A seemingly rags, dirty beggar, so sharp in his hands.

After a brief stupor, the remaining three guards immediately surrounded Wang Ye.

"It looks a little capable! Could it be that I came to my Nanshan City to find fault!" The leader called Laifu, his face swaying as he spoke.

He pointed at Wang Ye angrily and threatened: "Kneel down and catch with your hands, otherwise, you will kill you!"

Wang Ye paused slightly, lifted his eyelids and glanced at him.

"Now killing people, is it all so much fanfare?"

"Nonsense! Our Zhong family in Nanshan City has the final say!" Laifu shouted: "You went to Nanshan City privately and rewarded my Nanshan City guards. If you don't kneel down today, there is only one dead end!"

After all, Laifu waved his hand, a guard cautiously stepped back, and immediately ran towards the city.

Seeing this, it was obvious that he was calling for help.

Wang Ye is also full of curiosity about the world ten years later. He is like a little white who knows nothing. He wants to see how Zhong's family in Zhongnan Mountain became Nanshan City and how he became Nanshan Courtyard. , And why would he want his Wang Ye's wife Zhong Xiaomo to marry that waste horse from the Ma family!

He stood with his hand in hand, poked a faint smile and waited, trying to see how powerful these people are now after their aura has recovered.

After a while, the guard brought only one person.

The visitor is a burly figure, and he is only in his twenties, but he is quite indifferent to the crowd.

"What's the matter?" He walked slowly, glanced at Wang Ye in the field contemptuously, and asked some knowingly, "Who is making trouble here!"

Laifu hurriedly stepped forward and bowed, "Master Chang Wei, this is the kid! He hurt our brother."

"You?" Chang Wei glanced at Wang Ye with some disdain, "It's just a beggar, what kind of waves can you make, let him roll."

Although Laifu hesitated, he still turned and shouted, "Boy, good fortune telling! Master Changwei doesn't care about you, get out of here!"

Wang Ye turned a deaf ear, and looked at Chang Wei with interest.

In his body, he clearly felt a wave of spiritual energy.

"Is that Reiki? Since the rejuvenation of Reiki, have you been able to embark on the road of cultivation?" Wang Ye asked instinctively.

Upon hearing this, Chang Wei straightened his chest braggingly.

Laifu even flattered and introduced: "You really blinded your dog's eyes, aura? Nonsense! Do you know who this is? Master Chang, Chang Wei! The most prestigious disciple of Nanshan College. !"

"Consecration? Triple?"

Wang Ye was a little dazed, and this ancient martial realm he had known back then was very different.

At that time, the vague concept of ancient martial arts was only a nine-fold Huaqi, and then a broken mirror. It was the first time he heard about this.

"Nima, don't you even know what the light-opening realm is?" Laifu asked with some contempt.

Seeing Wang Ye nodded and said to Fu Xin, he didn't even know the most basic realm, so he could knock down his comrades in a shot?!

"Boy, please listen to me well, the world first enters ancient martial arts, and ancient martial arts is for tempering the body! Then those who can absorb the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth into the body are called the enlightening state, and this state is divided into ten levels! The next step is the bigu territory!"

Bigu Wangye knew that he might be considered the Bigu period, otherwise how would he spend the ten years in the secret realm.

"Oh." He nodded clearly, and asked: "Is the consecration period triple great?"

Everyone was stunned when they heard the words, and then Laifu laughed and said, "Awesome, that's really amazing. You only need a finger to solve it!"

"I don't believe it." Wang Ye shook his head.

He wanted to try, how powerful he is in this new world.

Just as he wanted, Laifu was about to talk, Chang Wei sneered and said: "Then I will let you know, Nanshan College is great!"

After Chang Wei said, his figure flashed, and he was already in front of Wang Ye.

He fluttered his palm toward Wang Ye's chest, with a faint white light in his palm, that was spiritual energy!

Seeing Chang Wei's move, several guards of the city laughed pityingly.

"This kid is going to suffer!"

"Master Chang Wei's palm is so powerful that he is afraid that he will vomit blood!"

"I wiped it, no response?"

The guards' eyes widened at the end of the conversation, and Chang Wei, who slapped Wang Ye's chest with a palm, was also stunned, and the opponent's body didn't even move.

"What a damn, hell!" Chang Wei only felt ashamed and cursed in his heart.

Immediately afterwards, he quickly slammed another punch.

Wang Ye easily avoided sideways.


Chang Wei clenched his fists and attacked Wang Ye like raindrops, but he cleverly avoided him when he approached Wang Ye's clothing corner.

This scene stunned several guards.

While dodge, Wang Ye shook his head to himself.

It turned out that the so-called realm of cultivation is clearly different from the ancient martial arts he referred to earlier.

The so-called ancient martial arts in those days is now the stage of refining the body, and those who can absorb and use spiritual energy have only become the enlightening period.

But the so-called enlightenment period, in Wang Ye's opinion, was nothing more than that. They were able to use their auras to greatly increase their body speed and strength, but that was all, and the auras they could use were limited.

After playing cats and mice for a while, Wang Ye found out how strong the so-called triple strength during the enlightenment period was.

"Hey, too detailed!" He sighed lightly.

"Are you special, look down on Lao Tzu!" Chang Wei was irritated, and he turned and kicked Wang Ye.

Wang Ye's body shook, and while raising his hand to block, he bullied himself in, and his elbow slammed into Chang Wei's chest.

Bajiquan, stick to the mountain!

Wen has Tai Chi to keep the world safe, and Wu has eight poles to set the universe!

Now Wang Ye used Baji Boxing with amazing power. Even though he kept his hands on purpose, Chang Wei was directly shocked by the blow.


He hit the ground hard, a little hard to breathe!

"Eight, Bajiquan..."

"Not Bajiquan? It's more powerful than Bajiquan."

Laifu and the others are dumbfounded. Bajiquan is a killing technique. Bajiquan is not uncommon in this era of comprehension frenzy, but such a powerful Bajiquan is extremely rare.

After a while, Chang Wei got up.

He stared at Wang Ye in horror, and shouted in his heart: Gao Ren, Gao Ren!Just relying on Guwu's physical training period, the use of Bajiquan can actually defeat me.

As everyone knows, Wang Ye is more than the training period, how can he perform ordinary Bajiquan, which is rewarded by the new system for check-in and sign-in. The long lost contains the essence of Bajiquan, the real Bajiquan!

Lost face by the violent beating, Chang Wei was not only not angry, but walked up quickly with a smile on his face.

"As the saying goes, you can't get acquainted if you don't fight. The brothers are so superb in their martial arts. Although they are only in the training period, they are infinitely close to the consecration period! Can you make friends!"

The change in Chang Wei's attitude surprised Laifu and others.

Wang Ye was also stunned. Now people have such a good temper!

Wang Ye smiled faintly when he said that he would not hit the smiley with his hand, and said, "It's okay to make friends, but I want to go to the city. I don't know if you, a friend, can help!"

"One little thing, one little thing!" Chang Wei smiled somewhat flatteringly.

A cold color was quietly drawn in the depths of his eyes, and he secretly said, this kid is very special, if he can use it for himself, then there will be a show in Nanshan Yard!