It is strange that these people suddenly hugged their heads and fell to the ground without warning, and looked very painful, and constantly slapped their heads.

In a moment, five people have already experienced this situation.

The crowd backed away in panic, then gathered together, looking at the surroundings vigilantly.

"Retribution, is it retribution? We moved the weapons left by the immortal, so we were cursed."

A timid man was talking shiveringly.


The man behind him kicked him vigorously and rebuked, "You are so stupid! Don't be here to confuse the crowd!"

The man was kicked out of the crowd and lay his head on the ground, making him pale and hurried to get up, trying to squeeze back into the crowd.

"It's a resentful spirit, a soul body that contains resentment." Wuming whispered.

Wang Ye nodded, "And there are a lot of them! This place is connected to the depths of the Baijia Medicine Valley. No wonder the devil chose to hide in the depths of the Medicine Valley back then. It smelled the breath of these resentful spirits."

With the Divine Doctor Encyclopedia chip and Yin Yang beads, Wang Ye could clearly see the pale white human shadows here.

They are the legends of human souls. In places filled with rich spiritual energy, the soul can absorb the spiritual energy without dissipating, and coupled with the resentment remaining on them, the souls that persist in resentment are just like ghosts.

They can erode into the human body and occupy the human soul, so that's why these people go crazy!

"Don't be nervous, everyone! It's a resentful spirit!" Wang Ye shouted in a deep voice.

"The resentful spirit?!"

"That's a ghost!"

"There are ghosts, there are ghosts!"

As soon as I heard the resentful spirit, let alone nervousness, these people began to fear. They are usually the pillars and hopes of the big family, but now they are panicked as cowards.

However, it is understandable that after all, the aura has disappeared for thousands of years, and the mountain spirits and ghosts have already become the myths and legends.

"What's so special, what are the mere wraiths afraid of!"

"Yes, you can't die with my four handsome Huangshan!"

In the crowd, four men rushed out, they looked at each other, took out four red threads from their pockets, and immediately intertwined like ropes, entangled the crowd.

"Don't be afraid! This is cinnabar, which has great restraint on the soul body, and those resentful spirits dare not move forward!"

Shouted the older man among the four.

With just a few red ropes, they want to drive away the resentful spirits, and these people don't believe it.


But at this moment, a crisp sound came, and everyone looked at it, and saw a translucent figure that was shaken off when it touched the red line.

"It's really effective!"

"Great, great!"

Everyone let out a long sigh of relief.

"Nonsense, this is my Huangshan secret method! It was made with cinnabar erosion and soaked in black dog blood for seven or forty-nine days! Fortunately, my eldest brother Huang Jackal is like a god. I have guessed that there is no one in the secret for thousands of years, and there must be dirt! "

Hearing the words of one of the four handsome men in Huangshan, those people cast admiring eyes one by one.

Wang Ye couldn't help but laughed out loud.

It seems that the four handsome Huangshan and Huang Lin should be like-minded, and they are quite proficient in these methods.

"Wang Ye, what are you laughing at? Is it a means to look down on my Huang family?" Huang Lu asked, "Do you need me to clothe you so as not to be eroded by the resentful spirit!"

"No thanks!"

Wang Ye smiled slightly, waved his arm, and under the urging of the fire, a faint flame appeared on his body and fell on Wu Ming and Zhong Li.

Flame's suppression of Wraith Spirit is obviously much more effective than cinnabar soaking dog blood.

"It turned out to be prepared!" Huang Lu was a little disdainful.

"Huh! This is a way to look down on our Huang Family!" The Yellow Wolf on the side was a bit angry!

Seeing that the four of them were arrogant, this was angered, Wang Ye turned the subject away and asked, "The four are brothers?"

"Not bad!" The grumpy Yellow Wolf said: "This is my big brother, the yellow jackal, I am the second yellow wolf, the third yellow tiger, and the fourth yellow leopard!"

"Jackal, tiger and leopard!" Wang Ye muttered playfully.

He was just bored, waiting for those resentful spirits to retreat voluntarily, so he just chatted with these four people.

"Why, do you despise my Huang family, and still have opinions on our brother's name?" Huang Lang asked.

Seeing how they wanted to fight, Zhong Li took a step forward.

Wang Ye hurriedly stopped him. He had just entered the secret realm. It would be no good for anyone to fight hands.

"That's not what I meant. I'm just curious about how the four of you brothers came in? Didn't you say that each family can only send one representative?"

"Don't you know, the four of us in Huangshan are not the same one!" Huang Lang hissed.

Seeing Wang Ye's brows wrinkled slightly, it was the big yellow jackal who was much calmer and clasped his fist, saying: "Mr. Wang doesn't know something. Our Huang family is quite special. We have four branches. Although they are indeed brothers, they are not a family. It's like separating families."

"Understood, I understand." Wang Ye nodded.

"You know?" The Yellow Wolf smiled disdainfully.

Wang Ye patiently explained: "I really understand that you have always been father and son soldiers when you go to the land! I have a friend, just like you, not only does the same thing, but also the last name, his name is Huang Lin."

"Sister Huang Lin, do you know Sister Huang Lin?" Huang Lang asked hurriedly.

"Well, more than knowing, I have fought side by side, so I know what you are doing, and I don't have the meaning of looking down on what you said."

"Yes, since it is Sister Huang Lin's friend, then our four handsome Huangshan must believe you!" Huang Lang laughed.

Unexpectedly, he would still meet acquaintances here, and Wang Ye did not expect that Huang Lin turned out to be a descendant of the Huang family of Huangshan.

After a brief conversation, Huang Chai looked around and said, "Resentful spirits taboo this smell. They have no wiseness and are about to disperse! Mr. Wang, look at that mountain, but it's unusual! Sit and dry. Position, observing the kun, placed in the earthquake! It is the position of the three talents of heaven, earth and man, of which there must be a treasure!

"Oh?" Wang Ye's eyes flashed.

The Qimen gossip left behind by the ancestors, so far only these feng shui strangers are proficient.

It seems that this type of person is the first to rise after the rejuvenation of Reiki.

Moreover, Huang Chai was very accurate. He went over the ancient books of the Zhong family last night, only to find clues in it. Indeed, there is a treasure in the depths of the secret realm, and Huang Chai saw this at a glance.

"Brother Huang Chai, how can you resist that mountain smoothly?" Wang Ye asked.

Huang Chai carefully analyzed the art of ventilation and water, "It looks like a horse and a river, but in fact there are many five-element gossip formations. The students enter and leave the door! If Mr. Wang can trust our four brothers, we are willing to lead the way. !"

"Trust it, and naturally you can trust it! That would be a burden!" Wang Ye said politely with a fist.

"It's just a trivial matter!" The Yellow Wolf clasped his fists and said first: "Then I will lead the way, you guys have to follow up!"

Seeing Wang Ye nodded his head, the Huang family's four brothers were the one to move forward.

Wang Ye smiled slightly and motioned Wu Ming and Zhong Li to follow him and follow in the footsteps of Huang Chai's four. As for the dozens of others in a group, they also hurriedly followed.

This place is not simple, Wang Ye can already see it when he enters the secret realm.

Since there are people with fine ventilation and water, they will naturally save a lot of trouble.

The invisible obstacle in front of him is just to stop the intruder from climbing the mountain, and the real key place in the secret realm is the high mountain hidden in the clouds.