The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 607 Ice Beauty Yao Xin

He walked forward carelessly, but Chang Wei's legs did not dare to move like lead.

It’s been almost a year since Yao Xin came to Nanshan Yard. Her front, back, left, and right are always empty. There were many newcomers. One is coveting Yao Xin's beauty, and second, she wants to start a precedent. Anyone who tried to sit there ended up miserably.

Xiao Chen beckoned, motioned Hou Wenjun to sit down, and smiled jokingly: "That kid is really a thorn, but this time I'm going to hit the iron plate! Or, someone will clean him up for us!"

"It looks like that kid couldn't take the first class! The infirmary is his best place to go!" Hou Wenjun grinned, matching his wicked look, especially gloomy.

Wang Ye walked to the left front row and was about to walk in, when Yao Xin glared at him.

"Sit somewhere else!"

"Isn't there no one sitting here!" Wang Ye pointed to the empty seat behind her.

Yao Xin's eyebrows sank, "I don't want to say it again. Find another place to sit. I like to be quiet."

"Quiet." Wang Ye smacked his lips, and pointed his jaw to the courtyard outside the classroom. "It's the quietest there."


Upon hearing this rather provocative remark, the sound of chills in the classroom suddenly appeared one after another.

A pair of pitying eyes fell on him at the same time.

Wang Ye still smiled like a spring breeze, facing Yao Xin's angry eyes, and said: "Just kidding, don't mind! But, really, I want to sit here and watch the clock up close. Teacher Yi!"

"Shameless guy!" Yao Xin's eyes were slightly cold.

Wang Ye just smiled faintly, and started to sit behind her.


At this moment, Yao Xin stood up suddenly, struck with a lightning strike, and slammed his shoulder.

At the same time, an icy aura poured in, Yao Xin's arm curled...

"Huh?" She was surprised to find that Wang Ye didn't even move, and was looking at her with a smile on his face.

"Yao Xin, right? This way of saying hello is too special."

Yao Xin is wearing a ponytail and wearing sportswear. She has a very beautiful appearance. With Danfeng eyes and that cold temperament, she is an ice beauty, but this ice beauty has a temperament.

Her arm shook suddenly, and quietly, a stronger spiritual energy poured into Wang Ye's shoulder.

But she was surprised to find that Wang Ye's body was like a bottomless abyss, and the spiritual energy she had poured into it disappeared like a clay cow entering the sea, and the other party didn't even react at all.

"Hello, Yao Xin doesn't have to be so polite, I will take the seat myself."

Wang Ye said with a smile, stretched out a hand and gently placed it on Yao Xin's wrist.

"Take your hand away!" Yao Xin's low voice came, and suddenly a more terrifying aura swarmed out.

However, in the eyes of everyone, they did not see the overflowing aura at all, thinking that Yao Xin did not use force. In fact, she had already tried her best, but she could not shake Wang Ye.

While she was shocked, she looked rather unconvinced.

Suddenly, a pure white color flashed across Yao Xin's eyes, and an extremely strange energy gushed from her arm.

At the same time, the color in Yao Xin's eyes was quickly occupied by the touch of white, as if it was about to be eroded by the energy and lost his mind.

"What a weird breath! A powerful force is actually sealed in her body!" An unnamed voice sounded in her mind.

Wang Ye also sighed in his heart: "Well, a familiar icy breath! It's beyond her control! It's a bit like Bai Ling'er's Nine Nether Body, bursting out of cold air!"

When Yao Xin was about to lose control, Wang Ye twisted his wrist and quietly cut off that energy.

Yao Xin staggered and was about to fall to the ground. Wang Ye wrapped his arms around her waist and quietly poured an aura of fire and heat into her body.

A joke, Yao Xin regained his sanity.

She looked at Wang Ye in astonishment. She didn't expect that the man in front of her could suppress the sealing power that was about to erupt in her body.

"Be careful!"

Wang Ye smiled, loosened her waist, turned and walked to the seat behind her, and sat down immediately.

This time, Yao Xin did not object any more, she just sat down silently.

"Hiss... Zhen Nima hell!" In the classroom, low voices came and went one after another.

"Yao Xin didn't even reject him!"

"This kid is not good looking, so his charm is so great!"

"Isn't it! First, I liked the teacher, and now it is Yao Xin who let him sit in the back row, so we men are not allowed to live!"

"Hey, let alone you men, even women like us are a little jealous!"

There are men and women in the classroom, with constant surprises and complaints.

Wang Ye beckoned to the dazed Chang Wei, "What are you doing in a daze, come here!"

Chang Wei came back to his senses and walked cautiously towards Wang Ye. Although he sat down slowly, he was afraid of Yao Xin's madness on pins and needles.

But surprisingly, Yao Xin ignored it.

"Then Yao Xin went crazy? He didn't stop that Wang Ye!" Hou Wenjun was a little angry.

Although there was a bit of resentment in Xiao Chen's eyes, he smiled jokingly, "Understandable! Then Yao Xin has always been wrong with me! Now that he has finally found a helper, naturally he will not be an enemy. Come and fulfill us! Don't worry, the helper she is doing will soon become a waste!"

Hearing this, everyone around him nodded.

Yao Xin has always been alone. Xiao Chen tried several times to win her but failed to get a good face. Not only that, Yao Xin has also become Xiao Chen's biggest competitor in terms of resources.

However, Yao Xin's strength should not be underestimated, so Xiao Chen has been holding back.

Wang Ye sat lazily against the wall, touching his chin with one hand, looking at Yao Xin's back.

The power of the seal in her body is very strange. If it breaks out completely, she is indeed qualified to fight his Wang Ye, but that energy is not something she can bear. Although the power of the fire previously helped seal, but at this moment Yao Xin, The body that was trembling slightly and exuding a chill, obviously still remained in her body, which needed to be reinforced and sealed.

"Counting you and me, let me help you!" Wang Ye thought in his heart.

He suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed Yao Xin's back Neiyi belt, and immediately pulled it hard, there was still aura with fire attributes on it, and then he suddenly let go.


The sound of Neiyi's belt hitting Yao Xin's back made the classroom silent instantly.

In the pair of wide-open eyes, the eyeballs are about to come out.

Yao Xin trembled, her body jumped straight, her face flushed to the back of her ears, but at the same time she felt a warm energy that poured into her body as the belt slapped her back, suppressing her body. The remaining chill.


Chang Wei swallowed, "Brother Ye, I'd better sit back."

In his opinion, Wang Ye was walking wildly on the edge of death, and he didn't want to be harmed by the fish pond.

Wang Yebai glanced at him, "Ms. Yao Xin didn't refuse, what are you counseling! Now, you are my little brother, I have to cover you, and it is good that I won't forget you! That will allow you to sit in the back row."

"Brother Ye, brother is flattered!" Chang Wei almost shivered.

Being able to sit in Yao Xin's back row is already unthinkable, and Wang Ye even dared to pull Yao Xin's inner belt, which is nothing short of death!