The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 585 Thirteen Amano Orders

Under the moonlight, Wang Ye returned to the Wang Family Courtyard, as if nothing happened.

With a soft smile on his face, he jokingly said: "You guys don't rest!"

"The night is long and unintentional. I thought it was only our sisters who could not sleep. I didn't expect you Wang Ye could not sleep either!" Zhong Xiaomo ridiculed rare.

This is a passage from Wang Ye who used a boast about Journey to the West, but now she speaks in the same tone.

There were tears in Wang Ye's eyes, but he chuckled.

"Okay, rest early! Suzaku, come with me!"

"Yeah, flip the sign, I finally turned to Suzaku Sister tonight!" Liu Ruyan smiled teasingly.

Suzaku was not at all reserved, and gave them a glance, "It's my turn to line up!"

Everyone laughed and watched Suzaku go with Wang Ye. Under Wang Ye's previous smile, their worries finally disappeared.

Each went back to the house to rest, only Suzaku and Wang Ye entered the room.

As soon as she entered the room, she took off her coat and immediately plunged into Wang Ye's arms.

"What are you doing?" Wang Ye was stunned.

"What are you talking about! What else can you do if you are alone! Hurry up, I'm already impatient!"

She is like a hungry wolf, taking Wang Ye as a prey.

After finally pulling her away from her body, Wang Ye smiled bitterly and said, "You forgot our agreement. After opening the secret realm, if I am still alive, do whatever you want!"

"Be happy for nothing!" Suzaku curled his lips in disdain, and yanked the messy clothes on her body. "What can I do?"

"Do you know the process of making the War God Order?"

"That's it? You brought me to your room in the middle of the night and asked about it? You tortured me on purpose, right!"

Suzaku blamed it irritably, and immediately told about the process of making the War God Order, which she had heard Jiang Long mentioned.

In fact, it is a relatively simple process, similar to the process of blood confession. In the jade pendant, the blood is melted in it by special means, and when it encounters the blood of the same source, a flame will be produced.

Wang Ye took out a jade plate after checking in to the system warehouse.

It was a treasure given by the system, which was extremely valuable. However, he divided the jade plate into thirteen pieces and polished each piece by hand to make exactly the same jade pendant.

On both sides of the jade pendant, one side is engraved with the word "wild" and the other side is engraved with the word ""!

This is the name of the Amano Group, and it is also the name of the company that he thrived.

Each jade pendant will dissolve a drop of its own essence and blood in it with a secret method.

For this reason, Wang Ye was busy all night, and finally made thirteen Amano orders.

Looking at the Suzaku, who was already asleep, Wang Ye looked out the window and it was bright.

He stepped forward and shook Suzaku.

"It's dawn?" Suzaku rubbed his eyes and sat up. "You didn't sleep all night, so you were dumping this thing?"

"Leave a souvenir!" Wang Ye grinned, rummaged among the pile of jade pendants, found one of the jade pendants engraved with the name of Suzaku, and handed it to her.

Suzaku didn't know that this was the last memory Wang Ye left for them.

Looking at the jade pendant in his hand, Suzaku laughed, "Not a fine craftsman, but the craftsmanship is not bad! Thank you!"

"Everyone has a share." Wang Ye pointed to the jade pendants, and said: "It's just hard for you to share them with Xiaomo and Ruyan and Yingxin, with their names engraved on them! There are a few more to give away. In the hands of my sister and Mengdie in Luochuan, I invite you to take a trip yourself!"

"Ah? Don't I have to accompany you to Zhongnan Mountain!" Zhu Que said in amazement.

"No need!" Wang Ye shook his head solemnly, "This trip, I can only bring nameless..."

"This is not good, we said before..."

Wang Ye grabbed Suzaku's wrist and smiled and said, "You know, no one can change the thing I decide! Now, although Luo Motuo is seriously injured, it is still the greatest threat, and the demon is still hidden. That Qiu Xuanji has been missing for a long time, but it also poses a great threat. I need your help!"

"Only by ensuring your safety, can I give my hand in the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain! Last night, I told the nameless to notify the Ma and Miao families, as well as the hundreds of people, to send one person to Zhongnan Mountain."

"You are from a military background, and you have an excel at distributing the layout! So, during this period, I hope you can disperse Xiaomo and Jianxin, so that you can reduce Luo Motuo's goal!"

Wang Ye sighed and informed Suzaku of the entire plan.

But after hearing this, Suzaku still expressed his incomprehension. Gathering the power of the crowd is undoubtedly the best policy, and scattering and avoiding is not the best choice.

However, Wang Ye insisted on this, and Suzaku had no choice.

As everyone knows, at the end of this trip, the secret realm of Nanshan Mountain will be extremely dangerous, and the wheel of time and space will be activated to usher in the generation of aura recovery. At that time, those who loved him deeply will forget him in an instant.

If they could survive, Wang Ye didn't want to see that they were trapped in that secret realm.

Because at that time, they had forgotten his Wang Ye, and they would definitely not listen to his arrangements.

After some comfort, Suzaku agreed.

When she gathered the people and went to the meeting hall to distribute thirteen Tianye orders, Wang Ye had already taken Ma Liang and the Miao family and left the Wang family for Zhongnan Mountain.

"This jade pendant is so delicate!"

"Hey, there are our names on it."

"Hey, Wang Ye is really ingenious!"

A group of people looked at Amano Ling in their hands and said with a smile.

Zhu Que frowned slightly, holding the remaining tokens in his hand, "Sisters, there is something Wang Ye asked me to tell everyone."

The crowd cast doubtful glances.

Suzaku continued: "He has already set off for Zhongnan Mountain and ordered you to spread out and hide, and avoid Luo Motuo!"

"How can this work! I'm the representative of the Miao family!" Miao Yue said in shock.

"Yeah, I am the representative of the Qiu family, I have to be with Wang Ye!" Qiu Chan was anxious and prepared to go out.

Suzaku blocked her way, and said in a deep voice, "Here, everyone should have gone there, but Wang Ye didn't take any of them, only an unknown person! His decision must have his intentions. !"

"Suzaku is right!" Calm Cai Yingxin said, "Wang Ye acted foresight and has his own reason! Besides, it is rare to find opponents if you are helpless!"

"Let's do it, just be obedient, don't hold back Wang Ye!" Liu Ruyan smiled brightly, "Peek-a-boo, will you all? Hide all, before the secrets opened, when Wang Ye never returned. , Everyone is hiding, don’t be discovered by Naluma Tuo and become his bargaining chip to threaten Wang Ye! This can be regarded as helping Wang Ye!"

When everyone heard this, they all agreed.

And everyone at the scene reached an agreement not to disclose each other's hiding place, so as not to get one person caught and implicate more.

After the discussion, when Zhuque rushed to Luochuan with the remaining Amano orders, Zhong Xiaomo and others also left the Wang family in batches and went to their respective shelters. As for the Miao Yue sisters, they did not return to the Miao family with Bai Yueyang. .

Since then, everyone parted ways, and no one knew where each other was, to avoid the vicious Luo Motuo, arrest them and go to Zhongnan Mountain to threaten Wang Ye.

As everyone knows, after this separation, they scattered all over China, it is rare to see them many years later.