This dress has been worn for ten years, and it has long been in tatters.

What is the concept of not taking a bath for ten years? Wang Ye felt like he wanted to vomit at the moment.

Chang Wei was considerate, lent a set of his old clothes to Wang Ye, and took him to the city for a bath.

After washing and cutting his hair, Wang Ye felt a lot more energetic.

In a clothing store, Wang Ye bought several sets of clothes from the inside out, mostly casual wear.

In ten years, those former luxury stores have now become mainstream low-end brands for the masses, and some clothing that is helpful for cultivation has become today's luxury goods.

"Yeah, so handsome!"

Looking at Wang Ye in the mirror, Chang Wei praised sincerely.

But looking at the mirror, Wang Ye felt that he in the mirror was a little strange, even illusory!

He was a little uncertain at first, whether he was still alive, whether everything was dreaming.

In this world, all traces of him completely disappeared ten years ago, as if he had never been in the future, but his true feelings and memories told him that he once existed!

"You finally feel this way too!" In my mind, the unnamed words sounded somewhat gloating.

Wang Ye sighed lightly, "Yeah! If you were not there, even I would doubt if everything was a dream back then!"

"Life is a dream, true and false, true and false! A nightmare can imprison me for a thousand years, and your nightmare has only been destroyed for three years!"

"Three years?" Wang Ye shook his head. It was not only the three years when he got the check-in system to open the Secret Realm when he was down.

And his life, twenty-eight years of the past, everything disappeared.

"Boss, check out!" Chang Wei took out a bank card and handed it to the waiter in front of the bar.

After regaining his senses, Wang Ye stepped forward quickly, took out a bank card and handed it over, "You invite me to eat and bathe, and I will pay for the clothes!"

"Are you... rich?" Chang Wei was a little surprised.

"Money?" Wang Ye laughed. Ten years ago, he was so rich that he was the richest man in China.

The waiter took the card but failed to swipe it twice.

"Sir, your card?" She looked at it carefully, and then smiled: "These are all cards from ten years ago. They are useless for a long time."

Wang Ye was startled, "Does the bank card have expired too?"

The waiter looked at Wang Ye like a fool.

"Eight years ago, there was a big change. At that time, the bank cards were all replaced! Don't you know? Look at you, this is the supreme black card. At the time, it was worth hundreds of millions and could be exchanged for hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones!"


Wang Ye has been trapped, and he is completely out of touch with the world.

Chang Wei didn't know where the very bullish but very white man came from.

After his patient introduction, Wang Ye learned that the currency in circulation at the time had no meaning anymore. Now, with the recovery of spiritual energy and the advent of the era of cultivation, the original banknotes have no meaning.

The current currency in circulation is called Lingshi. According to the approximate exchange rate, one Lingshi is equivalent to 10,000 yuan.

The greatest advantage of Lingshi is that it is full of rich aura, which can be directly absorbed by people for refining, so it has become a very valuable existence.

"In that case, I have become penniless from the world's richest man?" Wang Ye smiled awkwardly.

"The richest man in the world? I don't know!" Chang Wei shook his head mockingly, "But I know, you are indeed penniless now!"

"What about gold? Is it still valuable?" Wang Ye asked.

Chang Wei motioned to the waiter to swipe his card, and replied: "Gold is like change back then!"

"Brother! Are you a vegetative? Did you just wake up from becoming a vegetative ten years ago? China mainland now has no army and has become a self-cultivation force on each side! In today's society, natural selection is the most powerful one! "

"This has already become, a world where the strong are respected!"

He hooked Wang Ye's neck and walked out of the shop with his shoulders and his back.

"So, I will follow you in the future, and I will cover you with Changwei, let alone this one, even in Nanshan College, no one will dare to provoke you! Mention my name Changwei, so good!"

Chang Wei has a feeling of accepting a younger brother as an older brother.

He led Wang Ye towards Nanshan College, where the admission examination was being held.

Nanshan College!The four big gilt characters caught Wang Ye's eyes.

He couldn't be more familiar with it here, originally supposed to be the residence of the Zhong family, but now it has become an academy.

Behind the gatehouse of Nanshan College is a huge square, with many people in long lines, and three examiners sitting in front of three tables.

"Come, come, let let let!" Chang Wei led Wang Ye to jump in the line domineeringly, and lined up in front of a group of people.

He pointed to the examiner who was sitting in front of him, "That's my brother. It will be your turn later. I will report my name without taking the exam! However, this is only a general election. There will be a general election after entering the academy. I am there. Waiting for you, lest you be seen gossiping and telling us to go through the back door!"

Wang Ye nodded. To chase Zhong Xiaomo again, it is necessary to enter Nanshan College.

There were only three people in front of him. Wang Ye probed and saw that the assessment for entering the academy was very simple. You only need to reach out and mobilize a little spiritual energy, which represents the talent for cultivation and is regarded as a person in the consecration period.

Only one of the first three passed the audition, and finally it was Wang Ye's turn.

The man in charge of the audition asked without looking up: "Name, hometown!"

"Wang Ye, Luochuan!"

"Extend your hand and take a look at it!" The man still did not look up.

Wang Ye did what he said, stretched out a hand, a faint aura gushing from the palm of his mind slightly moving.

The man was shocked and looked up suddenly.

He stared at the aura in Wang Ye's hand. Because of Bing Xin and Fire, the aura showed a pale white with red.

"The aura is quite strong, but it's not pure! The next one..." the man frowned.

Wang Ye asked in surprise: "What does impure mean?"

"Are you pretending to be stupid or dumbfounded?" The man rebuked with some disdain: "Improper aura is not suitable for cultivation! It is easy to get confused!"

"Is it funny?" Wang Ye spit out these words casually.

Back then, his state of mind was already indestructible, and the word ecstasy was simply irrelevant to him.

"Are you funny? I said, next one!" the man scolded.

In desperation, Wang Ye said, "I was introduced by Chang Wei."

"Chang Wei!" Sure enough, mentioning his name seemed to have some effect.

Just when the man hesitated a little and was about to write down Wang Ye's name, three people came over.

"The boss calls you! Here, I am in charge!"

"Oh, okay, good Brother Hai." The man hurriedly got up, glanced at Chang Wei in the distance with some trouble, then turned and ran all the way towards the academy.

The man named Zhang Hai sat down carelessly.

"Extend your hand and turn your aura."

The procedure remains the same as before, and Wang Ye still follows it.

And Zhang Hai’s conclusion is the same as the previous one, "Next!"

Wang Ye became impatient, and repeated, "I was introduced by Chang Wei."

"Who introduced it?" Zhang Hai looked up and looked at him playfully.

At this time, Chang Wei, who was in the distance, could not stop shaking his head to Wang Ye, but Wang Ye did not pay attention to him.