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Chapter 593 Spiritual Qi Recovery


Wang Ye felt an unprecedented powerful force, and the Lingyuan Sword shot out a sword light several feet long, just like the substance!

As the long sword slashed down and headed in front of him, the humming sounded everywhere, and the space where he passed was torn apart.

Qiu Xuanji's eyes widened, and a strong breath of death enveloped him.

But at this moment, because of his greed for the spirit of heaven and earth, he did not choose to escape at the first time, but was holding a fluke mentality.

He hoped that Wang Ye would not be able to open the Milky Way, so he would explode soon, and he would undoubtedly die if he was affected by the explosion, and the spirit of heaven and earth would be at his fingertips.


Wuming punched out, and the powerful energy bombarded the light curtain of the Galaxy Map first.

The light curtain shook and shook violently, but although his strength was strong, he was not the chosen person, and he could not break the Galaxy Map at all.


But shortly afterwards, the Lingyuan Sword with several feet of long sword light bombarded the light curtain, and there was a crisp sound, and traces of cracks appeared on the light curtain of the galaxy map.

Those traces began to spread quickly like a spider web.

Reflected in Qiu Xuanji's eyeballs, those cracks were like his gradually bursting eyeballs.


Like the sound of a broken mirror rippling, the map of the galaxy was broken, and the wheel of time and space revolved. The sound reverberated in every corner of Huaxia Tiantian in an instant.

Wow, wow...

It seems to be the sound of running water, but sometimes it is as crisp as the sound of glass breaking.

At the same time, this voice echoed in every corner of the whole world. Those who had seen Wang Ye, had been in contact with Wang Ye, even if they had glanced at Wang Ye unintentionally, all of them echoed in this voice. In, as if being cursed, he began to selectively forget Wang Ye.

In a villa in Luochuan, Zhuque, Jiang Mengdie and others had dementia in their eyes. The memory of Wang Ye in their minds was quickly disappearing, and tears poured out unconsciously.

Scattered all over China, Zhong Xiaomo, Cai Yingxin, Liu Ruyan, Han Ruoxue... etc., these people cried silently and their memories became increasingly blurred.

As the galaxy map shatters, the wheel of time and space rotates, the spiritual source opens, and the spiritual energy recovers!

Wang Ye, the name that created countless legends, began to disappear from people's memory.

This is the fate wheel!

Since then, no one will know about the existence of Wang Ye!

In all parts of China, the aura swarming out like a wave swept across and began to nourish every inch of land and everyone.

The great era of spiritual revival is coming, which signals the arrival of the immortal cultivation frenzy, and history has once again returned to the age of immortality cultivation. Guwu became the foundation of cultivation!

At this time, in the secret realm, that voice also echoed in the nameless ears, and the memory of Wang Ye began to blur.

He tried his best to close his five senses, but the voice still penetrated his eardrums and echoed in his mind.


The sword light flicked past, and Qiu Xuanji didn't even utter an exclamation, but was torn into nothingness by the powerful energy.

"Wang Ye, I promised that I will always guard you!"

Wuming struggled, calling out Wang Ye's name.


His figure flashed, one head rushed up, and directly rushed on the Lingyuan sword in Wang Ye's hand.


The Lingyuan Sword penetrated his chest.

Wang Ye was stunned.

"I, I, I will become the sword spirit in the Lingyuan Sword and continue to guard by your side." Wuming said, the soul rushed into the Lingyuan Sword.

His body began to drift away like dust.

A line of tears rolled down his cheeks, and Wang Ye looked at Lingyuan Sword in a daze. The original method Wuming said was his own way to preserve his memory of Wang Ye!

Only the soul body will not be washed away, no wonder he said that this method is not suitable for Zhong Xiaomo and others.


Wang Ye knelt on the top of the mountain, his heart cramped.

At this moment, the spiritual energy recovered, everyone had forgotten him, but only he himself still had the memories of the past, the happiness and pain of the past!

He has become a ghost, and perhaps many years later, he himself will question whether he has ever had such an experience!


Four buzzing sounds resounded abruptly above Wang Ye's head.

He slowly raised his head and looked at the four keys in the secret realm drawn by the spirit of heaven and earth in his body: the spirit of desire, the blazing jade pendant, the black iron lotus and the blood-drinking dagger.

The four artifacts hovered above his head, echoing each other, exuding a soft energy, converging like a beam of light, falling on him.

Under the suppression of this energy, the power of the spirit of heaven and earth tumbling in the body gradually began to calm down.

Not only that, the four-image formation constructed by the four keys can help him perfectly smelt the spirit of heaven and earth.

Wang Ye sat cross-legged, and the Lingyuan Sword plunged in front of him, gradually falling into the state of selflessness.

At this moment, far in the Demon Cave Mountain Range, a blood-covered figure in the depths of the Medicine Valley was thrown out of the pitch black.

He was dying, but there were two things in his hands.

One is an ordinary steel knife, and the other is a fist-sized, pitch-black magic stone!


He did not die miraculously, and was sent out from the passage.

The memory of Wang Ye in Luo Motuo's mind has been erased, and he looked at the dying person in front of him suspiciously.

"Could it be that he took away the spirit of heaven and earth that should have belonged to me?" Luo Motuo muttered.

In their memory, they planned to take away the spirit of heaven and earth in the secret realm, but a part was missing, and that part was exactly about Wang Ye's memory.

After a while, he carried the dying Zhongli and left Medicine Valley.

In China, the aura recovered, and after a few hours, everything was calm.

Everyone began to fall into confusion or even panic. They didn't know what this refreshing thing was?

But the Chinese Hundred Clan, as well as those hidden families in the Demon Cave Mountain Range, are sinking into crazy joy.

The revival of spiritual energy means that the age of cultivation is coming, and they can return to the prosperous generation that year, and they are more colorful than that generation.

The people of the Hundred Clan who went to participate in the opening of the secret realm were teleported out of the secret realm, and those who were able to live, rushed to the family with a rich harvest.

Relying on the precious scraps of ancient books and the martial arts and martial arts recorded on them, they were able to let their families quickly rise on the land of China after the rejuvenation of spiritual energy.

Time is passing quietly, and there is no such person as Wang Ye in the world, and everything is on the right track with time.

Ten years later, China has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Ancient Wu prospered, cultivation of immortality is no longer so remote, and the cultivation system has been unified and clearly divided.

Wang Ye's oblivion, which will bring a whole new world without waiting for time, has been wiped out at that moment ten years ago.

But at this moment, in that secret realm, a layer of ashes fell on Wang Ye, who was sitting on the top of the mountain.

The beam of light projected down has gradually become thinner and lighter. The four keys have merged into one, and a six-pointed jade pendant is suspended in front of Wang Ye.

It was once the relic of her mother Bai Qingyou, and at this time the jade quality on the jade pendant no longer exists, and what is left is just a six-pointed star condensed with light and shadow.


At a certain moment, after the four keys were fused together, they fell rapidly and sank into the six-pointed star.

The six-pointed star flickered slightly, but it shot into Wang Ye's eyebrows.

After sitting cross-legged for ten years, he slowly regained consciousness.