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Chapter 582: The Real Conspiracy

At this point, everyone finally understood the layers of ties between the destruction of the Wang family and the Luo family.

"Chiji...You are very smart, indeed very smart! Few people know about this. I didn't expect that you, an outsider, would be so clear. It's just a pity that you still became a pawn for me to resurrect me."

Luo Motu laughed hoarsely, all this conspiracy was because of him.

"I don't know if you can answer my confusion?" Wang Ye asked lightly.

"Confused? So you, there are areas of confusion? Come and listen." Luo Motuo stood with his hands hanging down, dripping drops of blood on his body.

Wang Ye glanced at Qiu Chan subconsciously, but still asked: "I guess you should know why the demon appeared in the Wang family? And why did it appear in the Wang family?"

Qiu Chan instantly became nervous when she heard this.

Heaven, the strongest of the heavens, said before that this matter was related to Qiu Xuanji.

Luo Motuo looked at Wang Ye from a distance, seemingly hesitant.

"Are you afraid of me?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

"You? Jijiji..." Luo Motuo laughed extremely gloomily, he shook his head disdainfully, and said: "You are not worthy of making me afraid! It's him, it's not easy!"

He pointed to the nameless beside Wang Ye, obviously extremely jealous.

"Well, in order to thank you for resurrecting me, I will tell you some secrets! In the sealed tomb, Romoye tells me every day what happened in this world. The most ridiculous thing I find is autumn. Mystery is Wang Cangshan's brother!"

Hearing this, Qiu Chan's heart twitched. In fact, she had realized that Tian did not lie.

Sure enough, Luo Motuo's next words confirmed all this.

"Qiu Xuanji had a deep relationship with me back then. It was because I went out to experience the Demon Cave Mountain Range in order to compete for the position of the Luo Family Patriarch! At that time, few people in the Luo Family knew my existence! But I met in the Demon Cave Mountain Range. The mystery of autumn that is also experiencing!"

"In order to inherit the family business, we have the same goal, to support each other, experience and grow together in the Demon Cave Mountain Range, and also see the power of those big families in the Demon Cave Mountain Range! Inadvertently, we discovered the existence of the demon, which turned out to be in the Bai family’s medicine valley. It hid in the Medicine Valley, trying to repair itself with the help of the heaven and earth elixir! The two of me tried to capture it, but in the end we were defeated with a great disparity in strength. It is a pity that even the Bai family did not know about this!"

When Wang Ye heard this, he secretly clenched his fist.

He asked in a deep voice, "So, after you died violently many years later, Qiu Xuanji went to the White House of the Demon Cave Mountain Range in order to save you and help you regenerate, and entered the depths of the Medicine Valley to obtain the demon! But only demon is not enough. , The blood of vengeance is needed to rebirth you, so he discussed with Luo Moye, deliberately befriended my father Wang Cangshan, and handed the devil to him! Then, can he avoid the obstruction of the heavenly clan and destroy my royal family?"

"That's it!" Luo Motuo admitted.

Wang Ye laughed, laughing very angry, "You deliberately let me go! I have been waiting for my growth, and then Qiu Xuanji secretly assisted me in my growth step by step using the secret key as an excuse! Just for one point, I One day Wang Ye will become stronger and he can come to take revenge and destroy the Luo family!"

"Let the descendants of the Luo family live in fear of waiting for others' revenge until they are destroyed by my Wang Ye. They die with unwillingness and anger. Their blood has the effect of reviving you, right?"

"Yes!" Luo Motuo smiled sarcastically, "They died well!"


Qiu Chan knelt down with her legs soft. She looked desperate. She didn't expect that grandpa Qiu Xuanji had been helping him for 30 years.

"Are you the granddaughter of Qiu Xuanji? You stand up for me!" Luo Motuo shouted: "I and Qiu Xuanji were born to death. A hundred years ago, I supported each other and assisted each other in reaching the position of Luo Family and Qiu Family Patriarch, you know Although we are not brothers, we are better than brothers! You should not be ashamed of what he did!"

Qiu Chan's eyes were tears and she said nothing.

In Wang Ye’s eyes, there was a tumbling flame. The Dragon King Mountain King’s family, in the layout of the resurrection of Luo Motuo, turned out to be just a pawn. It was only to arouse his Wang Ye’s heart of revenge. Kill the door!

So vicious!

How despicable!

A 30-year conspiracy, Qiu Family, Luo Family, Wang Family!Hundreds of lives in the three families, decades of grievances and grievances, just to resurrect one person, Luo Motuo!

When everyone on the side learned the truth, they felt both sad and terrible!

"Since I resurrected you! Let me destroy you again!"


After Wang Ye spoke, he stretched out his hand, and the spirit yuan sword in his body shook hands tightly, making the sound of swords.

Looking at the angry Wang Ye, Luo Motuo shook his head sarcastically, "The so-called real conspiracy in your mouth has only just begun from the moment I am resurrected! Wang Ye, I won't fight you, we will soon See you again!"


After he said, his body turned into a bloody light and shadow, and went straight to the cliff on the side of the Demon Mountain.

"Nameless, keep him!" Wang Ye shouted violently.

The nameless figure flashed and chased away quickly.

Near the edge of the cliff, Luo Motuo jumped, and the blood on his body in midair turned into a pair of wings.


At this moment, Wuming, who hurried over, slammed Luo Motuo with one hand.

This grip actually seemed to freeze the space there, and Luo Motuo's body was imprisoned.

"Who are you?" Luo Motuo was a little surprised.


He shook his body, broke free from the confinement, and fled in panic.

Wuming slapped out with one hand, and a visible wave of air surging away, bombarding Luo Motuo's body.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, but with the help of the impact of that powerful force, Luo Motuo flew towards the distance in the middle of the air, flapping the blood-colored wings behind him, staggering and flying into the distance.

Before the cliff, Wuming stopped and returned to Wang Ye's side after a little hesitation.

"Although he was seriously injured, he escaped!" After the words, he grabbed Wang Ye's wrist and prevented him from pursuing, "You are not his opponent!"

Wang Ye gritted his teeth and could only endure it in the end.

Naramata is indeed very strong, it is evident that he can escape from the unknown hand!

The real conspiracy has just begun!

What conspiracy is it about the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain?

Standing in front of the cliff, Wang Ye frowned and looked at the distant sky. He was basically sure that he had been to the Qiu Xuanji in the depths of Medicine Valley and he must have known some secrets in the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain. This so-called real conspiracy was absolutely Refers to the secret realm!

Opening the secret realm is undoubtedly stepping into the conspiracy of Qiu Xuanji and Luo Motuo!

But if the secret is not opened, the spirit of desire, the fourth key, will one day swallow him!

Wang Ye, who was in a dilemma, couldn't make a choice in the end.

"Everyone, follow me back to the Dragon King Mountain King's house to open the secret realm, and then discuss it later!"

After a long time, Wang Yehua turned and walked towards Qiu Chan, wiped away the tears on her cheek, squeezed her cheek, smiled slightly, and said, "Qiu Jian, hold Qiu Chan and come back to Wang's house with me!"

Qiu Jian nodded and supported the heartbroken Qiu Cicada.

With mixed feelings, the group left Ji Mo Mountain and went to Longwang Mountain King's House.