Self-proclaimed as the four commanders of Huangshan, from a family of Fengshui.

Today's feng shui aristocratic family is not as good as before, because it is the spiritual energy that they use very little, and they mostly degenerate into an upside-down business.

Therefore, they also have a deeper understanding of the layout of the mountains and the strange circle.

Under the leadership of the four brothers Huang Chai, the group perfectly avoided many obstacles set on this grassland.

It only took an hour to reach the bottom of this mountain.

"What kind of brother, we Huangshan's four handsome men are not so vain!" The yellow wolf patted his chest braggingly.

Wang Ye gave him a thumbs up, and said, "Brother, good means! If we were not for you, I am afraid that we would lose most of our number one hundred and ten! It's just..."

He looked around, some weapons scattered around, and some old dilapidated pages of ancient books, and smiled: "It's just you, since you are here to hunt for treasures, there are many weapons here, and even some top magic weapons. In addition to the scattered pages of these ancient books, there are records of cultivation techniques and martial skills at that time. Why don't you collect them here, in case you need it in the future!"

He kindly dissuaded him, but everyone was dismissive, even a little contemptuous.

If there were only these in front of him, why did Wang Ye speak? Everyone had already started looting. Whether it was those weapons or broken pages of ancient books, they were all rare treasures!

However, as everyone knows, the biggest treasure in the secret realm is on the mountain in front of him.

Compared to the unknown giant treasures, these things in front of you are naturally nothing!

"Mr. Wang! Everyone has forgotten their lives and they have already arrived here, how can they not go up!"

"Yes, the heaven and earth are the treasures who are destined to get it. Isn't Mr. Wang going to take it for himself?"

"This is something wrong!"


Everyone was talking about it, but the four handsome Huangshan looked up at the mountain and looked at each other.

Huang Chai clasped his fist and said: "There is a rule in our business. If you say it, you may not believe it. Never take your life to bet on something that does not belong to us! Go to the grave to take thirty-nine, one more thing! Our brothers are content, just Not going up!"

After Huang Chai finished speaking, he gestured to Wang Ye, immediately waved his hand and led the three brothers, and walked around, searching for high-quality weapons and broken pages of ancient books.

Seeing these four people, they were daunted, and the others were a little shaken.

But most of them are still filled with greed and refuse to give up.

Zhong Li said solemnly: "Big Brother, why dissuade them! Greedy people should pay for their greed!"

Wang Ye nodded with a wry smile and looked up at the mountain.

This huge mountain has a ladder leading to the top of the mountain, but it is obviously weird.

"Never mind! Let's go!"

Wang Ye sighed lightly, stepping up the stairs first, followed by Wu Ming and Zhong Li.

Seeing that the three of them started climbing, the others hurriedly followed.

This climbing ladder is very narrow and can at most accommodate three people walking side by side.

At first, a group of people swarmed up, for fear that they would be left behind, when the good treasures were robbed.

But gradually, these people discovered the weirdness.

As they walked up one step at a time, the pressure on their shoulders became more and more obvious, and it seemed difficult for each step to be taken.

"What's the matter? It seems to have two hands pressing on me, do you feel this way?" someone asked.

The climbers before and after also spoke.

"Yeah, I thought I was the only one who felt this way!"

"With my physique, let alone climbing a mountain, I can run ten miles without breathing, but this step is so weird!"

"The more you go up, the harder it gets to go!"

After climbing less than one-third of the height, many people are already tired and get down, and once they get down, they can't stand up anymore, like a mountain being pressed by their shoulders.


Finally someone lay on the stairs, unable to withstand the pressure, and a mouthful of blood came out.


Seeing this scene, hundreds of people were frightened and hesitated to go up.

They deeply feel that that kind of powerful pressure is multiplying as they continue to climb, and once they are overwhelmed by that pressure, they will never have the opportunity to stand up again and die on this step. .

Everyone looked up, Wang Ye from a high place with his hands behind him, and walked up step by step. Wuming and Zhongli behind him, like him, did not seem to be suppressed by this force.

Looking down at the foot of the mountain, Huang Chai and the four have already gained a lot, and they are still collecting them quickly.

"Fuck! I gave up, I don't want to die in vain!"

"Special, I also gave up!"

"If you have a baby, you have to live to enjoy it!"

For a while, everyone retreated one after another and began to retreat to the steps below, but the people below had not yet felt the huge pressure, so they were naturally unwilling to give up.

Therefore, the climbing ladder was blocked for a while. After all, the ladder was very narrow, and at most it could accommodate three people side by side. Some people wanted to go down and some people wanted to go up, and the people on it were very anxious. The pressure on them is several times greater.

In this case, the dispute broke out, and even the people above began to kick the people below with their feet. Amidst the screams, someone fell from the air.

Mixed with that pressure, they fell extremely fast and powerful!

Anyone who landed, all became a pool of flesh!

These people began to envy the four brothers Huang Chai who were at ease at the foot of the mountain.

But what they didn't know was that the deadly demon was still behind them.

Seeing that the three of Wang Ye were already in the mist near the mountainside, the Qiu Xuan Ji hidden behind everyone couldn't bear it.

He walked quickly to the ladder, but anyone who blocked his way was thrown down the ladder and thrown into mud.

Soon those people stopped the dispute in horror, and crowded on the edge of the stairs one by one, for fear of blocking the person's path and being thrown down by him.

"Who is that person? The shot is so vicious." Zhong Li looked down, but he hadn't recognized anyone.

Wang Ye had already discovered the scene at the foot of the mountain. He climbed slowly, maintaining a calm breath, "Qiu Xuanji! Zhong Li, he... is the old beggar."

"Master?" Zhong Li was very surprised, he didn't know about Qiu Xuanji.

Wang Ye did not tell him, because he was afraid that he was in the same dilemma as Qiu Chan.

"Don't worry about him, Zhong Li! The higher you go, the greater the pressure, adjust your breathing, and strengthen your mind. The pressure does not come from external forces, but a test of your mind! If your mind is shaken, the pressure will increase. So, the easiest way is to absolutely believe in yourself and be able to climb this mountain!"

"Thank you brother for reminding." Zhong Li nodded heavily.

The three of them had already reached halfway up the mountain, surrounded by dense fog, and they couldn't see too far when they looked up.

Walking up, Wang Ye's state of mind was firm, and Wuming was even more desperate and unquestioning. But as if there was no end, Zhong Li's state of mind began to shake.

His shoulders are like carrying a mountain, and every step he falls, his legs tremble slightly.

Wang Ye stopped suddenly. He was waiting for Zhong Li.

"This fog is just a blindfold, and people are always full of fear of the unknown, especially when there is no end in sight in hardship!"