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Chapter 581: The Real Luo Motuo

Although Wang Ye has Bingxin fire, as Wuming said, there is a strange fire between heaven and earth, which can be met but not sought.

Even if the flame is the only weapon to kill demons, the demons today are not enough to be a problem.

Before thinking about it, Wang and Ye returned to the top of the mountain.

The fire was blazing, shining on the top of Jimo Mountain, and from a distance, it was red in the clouds and mist.

The stray body, accompanied by the scorching smell of the wind, left Wang Ye with no joy of revenge in his heart.

"Little friend Wang Ye, the Luo family is gone, when shall I leave for Zhongnan Mountain?" Patriarch Ma asked impatiently.

"I have already planned this, but..."

With Wang Ye as the leader, everyone walked toward the foot of Jimo Mountain, and Wang Ye stopped halfway through his words.

He always felt that something was wrong, and he seemed to feel that in the shattered Luo family mansion, there were always a pair of eyes staring at him.

He lowered his voice and asked, "Anonymous, can you feel that there are people in the Luo family mansion?"

When he looked at Wuming, a surprise flashed across the latter's sunken eyes, apparently he had felt this way.

Wang Ye slowly turned around and stood on the top of the Ji Devil Mountain, looking at the burning palace. It was the Luo family that had been glorious for thousands of years, and now it is gradually becoming extinct in a fire.

Patriarch Ma asked suspiciously: "What's the matter?"

Wang Ye didn't answer, just looking at the fire.

The curious people all turned around and looked into the flames.

"Come out!"

Suddenly, Wang Ye shouted.

"There is anyone else?"

"The Luo family remnants?"

Everyone was shocked, and they were ready to fight instantly.

But in everyone's cautious search, there was nothing but flames.

Just when they thought Wang Ye had made a mistake, a figure slowly walked out in the sea of ​​fire.

The surrounding strong flames rolled, and there was an air invisible to the naked eye on the person, and that air lingered around him, making it impossible for the flame to approach.

When he walked out, except Wang Ye and Wuming, the hairs of all the others burst up.


"Isn't he dead!"

"In the valley, everyone saw that his head was blown up! How could he come back to life."

Everyone felt a chill on their backs. They had seen Luo Motuo's death with their own eyes, but the person who walked out of the sea of ​​flames at this time was exactly the same as Luo Motuo.

It's just that the person was covered in blood, especially the scarlet eyes that were a bit oozing.

"Descendants of the Wang family, Wang Ye?" the man shouted in a hoarse voice.

"It's me!" Wang Ye replied calmly.

"Pretend to be a god, I don't believe you are Luo Motuo!" Ma Patriarch gripped the long sword and said coldly: "Luo Motuo is dead, I want to see if you are a man or a ghost!"

As he said, Patriarch Ma's figure flashed, and he hurriedly shot towards the person.

In a few ups and downs, he had already reached the person, the long sword in his hand was shaking, and countless swords and flowers shrouded the person.


However, before the person arrived, the person's body was shaken, and a powerful blood rushed out, directly smashing the sword flower, and flying out the blood of the main shock of the Ma Family.

The footsteps staggered back, this person's toughness shocked Patriarch Ma, his footsteps gradually retreated, and he no longer dared to rival him.


"Who is he!"

Everyone felt a little flustered, this person was too powerful.

The man covered in blood and the same appearance as Luo Motuo stared at Wang Ye with scarlet eyes and said with a hoarse voice: "Wang Ye, if you dare to destroy my Luo family, you will definitely pay for it."

"Really!" Wang Ye smiled coldly, "Don't you, shouldn't you thank me? Luo Motuo!"

"What? Another Ramoduo?"

A group of people looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

Luo Motuo, covered in blood, smiled hoarsely: "You know me?"

"Know! But I didn't expect it."

Wang Ye stood with his hand holding his hand and looked at Luo Motuo calmly. The Luo family was the enemy who destroyed his royal family. Therefore, Wang Ye has been veiled in the light of light over the years, but he has been investigating the Luo family in detail.

He already knew some unknown secrets.

Facing this Luo Motuo's smirk, Wang Ye said lightly.

"In the valley, the one who died in my hands should be called Luo Moye! Back then, Luo Moye's mother gave birth to twins. In the troubled times and the Luo family's internal troubles, she only claimed to have given birth to a son Luo. Motuo! Even the Luo family knows little about this matter. Name his two sons Luo Motuo and Luo Moye!"

"From then on, what appeared before the Luo family and the world was Luo Moye during the day, and Luo Motuo at night! No one has known until now, the two have joined forces to become the successors of the Luo family!"

"However, Thirty years ago, Luo Motuo's practice was violently killed. Therefore, Luo Moye became the real Luo Motuo, and he shot my Dragon King Mountain King family. The real purpose is not the fourth key of the secret realm. It's a demon!"

"Luo Moye sealed your body and soul with a secret method, trying to awaken you to rebirth with the devil!"

Hearing that Wang Ye said this, everyone felt incredible. Even the Ma family, one of the four major clans, the Patriarch of the Ma family did not know that there was such a thing.

Luo Motuo laughed hoarsely, his whole body of blood and scarlet eyes looked particularly horrible.

"Say, keep talking!"

Wang Ye smiled and nodded, and then said: "With the help of the devil for thirty years, I want to resurrect you, but the effect is very small! Therefore, Luo Moye came up with a vicious trick. He used my heart of revenge for the Wang family. Wake you up to resurrection!"

"And your corpse is sealed at the feet of Luo family, on the cave near the hidden demon spirit, absorbing the energy of the demon! This time, the Luo family was so relaxed, it was destroyed by me, but it was Luo Mo Yeah didn't intend to resist."

"In addition to taking away the Luo family's direct lineage, he deliberately let the Luo family's concubine and the rest of the family be buried, letting his blood be used for you to drink! So you are reborn! Am I right?"

Everyone present was stunned. No one thought that Luo Moye would be so cruel that he would ruin most of the Luo family in order to resurrect Luo Motuo.

The real Luo Motu laughed hoarsely, and he slowly nodded, "You are right, as long as you have the blood and soul of anger and resentment, can you merge the power of the devil I absorbed and regenerate me! So Luo Moye has been waiting for your Wang Ye to come and get revenge!"

"It's just that everything is counted, but you are wrong, Wang Ye is so powerful, kill him! Eliminate my Luo family blood!"

It was confirmed from Luo Motuo's mouth that a group of people felt like falling into an ice cave, as well as pale and powerless.

But Wang Ye laughed. This time he laughed very lightly, without any guilt.

All the mysteries have been revealed. Back then, the Luo family destroyed the king's family for the devil and to resurrect Luo Motuo!

The Luo family has never been a killer, and when Luo Sha and Luo Yongchang attacked him, they were punished by Luo Moye. His purpose was not to take Wang Ye’s life, but to make him suffer in revenge. Growing quickly, waiting for Wang Ye to come in revenge one day, so that both hands sent the blood and life of Luo Jiashu and servants. Only those blood with resentment can resurrect Luo Motuo.

Just like the previous woman, the dagger in her hand before she died, was still trying her best to pierce Wang Ye's heart.

For the sake of one person's life, Luo Jia Luo Moye created blood debts for two families!