The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 601 I want to live in a single room

"To tell the truth, no one believes it!" Wang Ye smiled bitterly.

Chang Weiquan thought that he occasionally said something abnormally mentally, so he didn't care, and led him toward his residence.

As everyone knows, Wang Ye didn't brag, let alone Zhong Ling, even the entire Chinese mainland had to call him Wang Ye's master!

If it wasn't for ten years ago, Wang Ye opened the secret realm and activated the wheel of time and space to awaken the spiritual energy recovery, how could they be today.

But these words, I am afraid that no one will believe them.

In the Nanshan Yard, the living environment of the disciples in the Outer Yard is not good. Except for some outstanding disciples in the Outer Yard, the rest of the people are crowded in one room.

Chang Wei led Wang Ye into the dormitory, and the scene before him frowned.

This huge room is full of upper and lower bunks. There are as many as thirty or forty people in a common room. Today is the day when students are enrolled in the college. Therefore, there will be no classes in the afternoon after the morning class. Shrunk in the dormitory.

The environment here can only be described in three words, dirty and messy!

"This is not as good as our dormitory when we were in school!"

Wang Ye murmured a little bit of complaint, and he was also a runner-up. This is because with the rejuvenation of spiritual energy and the improvement of cultivation base, people's aging rate has been greatly slowed down, so it seems that he is in his early twenties.

So when he heard what he said, Chang Wei poked his nose.

He pointed to the upper and lower bunks inside, and said: "Wang Ye..."

After thinking about it, Chang Wei changed his mouth and said, "Brother Ye, there is my bed over there. Let's take a moment. You sleep on the bottom and I sleep on the top!"

Although Wang Ye's brains are not good and he is a bit mad, but Wang Ye's strength is Changwei.

Cover him, it is impossible!Being covered by Wang Ye makes sense, so Chang Wei is still a standard kid.

"Are there other places to live?" Wang Ye frowned and asked.

"Yes! The top ten disciples in the outer courtyard all have separate rooms."

Chang Wei turned around and pointed to the row of houses opposite the courtyard.

"Hey! The top ten in the outer courtyard, each has a house, and the house number hanging on the door is the ranking! This is a very real world, the weak and the strong! The fists are small, we have to be human with our tails!"

Wang Ye looked at the opposite house. Although it wasn't luxurious, it was at least clean and didn't need so many people to huddle together.

"I want to live there." Wang Ye pointed to the opposite house.

Chang Wei smiled bitterly, "I want to too!"

At this time, many people had gathered around, and they laughed.

"Brother Chang Wei, who is this? Such a big tone!"

"Yeah, whoever doesn't want to live in the single room opposite, I do! You have to be qualified."

"Only the top ten people in the outer courtyard can live in a single room. Those of us are working hard to move forward. We only hope that those guys will be eligible to enter the inner courtyard as soon as possible, and we have hope!"

Following Wang Ye's eyes, Chang Wei looked at the opposite house and asked, "Brother Ye, do you really want to live there?"

Seeing Wang Ye nodded, he gritted his teeth, "Yes! There is only one way, and that is to defeat the master in that house!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Ye walked towards the other side.

Chang Wei hurriedly grabbed him, "Brother Ye, why are you going?"

"If you can do it, don't move your mouth!" Wang Ye said lightly, and then continued to walk towards the opposite room.

When he saw his posture, everyone laughed instead.

It was so narrow at first, I don't know how high the sky is!

When they first entered Nanshanyuan, they were so proud and arrogant. Many people had tried to challenge them, but in the end they all returned with swollen noses and swollen noses.

A group of people yelled, ready to watch the excitement.

"That room, room number ten! It is the tenth-ranked room of Yang Hao in the outer courtyard."

"Yes, he is the weakest!"

"Guazi bench mineral water, have a good show!"

Thirty or forty people yelled, loudly, and many people were already calling Yang Hao's name.

In the room in the most corner, the door opened and Yang Hao came out. He frowned and looked at Wang Ye, who came first.

"It's another idiot, here to find a smoker!" Yang Hao shook his head a little bored.

But Wang Ye, who came by, didn't even look at him, staring at the middle dormitory.

The house is in a good location, and at first glance, it should be a two-bedroom house.

"Brother Ye! Let's keep a low profile!" Chang Wei smiled bitterly and said, "That is Zhang Shun's dormitory, which is ranked fifth. You don't know that the top ten are indeed single rooms, but the top five are suites! That Xiao Chen is the big brother of the outer courtyard, he doesn't live here, the big brother has a separate yard!"

"Let's forget it today, let's practice hands with the tenth place first."

"Yeah, Brother Chang Wei! You are a wild brother, this brother must be very powerful!"

"That's right! People want to challenge Zhang Shun, don't stop them!"

"The so-called one person will be able to ascend to the sky, if your wild brother can challenge successfully, won't you also be in the suite!"

A group of people laughed, and Chang Wei smiled awkwardly. He knew Wang Ye was great, but he was not sure about it compared with Zhang Shun, who was ranked fifth in the Outer Academy.

Yang Hao stood at the door, shouting loudly: "Don't be so lofty, that Senior Brother Zhang Shun is the strength of the fifth floor during the enlightenment period. Although it is the weakest on the fifth floor, it is not what you dare to provoke! My side , Hurry up! Solve you, I still have business!"

Wang Ye still didn't look at him, but said to Chang Wei: "Go knock on the door."


Chang Wei swallowed hard, "Are you sure?"

"Do you want to live in a single room! Hurry up!" Wang Ye urged.

Chang Wei gritted his teeth, got it!It's you who challenged anyway, not me!It's you who will be beaten up later, and it doesn't hurt me!

Thinking like this in his heart, he went forward and knocked on the door.

The disciples in the outer courtyard who were onlookers smiled happily.

The door opened, and a big and thick man stood there.

Chang was shocked, and hurriedly stepped back and explained: "Brother Shun, it's not me! It's this new brother, who wants to challenge you!"

He stepped back, and then pointed towards Wang Ye!

"I'm going..." Wang Ye said subconsciously in shock.

Upon hearing this, everyone laughed, thinking that he was shocked by the other's sturdy figure.

As everyone knows, Wang Ye's next words directly angered Zhang Shun.

"Looking like this, it's almost forty, right? Come to school?"

Although Zhang Shun is five big and three rough, but his appearance is obviously not young.

Hearing that everyone laughed, Chang Wei hurriedly explained: "This journey of comprehension is regardless of age! Rejuvenation for ten years, some of the original talents have finally got a chance! So, Brother Ye, don't look at each other's age Great, but the talent and strength are there."

Wang Ye shook his head and denied: "That group of people, the chance is not great! The most promising is you young people in their early twenties! After all, although they have good talents, they have already missed the best period of cultivation. It was born too early."

"Uh, Brother Chang Wei, your brother has such a big tone!"

"It looks like he is about the same age as ours, he is in his early twenties! He is going to sell him."

"Brother, how old are you?"

Wang Ye smiled slightly and said, "Maybe I take care of it better!"

He thought of Bai Ling'er back then. The guy was already in his forties, but he looked like a seventeen-year-old girl.

Just as he was chatting with everyone, Zhang Shun walked out of the house.

He glanced at Yang Hao helplessly, and immediately shouted at Wang Ye with contempt: "Get out of here!"