The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 602 A fluke to win?

After Zhang Shun finished speaking, he was about to close the door and enter the house.

Every weekend of the week, Nanshan Yard recruits disciples from outsiders, so basically a few new people come every week, and there are some arrogant people. They will fight the top ten outside the Yard and want to live in a single room.

It's no surprise that the disciples of the outer courtyard are used to seeing it, but none of them has succeeded in so many years.

Just imagine, if you have that ability, how can you stay in the outer courtyard?

Moreover, this outer courtyard is not a good treat, the waves are scouring the sand!There are assessments every month, and those who fail the assessment or are at the bottom will be swept out by the college.

The severity is far greater than the college entrance examination of the year!

As the outer courtyard, Zhang Shun, who is ranked fifth in strength, naturally would not put the new Wang Ye in his eyes.

"Well, you are right!" Wang Ye said with a smile: "Then you can go away and let the room out, so I don't have to do it."

I mean, laughter is laughter, and once you do it, it's not just nonsense.

Wang Ye's tone stunned a group of people, all squeezing sweat for him, and now the more mad and the harder he will be beaten.

Zhang Shun turned around and looked at Wang Ye contemptuously, "Are you really itchy?"

"It's kind of! After ten years of sitting, the bones are about to rust." Wang Ye laughed playfully.

"Then I will let you relax!"

Zhang Shun said, rushing forward with a stride, and slapped Wang Ye's chest with a palm.

There was no aura in his hands, and Wang Ye didn't look at it at all.


Wang Ye was sturdy and took this palm with his chest, and stepped back a few steps with some instability under his feet.

Didn't fall to the ground?

Zhang Shun was a little surprised when he saw this.

But when everyone saw that Zhang Shun's palm did not contain aura before, they thought he was just trying to scare Wang Ye, so he didn't exert his strength.

Wang Ye patted his chest and there is no dust, and smiled: "It's really tickle."

"Okay, stubbornly?"

Zhang Shun's face sank, his arm muscles violently blue, and there was a faint aura on his fist.

Without saying anything, he rushed over again, this time obviously under tremendous power, with a hint of spiritual energy.

Wang Ye still did not dodge.


The same punch was shaken back a few steps.

"Not addictive!" He grinned.

"Looking for death!" Zhang Shun shouted, his body shook, and his fists were wrapped in rich spiritual energy.

He was already enraged, and went straight to Wang Ye, slamming his fist on Wang Ye like raindrops.

But Wang Ye never dodges any fist that falls on him. He wants to try the so-called fifth level of the cultivation stage, what kind of realm it is, and how powerful it is.

But obviously, this kind of strength fell on him, as if it were tickling.

And the fist near the cheek seemed to hit, but in fact it didn't even touch Wang Ye's face.

The more he fought, the more shocked Zhang Shun became, and the more he fought, the more he became more insecure. The opponent was like a tumbler, which surprised him and began to feel a little scared.

The disciples in the outer courtyard who were watching didn't know this.

They only saw that Wang Ye was violently beaten by Zhang Shun with one punch and one punch, and the fierceness made these people dare not look directly.

"This Nima! Annoyed Zhang Shun."

"Hey, when I first came to the academy, it seemed that Wang Ye would have to lie down for half a month!"

"But it's good, you can avoid the assessment, so as not to be brushed down when you first come!"

"Everyone has a little confidence in Wang Ye. They are going to challenge the existence of fifth place Zhang Shun, hahaha..."

A group of people smirked and smiled. Chang Wei was a little at a loss. He wanted to persuade him but he didn't dare to go forward, for fear of being injured by the angry Zhang Shun.

After a while, Zhang Shun was panting tiredly, but Wang Ye let him be beaten like a okay person.

"Hey, it's too weak! Only with the help of Reiki, I have increased a little strength! But I don't know how to use Reiki!"

Wang Ye was a little disappointed in his heart. He thought that after ten years of aura recovery, the cultivators of Huaxia Mainland had been reborn, but that was the case!

Their progress in cultivation can at best be regarded as the status quo of those families in the Demon Cave Mountains ten years ago.

Think about it, now in China Mainland, the most powerful ones are probably those families in the Demon Cave Mountain Range!

I am afraid that the Tang family and the Mao family are already giants!After all, the Bai family is above the five courtyards.

I didn't want to play with Zhang Shun anymore. When he hit him, Wang Ye avoided one side of his body.

He missed a punch, but was tripped and staggered. Zhang Shun only felt that there was a powerful force behind him.

His body threw out directly.


Hit the big tree in the yard.

These two eyes went black, and Zhang Shun fainted.

"Fuck, what's the situation?"

"Zhang Shun fainted? Zhang Shun lost?"

"Come on, smoke me, take my face! Let me see if it hurts, if I am dreaming! This Nima is so lucky!"

"Is it all going to win? I'm lucky, luck!"

The exclamation continued, and everyone was talking about it. It was incredible to see Zhang Shun who was fainting!

"You won?" Chang Wei reacted.

Then he laughed forward and hugged Wang Ye, "Hahaha, Brother Ye, although we were beaten, in the end we won, we won hahaha! Within a month, this will be our dorm ! According to the regulations, we are at least peaceful this month, and no one can challenge it again!"

By accident, luck.

In the eyes of these people, Wang Ye just won Zhang Shun by luck.

"Let go, keep a low profile!" Wang Ye broke off the arm that Chang Wei was holding him.

Looking up to the distance, there was a tall building with two people standing upstairs. Wang Ye just smiled faintly in that direction, and then turned and walked towards the room.

A group of people coaxed, and some others carried Zhang Shun who had fainted and let him sit under the tree slowly.

The tall building was just that Zhong Xiaomo stood with his hands behind his hands, with a smile on his lips.

"Really a funny guy." When she subconsciously said this, she felt familiar.

As everyone knows, she said the same when she first saw Wang Ye in the villa of Shuiyue Garden.

"I'm in good physical condition. After being beaten for a long time, I didn't respond!" beside him, Zhong Ling sighed: "It's just a pity that his brain is not very good, sometimes crazy, saying he knows me, he knows you, and he says You are his... daughter-in-law."

At the end of the conversation, Zhong Ling sneered.

Zhong Xiaomo gave her a white look, "Be serious! His brain is not good, and your brain is not good?"

"Sister, what do you want to do after admitting him to the college? You won't really count on him to replace our Nanshan Yard in the battle? Basically, the people in the inner courtyard are almost the same."

"I don't know." Zhong Xiaomo shook his head, "I always think he is not easy. Let's take care of him in the outer courtyard during this time..."

"I don't care about him!" Zhong Ling hurriedly shook her head, and said: "You know my temper is just a crime with that kid! I have a choice, so I am so patient!"

Zhong Xiaomo looked at her sly smile and sighed: "You mean you like it! Well, you tell her to let her be in the outer courtyard, take care of that Wang Ye, and feel his bottom!"

"Properly, Sister Zhong Yi is the best at it!" Zhong Ling laughed, "When she comes back later, I will let her go around and see that Wang Ye!"

Wang Ye did not know about the dialogue between Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Ling.

At this moment, in this suite, he sits lazily on the sofa, and does not exclude the group of disciples from the outer courtyard, sightseeing in this room.