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Chapter 586: Entering Zhongnan Mountain Again

While driving away from the imperial capital and heading to Zhongnan Mountain, Wang Ye kept looking out the window.

Only him and Wuming were in this car, and then Ma Liang and Miao from the Ma family were in the car.

"Still hesitating?" Wuming asked.

Wang Ye came back to his senses, shook his head, and said, "No, I have already decided! I just thought that as one of the keys of the secret world, I will be forgotten. Forgotten me!"

Then he would completely disappear in everyone's mind as if he had passed through this world from the future.

It's a pity that Wuming slowly shook his head and said, "The wheel of time and space is turned on and the world is turned again! As the key, you will indeed be forgotten by the world at that moment, but the devil will not! Because it is not a human at all, right Your memory is only Cannian!"

"Trouble you can't get rid of!" Wang Ye sighed with a wry smile, and suddenly asked: "Then, will you forget me too?"

"No!" Wuming shook his head, "I have my own way, let me remember you forever!"

"What method? If there is such a good method, why not use it for Zhong Xiaomo and others? Wouldn't it be avoided..."

"If you can, do you think I will treasure it?" Wuming laughed jokingly.

Wang Ye smiled awkwardly, too!

Bai You left forever last night, but opened up the nameless heart knot, now he will be joking!

Now that he had decided to open the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain, Wang Ye no longer hesitated.

When he went to Zhongnan Mountain, all parts of China, among the hundred tribes, sent people to Zhongnan Mountain.

For thousands of years, the secret of the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain is about to open, how can they miss this opportunity to share a piece of the pie.

Although they didn't know that it was the wheel of time and space and the place where the spiritual source was opened, Wang Ye didn't know what kind of treasures there were in the secret realm.

People from a hundred ethnic groups, from all directions, are heading to the same place, Zhongnan Mountain.


On a lonely mountain, two figures stand side by side.

"Qiu Xuanji, I'm afraid I won't be able to go to Nanshan at the end of this trip! That person is too strong and hurt my vitality."

The speaker is Luo Motuo, who has white hair fluttering and looks like an immortal spirit.

And beside him, it was Qiu Xuanji.

Qiu Xuanji looked into the distance and said, "Follow the original plan! I will go to Zhongnan Mountain, mix into the secret realm, and wait for the opportunity to take away the spirit of heaven and earth in the secret realm!"

"Are you sure, there is a spirit of heaven and earth?" Luo Motuo asked.

Hearing this, Qiu Xuanji nodded his head, "When I entered the depths of the Medicine Valley and surrendered to the devil, I broke into that enchantment by mistake! With the devil, I resisted the peculiar energy suppression and saw the secret realm in it. The whole picture!"

Speaking of this, Qiu Xuanji was quite excited, and even his body was trembling slightly.

"In the secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain, where the spirit source is, there is the spirit of heaven and earth, suppressing a magic stone, that is the core of the secret realm! Except for the magic stone spirit origin, the spirit energy will flow into the Chinese mainland, and the spirit of heaven and earth will follow Dissipate! I will take them down before they dissipate! With the spirit of heaven and earth, from now on, you and me will be the heaven and the earth, the master!"

"Okay!" Luo Motuo was overjoyed and said, "I will go to the Demon Cave Mountain Range, the depths of the Bai Family's Medicine Valley. Once the secret is opened, I will destroy the enchantment there and take the Heavenly Demon Stone! At that time, the Heavenly Demon Stone will cooperate with the spirit of heaven and earth, You and I will become true gods!"

The two of them laughed loudly, as if they had already seen the moment they became the masters of the world!

And this is their real conspiracy!

But Wang Ye didn't know anything about it, and hundreds of people gathered outside the Zhongnanshan Zhongjia city.

Wang Ye stood with his hand in his hand, followed by Wuming.

Looking at the Zhong family again, Wang Ye was full of emotion. When he came here, he was still very weak, but now he is different.

Zhong Wuji walked out of the city quickly, greeted him with a smile on his face.

Looking at him, Wang Ye felt a little guilty in his heart. He once suspected Zhong Wuji for a while, but he didn't know that he was incapable of mixing with Luo Motuo and Qiu Xuanji's conspiracy.

"Hahaha, my dear son-in-law, I will wait until you have gathered four keys in my life, Zhong Wuji!"

Zhong Wuji laughed before anyone arrived.

"My Zhong family's duty of guarding the secret realm for generations is finally done! There is no need to be trapped in this barren mountain anymore!"

Wang Ye smiled and said, "Grandpa!"

"Okay, okay! Don't be polite, don't be polite." He hurriedly supported Wang Ye's arm.

"Please inside, please inside!"

Zhong Wuji invited everyone to the Zhong Family City. The more than one hundred people here are all from the Chinese hundred races, and each family can only send one representative. Therefore, these people are the elite of the hundred races and the wizards of the big families!

Hundreds of races gathered, and then entered Zhongnan Mountain, the Zhong family hospitalized warmly, and Wang Ye announced that tomorrow morning, he would go to the secret realm to open the secret realm!

At night, Wang Yeduan sat in Zhong Wuji's study.

"My son-in-law, why didn't Xiao Mo follow you back? I always wanted to ask, but I was too busy during the day and couldn't care about it." Zhong Wuji asked.

Wang Ye evasively said: "This is dangerous, so I didn't take her with him."

"That's right, that's right! I didn't think about it well." Zhong Wuji smiled: "Good son-in-law, I didn't misunderstand the person Zhong Wuji at the beginning. You are really a genius of the ages. My Zhong family has been unable to make it through the efforts of several generations. The four keys of the secret realm, you did not expect you to collect them in just a few years."

Wang Ye smiled without saying a word, the secret realm is more than four keys, it is necessary to add the chosen person, and five keys can open it.

But even though the Zhong family is the guardian of the secret realm, the low-level strength doesn't even know those secrets.

Maybe they are more like forest guards, just in charge of guarding, lest there be someone Wu Chuang.

Even so, the Zhong family naturally knew a lot, and when he first came, Wang Ye learned that the Zhong family had a bookshelf full of documents about secret realm records.

I'm looking for Zhong Wuji tonight because of this.

"I will open the secret realm tomorrow, and learn more about it to prepare for it, so I implore Grandpa to use this study room to let me look through some materials."

Zhong Wuji would naturally not refuse. He hurriedly got up and said, "Okay, whatever you want to see, just watch."

After he said that, he walked to the bookshelf and moved a book from it. Then the bookshelf separated and a hidden door emerged.

Walking in with Wang Ye, there is a secret room with a simple layout. There is only one table and chair, one bookshelf, and the bookshelves are filled with dusty documents. This is the ancestors of the Zhong family. Notes under.

Seeing Wang Ye looking at him with a smile, Zhong Wuji reacted and hurriedly said, "Okay, then I won't bother."

He turned and walked out. Now he is extremely polite in front of Wang Ye. First, Wang Ye collected the keys and fulfilled the long-cherished wish of the Zhong family. Secondly, his current strength is already unbearable in front of Wang Ye. hit.

When he reached the bookshelf, Wang Ye picked up a book and blew the thick dust on it.

"Anonymous, you can also take a look."

When he finished speaking, a person suddenly appeared in the corner of the secret room, who was named.

He nodded, then picked up a book casually and flipped through it.

There are many books here, but almost all of them record some major events that happened in the Zhong family. There are very few mentions of secret realms, and most of them are known to Wang Ye.

A few hours later, Wang Ye, who had traversed most of the literature, suddenly lit up.

He stared at the records in the book in his hand!