The Luo family of Ji Moshan was destroyed, and only Luo Motuo was seriously injured and fled.

Since then, the Luo family and Qiu family of China's four major tribes have been removed, leaving only the Ma family and the Miao family.

But no one was excited because of it, but they were all worried about it, as if a storm was about to come.

Returning to the King's house on Longwang Mountain, and placing everyone in the King's house, Wang Ye didn't mention anything about the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain for three days.

On the hillside where the full moon was opposite to the old locust tree in the royal courtyard, Wang Ye sat alone under that old locust tree, looking at the royal residence.

The secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain absolutely hides an unknown conspiracy.

Turn it on, maybe you can live, get rid of the spirit of desire!

If nothing else, the conspiracy can't continue, but he will die!

This difficult choice made Wang Ye seem to be in the same situation as Luo Motuo. If he wants to live, there will be a bloody storm.


"You came……"

When Wang Ye spoke, Qiu Chan's voice came not far behind him.

He smiled slightly and beckoned Qiu Chan to come and sit down.

"Stop talking like that, this matter has nothing to do with you!"

"But my grandpa..." Qiu Chan didn't know how to explain it.

Wang Ye didn't say much on this topic either, Qiu Xuanji's choice was his business, and had little to do with Qiu Chan. He didn't want Qiu Chan to live in guilt and self-blame.

Without much communication, Qiu Chan just sat here for a while before leaving.

Although it seems relieved, the inner barriers and grievances are lingering.

Wang Ye was still sitting alone under the locust tree, the bright moonlight shed, pulling his figure very long.

Looking at the Wang Family Mansion from a distance, under the locust tree in the courtyard, one person walked slowly, Zhong Xiaomo.

She stood under the locust tree, looking up at Wang Ye under the locust tree on the mountain, showing a bright smile.

"What are you looking at?" Liu Ruyan walked over, took Zhong Xiaomo's arm, and followed her gaze to the opposite mountain.

"Of course it's Wang Ye, he has been unhappy for three days!" Cai Yingxin also walked over.

"What a big deal! Soldiers come to cover the water and earth!" Miao Xing, who was bluffing, disapproved.

"You girl, your heart is so big!" Miao Yue who came by scolded her.

Two more figures came together, and they sighed: "The money society is still relatively simple now! What can be solved with money is nothing!"

"Who can have you? Shan Qingwu local tyrant." Shui Yuexi smiled.

Han Ruoxue sighed softly and came slowly, "All he wants is inner peace!"

"And our peace!" Suzaku also came over.

This group of women are the people who have accompanied Wang Ye all the way to today.

They stood in the courtyard, under this locust tree, looking at Wang Ye sitting alone under the locust tree on the mountain.

Although they are not far apart, it is as if they are separated by two worlds, and only the same moon shines on them.

Wang Ye looked at the mansion of the Wang family and the people under the locust tree. Everyone had experienced countless catastrophes with him, and finally could walk on thin ice to this day.

"Can I... have a word with him?"

A hoarse voice came, and an old woman with a squat figure slowly walked towards the locust tree.

She looked staggering, and she seemed struggling to walk.

But Wuming, who was sitting on the branch, stared at her with extreme caution.

"You are finally willing to show up." Wang Ye said without looking back.

The old woman laughed, her voice a little hoarse, she held the trunk of the locust tree with one hand, and sat behind the tree leaning on it.

"You have been waiting for me?" the old woman said.

"Yeah!" Wang Ye sighed, "I have been waiting for you since the day you were outside the hospital and you gave me the Spirit of Desire! Don't you have anything to say to me?"

"What are you talking about..." The old woman leaned on the tree trunk and looked up at the moon in the sky. "Wang Ye, there is a tree between us, but the moon you see when you look up is also the moon I see when you look up. ."

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye raised his head and looked at the round of bright moon in the sky.

Regardless of whether it is good or bad, whether your mood is good or bad, it will always repeat itself, never because of anyone or anything.

After a while, Wang Ye laughed, "I don't have the mood of yours, I just want to know that opening the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain is a blessing or a curse!"

He waited here for three days, waiting for this mysterious old woman.

"Blessed and misfortune depend on, and misfortune is caused by blessing! How can there be any blessings and misfortunes, some are just cause and effect!"

"Wang Ye, give the small and take the big, how would you choose? I guess you will take the big, right?"

Wang Ye shook his head and said, "Have you always said that there is no good or bad, and where is the size? Why is it small, and why is it big? It depends on who it is! You are so small, perhaps in my opinion It's still big! And what you think is big, maybe in my opinion, it's as small as dust!"

"Hahaha, I also said that my artistic conception is not enough, I...look at your artistic conception above my old lady, and also above the nameless."

"Since the predecessor is showing up, why waste time praising Wang Ye as a chess piece." Wang Ye laughed at himself, "Is there any choice?"


The old woman behind the tree was also silent!

Since getting the check-in system, the spirit of desire!He Wang Ye has no more choice.

"Have you heard of the Wheel of Time?" the old woman asked suddenly.

Wang Ye shook his head, "I have one of the time and space bracelets. Three more chances are useless!"

"The wheel of time and space!" On the tree, Wuming was a little surprised, "You mean the outline of the world, the wheel of time and space, the passage that drives the reciprocating cycle?"

"Well, those in this world who can know about this are probably the only ones left with you and me. Hey, this old bone of mine will die soon. I am afraid that only you can accompany Wang Ye to see the rotation of the wheel of time and space. "

Although Wang Ye didn't look back, he keenly captured two key points from the old woman population.

The old woman's life is coming soon!

And she turned out to be an honorific name for Wuming, you!

"It turns out as I guessed!" Wuming sighed.

The old woman continued: "Since the Secret Realm of Nanshan appeared at the end and King Qin died suddenly, the spiritual energy between heaven and earth dissipated! Since then, the journey of cultivation has reached the end, and ancient Wuxiu has become a legend! In the Secret Realm of Zhongnan Mountain, it is true that the seal is The art of longevity!"

When Wang Ye heard this, he sighed leisurely: "It turns out that the rumors are true. The longevity technique sealed in the secret realm turned out to be just the source of spiritual energy?"

"Yes! Aura is the power of the source of immortality cultivation, without it, there will be no longevity! Those who linger and live in seclusion in the Demon Cave Mountains, the so-called big family will only live a few more years! How can it be compared with Xiuxian! The Secret Realm of Nanshan means that the era of aura recovery is coming! But because of this, you will also pay a heavy price!"

"Because of the wheel of time and space?" Wang Ye asked.

Reiki, cultivating immortals, these words that sound absurd to the people of China today, Wang Ye has come into contact with a lot of words that they are used to!

The height of a person's position determines how much truth he can see.

The old woman sighed: "Yes, the wheel of time and space! This is a reincarnation, and the person who opens it will be forgotten by the world!"

Wang Ye's body trembled violently, and he stared closely at the people under the old locust tree in the Wang's courtyard.

Those are his relatives, the ones who accompany him in the same boat, if the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain is opened, the wheel of time and space is turned on, and the generation of aura recovery is ushered in, will they forget his Wang Ye?