Under the moonlight, under the locust tree, Wang Ye, who was sitting cross-legged, clenched his fists, because his nails fell into his palms with extreme force, and a trace of blood overflowed from his fingers.

There was a joke at the corner of his mouth.

From beginning to end, what he cared about the most was not wealth or how powerful he was, but everyone he cared about!

But reality, made a big joke with him!

He needs to open the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain, so that those he cares about most will forget him!

"Why me?" Wang Ye asked through gritted teeth.

"Destiny!" The old woman sighed, "Zhongnan Mountain secret realm, the world only knows that it needs four keys to open it! As everyone knows, it is actually five keys! And the last key is the one who opened the secret realm."

"To urge the wheel of time and space to return the heavens and the earth to the cycle requires a person of choice! And you, Wang Ye, shoulders such a mission. When the secret realm is opened and the era of aura recovery comes, the world will become another one. What a look!"

"I'm not the savior." Wang Ye shook his head, "If I would rather sacrifice myself, would rather be swallowed by the spirit of desire, than the person I care about, the person I love, forget me?"

"Then they will only give you a funeral!"

"You threaten me!"


Wang Ye Huo Ran stood up, clenched his fists, and a murderous intent burst out.

Far away in the Wang's courtyard, Zhong Xiaomo and others under the old locust tree, without knowing what had happened, waved at him far away.

"It's not that she threatened you." On the tree, Wuming explained: "She means that once you die, Ramotu and the demon who possesses Ramoye's soul and will will kill all those who have been related to you. people!"

"Yes! As long as you open the secret realm and usher in the generation of aura rejuvenation, you can become stronger, and you can protect the safety of those who have forgotten you but are the ones you care about the most!" The old woman smiled openly: "Well, I'm a dying person. How can I threaten you."

Wang Ye's body trembled slightly, and he staggered back a few steps, leaning against the locust tree.

He bears the hardest choice in the world.

Either let those he loves forget him, or let them die!

No matter which choice it is, it is a piercing pain for him.

"You, you, you shouldn't keep incense everywhere, now it's alright, it's hard to die! Just like me, and like the nameless, you don't live for yourself until the end!"

The old woman seemed to feel deeply moved.

"The name Wuming is really good! I also forgot, what my name is. According to the current calculation, the white crane has to call me an ancestor! My old bone lives in the world, just like Wuming, for one Swear to live a shell!"

"You are Bai You!" Wuming asked in astonishment.

"You forgot your own name, but you still remember me." The old woman looked up and glanced at Wuming, "It's ridiculous, I almost forgot my name, so I asked Baihe to Wang Ye's mother. The name Bai Qingyou is like trying to remember something, but I didn't expect it! She was unbelievable and gave birth to a man of choice!"

The old woman put her hands on the ground and leaned back.

"Wang Ye, where are you? It's so painful! Are you interested in hearing my story?"

"Bai You, Wang Ye is not interested..." Wuming said solemnly.

"I'm talking to him, what does it have to do with you!" Bai You said angrily.

Hearing this tone made Wang Ye feel a lot more balanced, showing a smile.

It seems that the sound of you is not an honorific name for the nameless, but a deliberate attempt to draw a line from him.

"It's interesting! The three of us can be regarded as suffering people with the same disease, or chattering! Share each other's pain and make each other happy too! The two of you are old acquaintances! Stop quarreling, seniors. ."

Wang Ye sat down gleefully, quite a bit depressed when he fell into the ditch, but when he saw someone also fell into the ditch, he suddenly felt relieved!

Bai You sat leaning on the tree trunk and said leisurely: "It was a long time ago. It's as old as you. At that time, just like the determined girls under the locust tree opposite, they loved a man deeply! Love is dead and alive. In order for that man to live, I sacrificed my youth, sacrificed myself, and chose to shoulder the heavy responsibility of finding the person chosen by the heaven and opening the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain. But the heart-spirited person is good, but I fell in love with others!"

"Bai You, you can't ask for something like that..."

"Shut up, please! I'm chatting with Wang Ye!" Bai You politely scolded Wuming.

She continued: "Maybe it's retribution! The woman loved by the ugly man is hanging by a thread because of him! You say, death is dead, he is not reconciled! Finally found the old way of autumn, what kind of abuse Means, he was stunned for a moment! The woman was treated as a living dead, but the guilty man had to promise to guard him in the barren village at once!"

Having said this, it is already obvious that the person in Bai You's mouth is the nameless.

It turns out that these two people have such an emotional experience.

Wuming didn't speak any more, he sat quietly on the tree, while Bai You sat under the tree.

"How many years have passed, I can’t remember, I’m relieved! I’ve loved it, I chose it myself! I just want to end my life soon, so I don’t have to live so distressed! But I look for it, it’s damn it! In this world, there is not even a chosen person! Finally, let me find you Wang Ye, this chosen person, and what is ridiculous is that he is also my descendant! This is fate. "

At the end of the talk, even Bai You couldn't help but explode.

Wang Yechang sighed, the entanglement of a relationship, two promises, but let the two people live like corpses in the same company, I don't know how many years.

"I...finally lived to the end. Wang Ye, you are the chosen one. Gather the four keys to open the secret realm or not. That is your choice, but my promise has been achieved!"

After Bai You finished speaking, she slowly stood up and looked up at Wuming solemnly.

After opening her mouth, she asked for a long time: "Back then, did you..."

"Loved." Wuming replied affirmatively.

Bai You smiled, very happy.

"Enough, enough..."

"Bai You! Bai You!" Wuming jumped off the tree.

Wang Ye hurriedly turned around and walked to the old locust tree. The scene in front of him caused him a sudden pain.

With a satisfied smile on Bai You's wrinkled face, her vitality quickly dissipated.

Just when Wuming trembled all over and walked towards Bai You to give her a hug, Bai You's body turned into dust and drifted away with a gust of mountain wind.

Wuming rushed forward, but hugged him.

Bai You dissipated, and the nameless heart knot completely dissipated.

"Bai You, I will bear you in this life, and I will return in the next life." Wuming whispered.

Wang Ye stepped forward, patted the nameless shoulder, and comforted: "Senior Bai You's life, it is enough to wait until your last words! She has not resented you before, and she was smiling when she left!"

"Nameless, clean up! Tomorrow morning, follow me to Zhongnanshan!"

"You want to open the secret realm? Have you thought about it? If the secret realm is opened, the wheel of time and space runs, and you as the key! You will also be forgotten by those you love!" Wuming reminded.

Wang Ye smiled openly, "Forgetting is not necessarily a bad thing, remembering that it is not the same as a half-life pain! As long as I remember them, I will not be afraid of meeting again!"