"My Nima, kill you!"

With everything in between the sparks and flints, Hou Wenjun strode forward and slammed Wang Ye with a burst of air.

"Don't do it..."

Wang Ye seemed to be flustered, and avoided a little embarrassedly.

He kept waving his hand and shouted: "If you have something to say, why have to do it!"

How can Hou Wenjun manage so much? He can't wait to tear Wang Ye away!

He rushed forward quickly, widened his shot, and pursued Wang Ye with full force.

Everyone saw Wang Ye fled in a panic, with no rules under his feet, let alone fighting Hou Wenjun.

"This kid, dare to come forward with this ability!"

"The key is that he also slapped Hou Ge twice. If Hou Ge does not maimed him today, I am afraid it will be upset!"

"Just him, hehe, I'm afraid it is not enough for Hou Brother to punch!"

The onlookers laughed unscrupulously as they watched Wang Yedong hiding in Tibet.

Hearing the words of a group of attendants, Hou Wenjun seemed to feel that his face was back again, and he enjoyed the praise of the crowd very much.

"Don't fight, can you?" Wang Ye asked while avoiding.

Hou Wenjun jokingly sneered, "You don't have to fight, unless you kneel down and lick my shoes clean and apologize, otherwise you won't be killed today!"

As he said, he fisted again.

Wang Ye grinned suddenly, and said: "You misunderstood, I practice Bajiquan. The so-called Baji shot kills people. I am afraid I will accidentally beat you to death!"

As soon as this remark came out, the hall roared with laughter.

Bajiquan is just a low-level martial art in Nanshanyuan.

Although Reiki has just recovered for ten years, and there is no precise classification of martial arts and exercises, Bajiquan can only be regarded as mediocre in many martial arts!Many people know how.

"Bajiquan? I'm Nima, how funny! Bajiquan wants to kill me? Come on, I will stand here, let you try it!"

Hou Wenjun stopped suddenly. He stood upright, his arms stretched out to signal that Wang Ye would hit him.

"Are you sure?" Wang Ye asked.

"My Nima is sure! Come! I'll stand here and let you fight." Hou Wenjun said coldly.

He's not stupid, he won't really stand there and let Wang Ye fight. It's just that Wang Ye dodges faster than the monkey before. It is indeed difficult to catch him, but as long as he gets close, Hou Wenjun can punch with confidence Hit him!

"What a weird person!" Wang Ye walked over slowly, muttering in his mouth: "Say you don't want to fight, you have to fight, just fight, and now stand and let me fight!"

He was gradually approaching, and put on a Bajiquan starting position.

"This Nima Bajiquan? The starting hand is all wrong, okay!"

"How this stupid defeated Zhang Shun is really curious!"

"Hey, when he gets closer, Brother Hou can send him a funeral with a punch!"

"Silly people have a silly blessing! Maybe it's luck!"

A group of Xiao Chen's attendants teased in a low voice, Xiao Chen also showed a smirk, and Hou Wenjun's intention was very clear.

Seeing Wang Ye approaching gradually, Hou Wenjun suddenly grinned.

"My Nima, you are so stupid..." he said, slamming a punch in the past for a long time.

This was a punch he tried his best, and he was confident that Wang Ye would be seriously injured and even killed.


But what shocked everyone was that Wang Ye's seemingly unfamiliar Bajiquan routine happened to evade Hou Wenjun's punch.

Cheating on his body, he moved his elbow toward Hou Wenjun's chest.

"Bajiquan, elbow in the heart!"


Wang Ye's elbow hit Hou Wenjun's chest.


Immediately, Hou Wenjun sprayed out a mouthful of blood, and he flew out, stunned and smashed his body on the ground several meters away, and stopped at a distance.

The audience was dumbfounded, and their eyes moved back and forth on Wang Ye and Hou Wenjun.

Wang Ye stood up with his fists, and said with a gloomy expression: "I said no fight or no fight, you have to let me fight, all said, Baji shot people to death, see! If it weren't for my mercy, it would be true. I beat you to death!"

Fortunately that Hou Wenjun passed out, otherwise he would definitely vomit blood if he heard it.


"This Nima, lucked out of shit!"

"This works! Take it!"

As his words fell, the exclamation in the field also came and went!

All these people thought that Hou Wenjun was careless, so Wang Ye succeeded, but they didn't know Hou Wenjun's moves, as Wang Ye had expected.

"Win, Brother Ye won!" Chang Wei laughed excitedly.

Yao Xin's eyes flickered, and his mouth mumbled in surprise, "Strong, he is too strong! Then Hou Wenjun has no power to fight back in front of him! It is not difficult to avoid Hou Wenjun's attack, but the difficulty is that it is his trick. In one style, it looks like a panic, but it can save you from danger!"

In this case, Yao Xin saw Wang Ye's toughness.

How could Xiao Chen act like that when his subordinates were thrown down.

He took a step forward and said in a deep voice: "Wang Ye, your Baji fist that does not cross five is really good luck! Didn't you say that Baji shot people to death! Come, let me learn from the master! "

After saying this, Xiao Chen walked over, spreading his arms to learn the way Hou Wenjun was before.

"This kid, undoubtedly he will die today!"

"Yeah! It's annoying big brother!"

"Hey, it's okay for a madman, and a madman has nothing to eat!"

Upon seeing this, a group of people decided that Wang Ye would definitely lie down and leave today.

Wang Ye looked at him with great interest, and then solemnly asked, "Are you sure, let me fight while standing still?"

"I'm sure!" Xiao Chen nodded and smiled.

"Aren't you afraid, you will end up with him?" Wang Ye asked.

"If that's the case, I only blame my poor learning skills." Xiao Chen beckoned and said, "Come on, let the big brother see how powerful your Bajiquan is!"

He hid the knife in his smile and wanted to use Wang Ye's previous trick against Hou Wenjun. Therefore, reapplying his skills not only made him lose face, but also made him lying on the ground unable to get up.

Wang Ye reluctantly relaxed, and sighed: "Hey, people nowadays are really weird, let's go! Then, as you wish, I will send you to lie down!"

As he said, he fiddled with the start-up style of Bajiquan, walking towards Xiao Chen in a strange and weird manner.

Outside the crowd, Chang Wei got into his fist nervously, his palms sweating.

That was Xiao Chen, the big brother of the Outer Court, the powerhouse on the sixth floor of the consecration stage, and he was different from the fifth floor.

"Then I'm here, Bajiquan, elbow in the heart!" Wang Ye asked, cheating in.


At this moment, Xiao Chen struck him with a fist, quickly.

Just like before, Wang Ye was able to avoid, and immediately moved his elbow against Xiao Chen's chest.

Xiao Chen didn't move, and smiled jokingly: "I just flicked the punch just now. I want you to see what is true strength!"

When everyone saw him motionless, they all laughed.

"The low-level Bajiquan also wants to shake the strength of the sixfold of the master's consecration period!"

"In front of absolute suppression, no matter how lucky the kid is, it is in vain!"

"This time, he suffers, he doesn't suffer, I eat shit!"

The group of Xiao Chen's attendants, just like talking about cross talk, seized the opportunity and began to ridicule.

At this time, with his four eyes facing each other, Xiao Chen smiled coldly, his clenched fist was wrapped in a thick layer of spiritual energy, and he was about to hit Wang Ye's chest in front of him!