Wang Ye walked in, as if he was in the depths of the dark bottom of the sea, his hands could not be seen in front of him, and the energy lingering around him was like water pressure.

He walked slowly in the darkness, as if boundless.

In the quiet and dark space, only his breathing, heartbeat, and footsteps can be heard. Otherwise, the silence is scary.

In this extremely quiet environment, it is difficult to stay here for too long without a tough heart.

That kind of extreme silence can drive people crazy.

Wang Ye walked forward peacefully. Since he couldn't see, he simply closed his eyes.

Suddenly, after taking a step and falling, the sound under my feet disappeared, as if I was stepping in the air.


Immediately afterwards, the body began to fall rapidly, and there was a whistling wind beside his ears, but there was no sight in the darkness, and I did not know what was going on.

If you fall into a bottomless abyss, your body will continue to fall, faster and faster.

Wang Ye tried to maintain a steady breathing, allowing his body to fall quickly, as if it were a dust in the silent universe.

He knows that this place is not simple, and he also knows that everything he feels now is unreal.


Perhaps it was because he saw through this illusion, and under the slight buzzing sound, the feeling of falling suddenly disappeared.


The footsteps fell, it was the sound of stepping on a hard rock.

Still in place!

Wang Ye is certain that he is still not far from here just now.

"It's really weird!" He murmured and continued forward.

The slightly closed eyes felt a little light, and he slowly opened his eyes. What he saw in front of him was stunned.

"Hi...Is this real, the vast universe and galaxy?!"

In front of him, there is an endless starry sky, huge stars are floating in the vast universe, and he is small as a dust.

Standing here, you can see the trajectory of the universe, and with the rapid passing of time, it has entered a relatively static state.

"Can I see the future beyond the speed of light? Reading more is still good!"

He smiled to himself, because the state of exquisiteness did not last long, and countless images appeared in the vast universe.

The people in the pictures are wearing ancient costumes and different weapons. In some pictures, people who have never met before are drinking and chatting, some are in Wushan Yunyu, some are fighting to death, and some are on a huge battlefield. Fight in the fight.

Scene by scene, the pictures flowed, as if the long river of history was repeating and flowing backwards in the endless starry sky.

The pictures are changing, and time is moving forward. From modern times to ancient times, and even more distant periods, sacrifices to the sky, the beginning of the wilds, and the retrogression of human civilization, until the primitive age, the pictures are still changing rapidly, and everything Return to silence!

This is a process from being to nothing, the process of reproduction and evolution of human beings and all life.

"Why are you here and see these?" Wang Ye was a little confused.

If this is just an unknown formation, what's the point of these emergence?

Time is frozen in the chaotic period, and there is no concept of time. The chaos gradually swallows the existing galaxy universe, making everything flooded with chaos, and so is Wang Ye!

Without time and concept, Wang Ye is like a dust in the chaos, wandering aimlessly in it.

At first, he was still thinking about all this because of?How can we get rid of this chaotic feeling!

But everything is chaotic, and even Wang Ye gradually merged into the chaos and became a member of it.

There is no time to measure, I don't know how long it has passed, as if everything has calmed down.

At this time, the real Wang Ye was standing in front of the pitch black, standing straight, his eyes filled with holes.

If this continues, he will gradually die in a few days, at most months.

The mysterious galaxy returned to the soul pill, and it seemed to have swallowed his soul in it.

Wang Ye had forgotten himself and became a member of the chaos, floating in it unconsciously.


"Bai Ling'er!"

In that bright grotto, Bai Yuan came with a long sword in his hand. He glanced at Bai Ling'er who was sitting cross-legged with murderous intent, and immediately looked for Wang Ye's trace.

Did not see Wang Ye, but Bai Yuan saw the yin-yang tree on the rock in the gully full of magma.

"You have swallowed the yin and yang fruit? Where is Wang Ye?" Bai Yuan asked in a deep voice.

Bai Ling'er slowly raised his head to look at him, "Are you here to kill us?"

"You guessed it, hehe!" Bai Yuan grinned grimly, "I was almost fooled by that Wang Ye! Fortunately, I was smart! That kid, did you get there?"

"Want to know, you can go find it!"

Bai Yuan jokingly said: "Don't worry, if I kill you, I will find him and kill him! It's just a pity, Bai Ling'er, you will finally be able to fully control the body of the Nine Nethers, but you will also die from me. Yuan’s sword is down!"

"I have to, don't you die?" Bai Ling'er said regretfully.

Now Bai Yuan is almost crazy, he laughed and said: "You are not dead, I am upset!"

"It's Bai Hanyi that can't be at ease!" Bai Linger's face was silent, but she was deliberately delaying time, the medicinal properties in the body were spreading, and he could quickly control the body of the nine yous.

As long as the breath in the body is smooth, the body can be moved, at least it can avoid Bai Yuan's attack.

"So what?" Bai Yuan admitted: "Yes, my brother Bai Hanyi meant to kill you. As long as you die, no one among the descendants of the Bai family can compare with my brother's talent. After a hundred years, the Bai family will eventually return. It fell on his shoulder!"

"He has promised that when he becomes the head of the Patriarch, he will give me everything Bai Yuan wants!"

He believed that Bai Ling'er would definitely die today, so there was nothing to hide.

Bai Ling'er shook his head and sighed: "Bai Yuan, what do you want? Just want to be Bai Hanyi's minion? Do those despicable acts for him?"

Bai Yuan was stunned, he really didn't think about what he wanted!What can I get.

"Bai Yuan, you are a descendant of the Bai family, you can enjoy everything in the Bai family! But if you take a wrong step, you will be forever..."

With wit, Bai Ling'er was guiding Bai Yuan and delaying time.

But at this time, Wang Ye, who was in the chaos, didn't know how long it had passed. There was no concept of time there, and he seemed to no longer exist.


A slight voice sounded, echoing in the chaos, it was the phone in his body, the sound of the spirit of desire.

The silent Wang Ye was awakened. He opened his eyes and looked into the chaos. A ray of light appeared in the distance, and Guanghua took the shape of a six-pointed star.

"It's my mother's relic, the light from that special jade pendant!"

In the chaos, he struggling to move closer to the light, getting closer and brighter.


At a certain moment, he returned to the cave in an instant, as if the soul had returned to the body, and the chaos in front of him began to open, the clear air rose, the muddy air sank, the yin and yang separated the world, the chaos opened all things, everything came from nothing. There is a rapid evolution.

He seemed to have seen the scene after Pangu opened up the world in myths and legends, and he was like the first person to break through the chaos, just like Pangu.