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Chapter 577 Revenge, chess piece

In the valley, the Luo family suddenly raised their heads, staring with scarlet eyes at Wang Ye standing in the valley with his hands!

"Wang Ye, I am going to kill you and break your body into pieces!"

"I want to smash you and avenge everyone in the Luo family!"

"Wang Ye, as long as God Luo is still there, I will never let you go!"

"Don't let Lao Tzu seize the opportunity, otherwise the people around you will die tragically before your eyes!"

The remaining four of the Eight Generals of Luomen roared bitterly.

Facing their anger, Wang Ye smiled faintly.

"Why don't I! Twenty-eight years ago, when your Luo family hurt the Dragon King Mountain King family, did you ever think that there will be today?"

Luo family is silent!At that time, more than a hundred people in the Wang family were buried in the flames. Only Wang Ye, who was just full moon, survived.

Patriarch Luo Motuo, without the bones of Xianfeng Dao before, he raised his head and shouted: "Wang Ye! What happened back then was due to the fourth key of the secret realm, my Luo family was temporarily greedy! Today, you Wang Ye came to take revenge, I Luo Motuo has nothing to say! But it's no good for his wife and children, please let them go!"

He pointed to his side, the heir of the eight generals of Solomon!

Wang Ye boasts that he is not a bad person, but he is definitely not a good person!Especially the enemy who faces the enemy of the destruction, how can he feel soft.

He sneered: "In those days, did the Luo family let off the Wang family's wives, children, and children? Over the years, did they let me off Wang Ye?"

Luo Motuo was speechless when he was asked, he had no choice if he succeeded.

But Wang Ye, gave him a choice!

He pointed to the valley exit and said loudly: "There is the exit, behind you is the entrance! Luo Motuo, my Wang Ye will give you the choice, leave you alone and let the rest of them go! But it depends on whether you choose the exit or the entrance. You are yourself! There, one is a way of life and the other is a dead end! The life of the Luo family is controlled by your thoughts!"

Hearing this, Luo Motuo couldn't make a decision. He looked at the entrance of the valley, and then at the exit of the valley where Luo Ding's corpse was suspended.

Now he doesn't know how to choose!

Upon seeing this, Wang Ye laughed in a low voice: "Luo Jingshui, you have lost again! As I said, your stupid father Luo Motuo won't go if you leave it alone!"

Luo Jingshui's surface was like ashes, suddenly she gritted her teeth and rolled down toward the valley.

Wang Ye instinctively blocked it, but he didn't stop it.

After falling down from the valley of more than twenty feet, Luo Jingshui tried his best to resist the impact of the fall, but his body was still heavy on the ground.


She spit out a spit of blood, mixed with broken internal organs.

"Clean water!" Luo Dashen and others exclaimed when they saw this, and a group of people crowded away.

"Father, father." Luo Jingshui tried his best, grasping Luo Motuo's wrist, and said: "That Wang Ye worked in scheming, knowing that you dare not make a choice, no one guards the exit of the valley, that is the only way to survive, the valley There was an ambush on both sides of the entrance, and the Miao and Ma family above the mountain gate were about to come. He was just delaying time!"

Luo Jingshui, who returned to the light, spoke quite lucidly at this moment.

Luo Motuo gritted his teeth, he suddenly raised his head to look at Wang Ye, and roared: "Wang Ye, what you said earlier, is it?"

"Count it!" Wang Ye nodded and said, "All of the Luo family lives and die, you choose! But there is one thing, you must stay, otherwise even if you choose to live, my Wang Ye will stop it! By then, you will all have to die. this!"

"Only you, the stinky kid, still qualified..."

Luo Jingshui struggled to interrupt their clamor before they yelled a few words.

"Well, that Wang Ye is very strong, and my third brother and I are not all in one! If he blocks, and reinforcements arrive later, I really won't be able to leave!"

"But how can we leave our father alone!"

"Yeah, let's die together! It's a big deal!"

"There is no poisonous miasma here. Our strength can be maximized. Even if we die, we will have to hurt Wang Ye and Ma Jiamiao's vitality!"

Great God Na Luo and the other four people were somewhat spine, ready to fight to the death.

But after a little hesitation, Luo Motuo said in a deep voice, "Okay, don't fight anymore! Great God, you are the eldest son, they have handed it over to you! Take them away from the valley exit! I stay here with my strength , They want to kill me, it's not that simple! After you leave, I try to leave again, no one should be able to stop me!"

Hearing what Luo Motuo said, Luo Dashen and others were no longer stubborn.

Luo Motuo's cultivation level is extremely high, without the burden of their family members, there shouldn't be a big problem to escape!

"Okay!" Luo Dashen said solemnly: "Everyone, follow me out of the valley! Clean the water, I will help you."

Luo Jingshui shook his head and said: "My life is coming soon, and I will definitely die. It is meaningless to take me and it will only drag you down! Go away."

"Listen to clean water! Go!" Luo Motuo shouted.

The people headed by God Luo, heard the words and galloped towards the valley exit.

Seeing the back of Luo Dashen and others gradually moving away, Luo Jingshui breathed a sigh of relief. She grinned and looked up at Wang Ye.

"Wang Ye, you lost! I, Luo Jingshui, finally beat you once! When my elder brother and them escape, your relatives and friends will be buried with Luo Jingshui. At that time, you will also feel what is meant by Life is better than death..."

At the end of her bitter words, her voice became smaller and smaller.

Above the valley, Wang Ye's smile poked at the corner of his mouth, who was standing with his hand, and she suddenly realized something.

"No! No! Wang Ye obviously had a chance to stop me just now, but he didn't! He, he deliberately told me that, deliberately let me down, deliberately sent false news..."

Luo Jingshui, who was furious, stood up in extreme shock and panic, turned his head and shouted into the distance: "Don't..."

Because of the silver needle in her throat, she couldn't make much sound when she opened her mouth.


At this moment, in the direction of the valley exit several tens of feet away, something suddenly burst open with a bang.

Countless five-color butterflies fluttered their wings and flew toward Luo Dashen and others. They approached like firecrackers and began to burst one by one.

In an instant, the five-color light spots diffused and quickly attached to Luo Dashen and others.

"Colorful butterfly powder!"

Luo Motuo was shocked, trembling and shouting: "It's colorful butterfly powder! The most terrifying Gu poison of the Miao family!"

"Yes! And it's an improved colorful butterfly powder, it can make people disappear in a moment!"

At the top of the valley, Wang Ye was expressionless, and then said, "Luo Jingshui, you and Luo Motuo personally sent your people and relatives to Huangquan Road."

"You, you... so mean."


Luo Jing squirted out a mouthful of blood, and fell backwards with a black eye.

She was at the end of the crossbow, and she was completely dead at the moment!

Luo Motuo clenched his fists, watching his four sons and their family members, smiling happily under the five-colored dust, but their bodies began to melt as if they were melting ice. After a few breaths, the white bones were exposed.

"Don't worry! I am not as cruel as your Luo family. I am mixed with hallucinogenic drugs in the colorful butterfly powder. They will not feel pain and will only perish in the joy of liberation!"

Wang Ye said faintly, his voice entered Luo Motuo's ears, but it made him as angry and uncontrollable as a volcanic eruption.