Looking at Wang Ye's disappointed look, Wuming laughed.

Silent in the Lingyuan Sword for ten years, although he lost his physical body and became a sword spirit, his nameless mind became much more cheerful.

"This is not a good thing! The memory of you is erased because you have activated the wheel of time and space, and that is irreversible by the power of heaven and earth! Since it is a wish, it must be possible to achieve it! , This brand new system is indeed getting rid of the spirit of desire."

Hearing what he said, Wang Ye felt much better in his heart.

He thought about it and didn't know what he wanted.

Now, with the spirit of heaven and earth, his physique can be said to be incomparable. Although his strength may not be able to keep up with the current cultivation speed, he can quickly become stronger only by giving him plenty of time.

Martial skills already exist, Bajiquan!

Basically, he doesn't need the exercise method, and the Lingyuan Sword is the best exercise method, which can help him absorb the spiritual energy of the world at all times.

"I think you still want something reliable." Wuming suggested.

Wang Ye shook his head, "Don't you think I feel like I am a new person now! It's more like a new life, and it's a new life in this spiritually energetic world. Unfortunately, I must make up for it! I want it."

He turned his head and pointed at the system screen and said: "I make a wish, I want something that can win the heart and soul."

[The difficulty of making a wish is one star, and it is 100% achievable. The system will reward the host when checking in tomorrow.

Wang Ye grinned when he saw this, click to extract Bajiquan martial arts!

And this time it was even more miraculous. The related content of martial arts appeared in his mind in an instant, extremely clear, and the memory was especially deep!

Even the essence of it can be understood thoroughly, and there is no need to make contact by yourself.

"Hang! This is just a plug-in! My life, Wang Ye, is about to take off again!" Wang Ye laughed happily.

"The violent thing!" Wuming sighed, shaking his head, returning to the Lingyuan Sword!

"You don't understand this, I have fun while crying! Since Xiaomo and the others have forgotten me, let me chase them again!"

Wuming did not show up, but his voice could be heard in Wang Ye's mind.

"What you have to do is to improve your strength as soon as possible, don't forget! Not everyone in the world forgets you, and I and the devil remember you!"

Wang Ye's smile stiffened. After ten years in the secret realm, the outside world had undergone earth-shaking changes.

Although the four keys were one, plus the six-pointed star jade pendant from the mother's relic, a brand new system was generated, and the wheel of time and space made everyone forget him, but the strong enemy still exists.


The demon that contains Luo Moye's soul and Cannian, but still remembers his Wang Ye.

If Luo Motuo had found the demon before him and learned about it from his mouth, I am afraid that at that time, Zhong Xiaomo, Cai Yingxin and others who had forgotten him would face the disaster.

"Ten years, I don't know what changes are happening outside! Nameless, you and I are the perfect match, coupled with the icing on the cake with the check-in system, let's go to this new world after the rejuvenation of spiritual energy!"

Wang Ye clenched a fist and walked forward with high morale.

When he saw the city of Zhong's family, he was a little dumbfounded as if a dumpling came into the village, and his previous fighting spirit disappeared in half.

The original Zhong family city was already big enough and brilliant enough, but now the Zhong family city is even bigger, and it is comparable to the original Luochuan city from a glance!

A banner hung high above the center of the city. With Wang Ye's eyesight, even though he was a dozen miles away, he could see clearly.

"Nanshan College!"

He remembered Zhong Xiaomo's words. Now he has become a teacher and works in Nanshan College.

Wang Ye feels a bit pity that Zhong Xiaomo, the chairman of Amano Group, who was so rich at the time, has given up hundreds of millions of fortunes and became a teacher!

Times have changed!

This is the only explanation Wang Ye can give.

He walked towards the city under the mountain. After being expanded, the Zhong family still continued the previous architectural style, with a surrounding moat outside the city.

"Where is this beggar!"

"These years, I haven't seen the profession of beggars for a long time."

On the suspension bridge of the moat, pedestrians avoided Wang Ye with disgust, pointing and talking.

Wang Ye didn't care, he looked up at the words on the city wall: Nanshan City.

This Nima, isn't it the Zhong family?How did it become Nanshan City?

There are also several guards guarding the city gate.

Wang Ye slapped his forehead, feeling quite out of touch with his society. After all, it took a full ten years to smelt the spirit of heaven and earth in the secret realm.

Ten years, ten years after the rejuvenation of Reiki, has undergone earth-shaking changes.

He walked straight to the city gate, had to find a chance to get close to Zhong Xiaomo first, start a new relationship, and get her!


A guard guarding the city shouted at Wang Ye from a distance: "Nanshan City does not accept beggars, get out!"

"Beggar?" Wang Ye looked down and smiled embarrassingly.

For ten years, my hair is messy and dirty, and my clothes are all tattered because of weathering.

He walked up slowly and explained: "I am not a beggar, I just want to go to Nanshan College in the city."

"Fuck, you are just like you, so go to Nanshan College to sign up? You think Nanshan College is a leek garden, you go if you want to!" The guard seemed to have heard the big joke and laughed.

Wang Ye calmly looked at him, and when he had laughed enough, he said, "Do people nowadays look like a dog?"

"You are so stupid! Come on, tell me, how do I look down on you? What kind of big man are you!"

"I am Wang Ye!" Wang Ye said solemnly.

"Wang Ye?" The man was startled and took two steps back.

But then he laughed even more mockingly, "I don't care what kind of wild you are, anyway, it's not the uncle! I haven't heard of Wangye, hurry up or I will throw you into the moat to feed the fish!"

The other three guards also laughed.

One of them also joked: "What can you tell a beggar? The day of our Nanshan City rejoicing is approaching. It's normal to ask a few beggars who come to beg!"

"That is, as long as our Miss Zhong Xiaomo, Zhong Xiaomo, marries the young master of the North Courtyard, our Nanshan City will become famous all over the world!"

Wang Ye frowned, "Zhong Xiaomo? What's the matter with marriage?"

"You don't even know about this kind of big thing, and you come here to beg! One of the five courtyards, the prestigious Beilingyuan, have you heard of it? Beilingyuan Ma's young master, have you heard of Ma Zhao? Later, Zhong Xiaomo, our Miss Zhong from Nanshan City, is going to be engaged to Master Ma Zhao from Beilingyuan!"

"Wait, wait..." Wang Ye hurriedly stopped, "Let me stroke it."

He couldn't believe his ears. The Ma's family had set up the North Spirit Academy, and the horse, who had been scared by him, dared to beat his wife's idea.

"Crazy! This is really crazy! I want to look at the horse poking, he has a few heads!" Wang Ye muttered angrily, and walked towards the city gate.

"I think you're crazy, then you dare to dare to poach the name of Master Ma..."

The guard hadn't finished speaking, he was already lying on the ground with his face first.