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Chapter 587: The Secret Realm of Zhongnan Mountain

"Anonymous, come and have a look, this recorded wheel of time and space is connected to the eyes of the sky..."

Wuming came slowly, looking at the record, and sighed: "Sure enough, the construction of the secret realm back then was related to King Qin!"

I don't know what Wang and Ye found in the book. They stayed in the secret room overnight.

Until the next morning, more than a hundred people gathered in Zhongjia Square, and they had not seen Wang Ye.

After waiting here for a long time, some people are already impatient, and most of them are a little nervous.

"Old Zhong! What about Wang Yeren? It's not that he sneaks away to hunt for treasure, but we are still here!"

In the crowd, a young man asked loudly.

These words spoke out the hearts of everyone, and there was a lot of noise in the field, whispering whispers to each other.

Zhong Wuji frowned on the stage, he knew that Wang Ye was searching for information in the secret room.

The man obviously deliberately picked up the matter, and continued to shout loudly: "Is it possible that Wang Ye summoned us here is just a pretense, it is said that he destroyed the Luo family, but Luo Motuo escaped! He is afraid of half the way. Luo Motuo is unfavorable to him, so he used people like us to escort him here! He is safe, went to the secret realm and left us here?"

"Look out for Wang Ye!"

"Find Wang Ye! Find Wang Ye!"


All of a sudden, all the people sent by the hundred clans shouted.

Zhong Wuji's face was sullen, his hands pressed, but he couldn't control the emotions in the field.

"What's your name?" Suddenly, a full of breath came from outside the court.

Everyone turned their heads to look around, the person who came with a burly figure and face like a knife, carrying a strong hostility.

"Zhong Li!" Zhong Wuji recognized at a glance, this person was Zhong Li.

Zhong Li, who returned from experience in the Demon Cave Mountain Range, was different from his previous experience. The hostility in his body was only condensed in the temper of blood and fire.

Although the man was a little surprised, he still stood up and said, "I am the Gao family, Gao Yan!"

"Why are you here?" Zhong Li said as he walked towards the man.

"Nonsense! Naturally, I came to explore treasures in the secret realm!" Gao Yan said with disdain.

"Then who is it that gave you this opportunity?" Zhong Li was already in front of Gao Yan as he spoke.

Looking at Zhong Li's sharp eyes, Gao Yan felt a little guilty and asked, "Who are you again?"

"Me? Wang Ye's brother! Zhong Li!"

"It turns out that you are Wang Ye's person. It seems that you are here to excuse him." Gao Yan shouted: "Look, everyone, Wang Ye used us to escort him and sent him to Zhongnan Mountain. He slipped into the secret by himself. , But sent a servant..."


Zhong Li suddenly stretched out his hand, extremely fast, and grabbed Gao Yan's throat.

"Dare to slander my brother again, I want your life!" Zhong Li said coldly.

That cold murderous aura spread like frost, making the people around him feel like falling into an ice cave.

Gao Yan was also terrified. He blushed and stopped talking.

"Remember! You can come here, it is my elder brother Wang Ye, who will give you a chance! Don't know what is good or bad!"

Zhongli looked around, no one dared to look at him. He casually tossed the Gao Yan and was thrown out several meters away, slamming heavily on the ground.

"Zhong Li!"

At this moment, Wang Ye's voice came from a distance.

Zhong Li was cold, like a cold beast, and a smile appeared on his cheeks.

He suddenly turned around and saw Wang Ye walking quickly from a distance.

They rushed to each other and gave each other a big bear hug!

"Brother, we meet again!" Wang Ye patted his vest heavily.

Zhong Li also laughed and said, "I just came out of the Demon Cave Mountain Range, and learned that you came to Zhongnan Mountain to open the secret realm, so I came to help you all the way!"

Pulling away the embracing Zhong Li, grabbed his shoulders with both hands and looked at him carefully.

The hostility on Zhong Li's body was so heavy that Wang Ye frowned, but he didn't think much.

Crossing the Demon Cave Mountain Range, there will inevitably be countless fights, and it is reasonable for Zhong Li to be so hostile.

"A lot stronger! Okay brother!"

Wang Ye laughed and punched him on the shoulder, "You came back in time! It just happened to take the place of the Zhong family and enter the secret realm!"

"Listen to Big Brother's arrangement!" Zhong Lihan smiled.

Zhong Li, who had shot all the way from the Demon Cave Mountain Range, could only show such a simple smile in front of Wang Ye.

After some talks, Wang Ye led everyone to the outside of Zhong's city.

At the foot of the hill behind Zhong's house, Zhong Wuji pointed to the mountain wall in front of him, "That's where the secret realm is!"

A group of more than a hundred people looked there excitedly, but there was nothing but a stone wall.

"Four keys are gathered together, the secret realm is in effect! Son-in-law, since the hundreds of clans have a covenant, each house can only send one person. If Zhongli accompanies you to enter, then I can't accompany you! This time, be careful!" Zhong Wuji said slightly. Said nervously.

Wang Ye nodded, took a deep breath, and walked towards the seemingly ordinary stone wall.

Approaching step by step, Wang Ye's mood was very heavy. He opened the secret realm and operated the wheel of time and space. After the spiritual source was opened, all the memories of Wang Ye in this world would be instantly erased.

And he will completely disappear from Zhong Xiaomo and others' memories.


He spit out a long sigh of breath, stretched out his hand to summon the Spirit of Desire, and looked at the dark and thick mobile phone, he smiled and was finally about to be relieved.

The check-in system in the spirit of desire has brought him countless wealth and glory, helping him step by step to where he is today.

But if you indulge the spirit of desire, it will swallow itself one day.

"He has the fourth key to the secret realm, right?"

"It seems to be, I heard it is called the Spirit of Desire!"

"This thing was originally a treasure!"

Many people stared greedyly at Wang Ye's hand, the thick black phone, the spirit of desire!

Their eyes were greedy, and they all wanted to take it for themselves.

But Wang Ye was just the opposite, he wanted to get rid of the control of the spirit of desire.

This was the last time he turned on the phone screen, clicked on the system warehouse, and extracted three other keys from it.

Within a few breaths, profound iron lotus, blood-drinking dagger, fiery blood jade pendant!The other three keys appeared in his hand.


When the four keys were gathered together, a harsh buzzing sound came from the stone wall in front of them.

Immediately afterwards, singular brilliance emerged, and countless light spots shook and began to condense on the rock wall.

In just a moment, a peculiar pattern made up of countless runes appeared on the stone wall.

Ding ding ding ding!

The four keys flew out actively, nailed to the pattern up, down, left and right, the pattern began to rotate and twist, forming a light curtain-like entrance.

"The secret realm is open!"

"Look, everyone! The secret realm of Zhongnan Mountain is open!"

"I heard that there are countless babies inside, first come first served, what are you waiting for..."

I didn't know who it was, I stretched my throat and shouted, and some people who were eager to move couldn't bear it, and flashed toward the light curtain.

Immediately afterwards, the others rushed towards the twisted light curtain on the stone wall, too eagerly.

The first person to rush to the light curtain was full of excitement as if he had seen the treasure in his hand.


But when he touched the light curtain, a strong tearing force shredded it into blood mist in an instant.


The running people stopped abruptly, and their fear dissipated the greed in their hearts in an instant, and no one dared to approach the light curtain for half a step.