The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 597: Chang Wei Is Playing Fortune

Chang Wei's gaze flowed in his mind.

Since he had to show his favor, he had to stand up so as to deter Wang Ye.

Thinking of this, Chang Wei walked towards Laifu, and scolded: "It's you, a dog with no eyes, that prevented Wang Ye from entering the city?"

"Master Chang Wei..."

"Shut up!" Chang Wei shouted.

Feeling uncomfortable at Laforton, he hurriedly said: "Brother Chang Wei, it's actually a misunderstanding, this matter is..."


Chang Wei threw a big mouth on Laifu's face, and yelled.

"Now, he is my brother! Why don't you let him go to the city? You just can't get through with Changwei. If you don't give face to my brother, you just don't give me face!"

Laifu covered his face and said, "No, Brother Changwei, I..."


"You or you, dare to talk back!" Chang Wei slapped Laifu's face again.

Laifu's heart is constantly complaining, what kind of thing is this, I asked someone to help, but now the person I've found is cleaning up himself!

He raised his head and stared at Chang Wei, not speaking but cursing in his heart.

"You were beaten so badly, now put your anger on me, and use me to flatter me!"

But he is a small guard at the gate, and he can only say this in his heart, how dare he provoke the people of Nanshanyuan.

"Brother Chang Wei, I was wrong, wrong..."

Chang Wei raised his hand and said angrily: "Don't you apologize to me, my brother Wang Ye! Kneel down and apologize!"

When Laifu heard it, although he was not reconciled, but didn't want to slap again, he rushed to Wang Ye and knelt down with a puff.

With nose and tears begging Wang Ye, let him spare him!

Wang Ye smiled without saying a word. He had experienced strong winds and waves. How could he not see Chang Wei's little trick.

"Stand up!" Suddenly, a loud voice rang out, "You are the guard of Nanshan City. How do you kneel before this city gate!"

Familiar voice, but with a trace of domineering.

Wang Ye hurriedly turned his head and looked at it. It was Zhong Xiaomo as expected. She walked towards here with a grim expression, still carrying the innocence beside her.

"Why do you kneel down for this silly brother?" Innocent Tong Yan said innocently.

In her opinion, Wang Ye, who was lying in the woods, talking to a sword, and talking about Zhong Xiaomo, made her believe that this man is a madman, a fool!

Laifu complained in his heart, how could this be a madman, a fool?

One shot, Chang Wei was beaten to the ground.

Chang Wei walked quickly and bowed to salute: "Mr. Zhong, this is the case. We will use the convenience of his position to make things difficult for my brother Wang Ye..."

"Isn't there a class today! What are you doing here!" Zhong Xiaomo glared at him.

Chang Wei was stubborn and afraid to speak.

She frowned and glanced at Wang Ye, and met him in the forest. Although he was crazy and a little gibberish, he did not know why he felt familiar and close.

But now, seeing him bullying others, the feeling in Zhong Xiaomo's heart suddenly disappeared.

She reprimanded: "You can enter Nanshan City, but remember, don't make trouble!"

"Laifu, don't stand up quickly, you represent the facade of Nanshan City, don't shame Nanshan City!"

After finishing speaking, she took Mi Innocence and walked towards the city.

㼈 Innocence stuck out his tongue at Wang Ye and shouted: "Goodbye silly brother..."

With a drop of cold sweat on Wang Ye's forehead, it was the first time he had lived for decades to be called a fool!But he also noticed that Zhong Xiaomo was angry.

After a trot all the way to catch up, Wang Ye followed Zhong Xiaomo and explained, "Xiaomo, listen to me. It’s not that I am bullying people. That has nothing to do with me. I saw Chang Wei when I was about to enter the city. Fight for luck."

"Sir, please be respectful. You can call me Zhong Xiaomo or Miss Zhong! Our relationship does not seem to be familiar yet, to the point where you call me that way." Zhong Xiaomo scowled.

Wang Ye was silent for a moment, his heart faintly pained.

She, Wang Ye's wife, is now a stranger!

"Xiao, Miss Zhong." Wang Ye changed his name and asked: "I heard Laifu say that you want to be engaged to Majia, the boy of the Ma family?"

Zhong Xiaomo's eyes clearly flashed unwillingness, but she still reminded: "I advise you to be careful when you speak, so as not to burn yourself! There are many people from the Ma family in Nanshan Courtyard!"

"Are you caring about me?" Wang Ye asked.

Zhong Xiaomo stopped abruptly and stared at him in disgust.

"You pretend to be crazy and behave stupid, just bully others! Why, are you planning to speak rudely to me?"

"No, I, I didn't mean that..."

"Better not! I advise you to stay away from me, and let me hear the frivolous words like before, don't blame me for being impolite!"

After Zhong Xiaomo had finished speaking, he never looked at Wang Ye again, and when he took the guilt, he headed towards the city.

Wang Ye was waiting to catch up, but was caught by Chang Wei who came last.

"Brother, don't ask for trouble!" Chang Wei patted him on the shoulder and smiled: "I understand your mood."

"Do you understand?" Wang Ye asked in surprise.

"Of course! Anyone who meets Miss Zhong for the first time will not want to pursue her wishfully, but who hasn't eaten her own door! Miss Zhong is our teacher, that is the number one in Nanshan Academy Beauty! The goddess in all men's hearts."

Having said this, Chang Wei sighed, "Don't say it's you, I've been disappointed for a long time! The goddess is going to be engaged to Master Ma from Beilingyuan! But what can we do, we can only help Look at it! Unless, you can represent Nanshanyuan and win the first place in the five major courts in the near future! Otherwise, there is no chance to speak!"

"Wait!" Wang Ye asked, "What does it mean to compete in the five courtyards?"

Chang Wei stared at Wang Ye like a fool, "Brother, don't you even know this? What isolated ravine did you come out of? Don't you know anything!"

Wang Ye frowned. He really didn't know that it took ten years for the spirit of smelting heaven and earth to sit in the secret realm.

After the rejuvenation of aura, the China Continent has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Whether it's people's lives, social systems, or the systematization of cultivation, he knows nothing about it.

Seeing him lost, Chang Wei sighed: "I haven't heard of the five courtyards? Bai family, Baicheng should have heard of it?

"The Bai family?" Wang Ye nodded. It was his mother's family.

"The selection of the five major courtyards, entering the Bai family and the Tianzong, this is what everyone dreams of! And our Nanshan Academy is also eligible to participate, but in the competition, the top three are eligible to enter the Bai family, and may even enter the sky. Zong further studies!"

"It's far, it's far." Chang Wei waved his hand and said, "I mean, only if you have the qualifications to enter the Bai family can you have a position to speak, and then you have the right to fight for Miss Zhong!"

"I want to enter the Bai family!" Wang Ye said subconsciously.


Chang Wei was amused, "Who doesn't want to, then you have to be able to do it! Besides, then you have to be a disciple of Nanshan Courtyard before you have a chance."

"I want to enter Nanshan Courtyard." Wang Ye said decisively.

The world is still there, and his king is like a ghost, he seems to be reborn in this world, but the past and the past are vivid in the eyes, how can he let his former wife become someone else's woman!

Chang Wei smiled slyly: "It just so happens that Nanshan Yard is enrolling students. With my relationship, you will definitely get it in Nanshan Yard! But before that, I have to help you dress up! First buy a decent dress."