Seeing that the students were thinking, Hou Wenjun's face was gloomy, who was used as a metaphor.

"Monsters confuse the crowd, nonsense! You won't really believe his flicker!" Hou Wenjun reprimanded loudly.

"It has been ten years since the resurrection of spiritual energy. The major clans unified cultivation seven years ago. The reason is that they are incompatible with the demon sect. The demon sect army controlled by the demon is extremely cruel, and the weird demon aura is used to harm our newly formed cultivation world! With just a few words from Wang Ye, is it necessary to cleanse the Demon Sect?"

"I think Wang Ye was the one sent by the Demon Sect to our five courtyards! He deliberately instigated discord!"

With this high hat buttoned, Wang Ye was instantly named Demon Sect Undercover.

Zhong Yi hurriedly accused: "Hou Wenjun, the classmates are discussing with each other, how can you connect Wang Ye with the Demon Sect! The Demon Sect is a big taboo, speak responsibly!"

Hou Wenjun also realized that he had said so, so he did not contradict him.

Yao Xin turned his head and stared at Wang Ye in surprise, and asked: "What you said is really interesting. Do you mean that devilish energy is actually a state of mind?"

"A little savvy." Wang Ye Cancan smiled and said: "Yes, the state of mind determines the direction of one's own cultivation. To put it bluntly, it is the improvement of the physical body at the beginning, and the great achievement is the cultivation of the state of mind! The great perfection of the state of mind can be felt. The profound meaning of heaven and earth."

Yao Xinhe Zhongyi's eyes flickered, and it was hard to imagine that the person in front of him who had just entered the Nanshanyuan could tell the path of cultivation that only the Golden Core Stage could understand.

The state of mind is a road to cultivation that has not even been involved in the current favorite. It is an important process of cultivation after surpassing the mortal womb.

So far, Wang Ye has taken the cultivation of the state of mind from the beginning, change and righteousness as a clear watershed. This is the conclusion that has never been seen before.

Nodded with satisfaction, "Wang Ye said, it is worthy of every one of us to think about it. What is the purpose and meaning of our living before the aura was revived ten years ago? Ten years later, the aura is revived, and we step into What is the purpose of cultivation? Dear students, what do you think?"

Faced with her inquiry, a group of disciples answered with different opinions.

"Ten years ago, that must be to live for money! Now, I naturally want to become a giant!"

"Small, the structure is too small! Once struggling for money, now it is natural to cultivate for the tribulation and ascension!"

"I don't have such big plans and ambitions. I just want to be a strong man in the Jin Dan stage."

"Cultivation can dominate the world. Ten years ago, it was a money society. The poor have always been poor, and the rich continue to be rich. Now it is different. Everyone who can cultivate has a chance and may become a hero who dominates the world!"

"Just you, don't dream! Talent determines everything, just like being born with the golden key in the money era, don't make a decision once you are born!"

The more they talked, the more chaotic, the worse, the farther, everyone gradually moved away from the topic they liked to ask.

"Opportunity is here!" Wang Ye quietly touched his pocket, which was filled with the rewards of the system after making a wish.

To give this Qingxin pill to the other party, you must speak mouth to mouth, and at the right moment, Wang Ye is confident that with his three-inch tongue, he can make Zhong Yi willing to take the bait.


At this point, Wang Ye patted the table angrily.

"Stupid, stupid! How can you make a big deal with your superficial goals!"

Is it superficial to become a giant?

Everyone cast their gazes curiously.

Hou Wenjun sneered: "Then you are talking about it, what is the purpose of your cultivation?"

"This has to be linked to the state of mind!" Wang Ye said solemnly: "The state of mind determines how far everyone can go on the road to cultivation! How far you can go can determine how big your goals are!"

"In a fundamental sense, mentality determines the future!"

"Stop talking nonsense, just tell me, what is your goal?" Hou Wenjun urged.

"Chang Wei, let me!" Wang Ye waved at Chang Wei, and Chang Wei hurriedly got up and stood out.

He stepped out of his seat and walked toward the podium, saying: "The so-called big hidden in the city, the grand goal can not escape the world's vulgarity. The purpose of comprehension, strength? Become a giant? Cross the catastrophe soaring? Then? This is a one. Thought-provoking topic."

"We are small, but we are constantly striving, why? Because we have love! We are fighting for everything we love. Achievement is only an end, and the process is to guard or seize everything we love. ! Therefore, love is the motivation for our cultivation and the root of our lives! So what is love? Let me demonstrate to everyone."

Speaking of this, Wang Ye gradually returned to the'topic'. He looked at Zhongyi affectionately and said, "Thank you for cooperating, your eyes are slightly closed, and you can feel what you care about the most."

A ghostly messenger, as the teacher's favorite, matched Wang Ye's proposal.

She meditated on the people and things she cared about most in her heart.

"Open your mouth slightly and keep breathing deeply."

According to Wang Ye, Zhong Yi did.

His eyes flashed, Wang Ye saw that the time was ripe, he quietly opened the medicine bottle and put Qingxin pills in his mouth.

"Next, it is the root of cultivation, a demonstration of love." He said in a vague voice calling Qing Xin Wan.

Gradually approaching Zhongyi, he leaned forward and slowly approached.

Everyone listened intently and wanted to know what demonstration he was talking about.

At this moment, Wang Ye didn't hesitate, and his lips pressed against Zhong Yi's red lips.

For an instant, the time in the classroom seemed to freeze, and everyone was stunned.

Zhong Yi's body was tight, like an electric shock, a little at a loss.

At this moment, Wang Ye poured a pill into his mouth with the tip of his tongue, slid into his favorite mouth, and turned into a gentle liquid medicine, flowing along her throat toward her body.

Zhong Yi's beautiful eyes closed slightly, her tight body trembling slightly, and she felt an unprecedented feeling spread all over her body instantly.

That feeling is wonderful and unique.

"Wang Ye, you are so presumptuous!" It was not Hou Wenjun, but Xiao Chen who yelled in a rage.

He is also a member of the army of pursuing favorites, and as the big brother of the outer courtyard, he feels that he is infinitely close to the goal, but now Wang Ye kissed his favorites in full view.

Amid his roar, everyone came back to their senses, clamoring everywhere.

Zhong Yi also hurriedly took a step back and looked at Wang Ye with a blushing face.

In the face of the clamor, Wang Ye shook his head disappointedly, "vulgar, superficial, and ignorant! This is getting angry? My textbook-style teaching just now is just to demonstrate to you what is love!"

"Teacher Zhongyi, at that moment, did you feel that life was opened to another meaning? Did you feel that, what is true living? This is love, your quality, your fine quality!"

After Zhong Yi heard this, he even subconsciously pursed his mouth, seeming to recall the feeling of the previous kiss.

And her next words shocked the class even more.

"Wang Ye was right. At that moment, there was indeed a feeling of rebirth. Love is boundless! Only when we have love in our hearts can our mood be infinitely sublimated. With that state of mind, we will look back at our current goal of cultivation, perhaps we will laugh at ourselves Just laugh."

"Teacher Zhong Yi has Huigen, and his consciousness is very high!"

Wang Ye smiled slyly, turned around and took a seat.