"Oops! Xiao Chen was prepared!"

Upon seeing this, Yao Xin looked shocked and prepared to rush forward with a clenched fist.

Chang Wei was also shocked, and roared: "Brother Ye, be careful!"

Xiao Chen's punch was not much stronger than Hou Wenjun's, and it was even more deadly than Wang Ye's unprepared punch.


A violent shout came from a distance, and Zhong Yi let go of his innocence hand, and his figure quickly moved towards Wang Ye.

Seeing that he wanted to make a move, Yao Xin was taking back his footsteps, sweating for Wang Ye.

Xiao Chen's clenched fist whizzed towards Wang Ye. He heard Zhongyi's hum and saw Zhongyi galloping forward, but his fist didn't stop at the slightest, on the contrary, his speed increased by three points.

"Stop? Huh! Killing him, I'm at best a flop! At that time, even if you want to protect him, no one can blame me! You are the woman that Xiao Chen wants to chase, and I can't get it, nor will I Let other men succeed!"

Xiao Chen thought fiercely in his heart, and the veins on his arm burst out.

The sandbag-like fists approached quickly, and Wang Ye seemed defenseless.



One after the other, Xiao Chen's fist hit Wang Ye's chest severely, and then Zhongyi rushed to Wang Ye's shoulder.

It was hard to tell who came first, but Zhong Yi knew she was late.


Then, a muffled hum came.

The crowd stretched their ears, their eyes widened, and the sound... actually came from Xiao Chen's mouth.

Xiao Chen's complexion changed drastically, and he felt a burst of energy recoiled along his fist.


Then, the sound of broken wrist bones came.


The next moment, he hadn't reacted yet, the Baji fist hit his heart and elbow, Wang Ye's elbow had a vast energy, which instantly broke through the aura defense on Xiao Chen's chest, and then poured in.


Xiao Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood and flew out.

Like the previous Hou Wenjun, his body flew out a few meters away, and then he fell heavily to the ground, stopping a few meters away from the drag.

It was worthy of the sixth strength during the consecration period, and Xiao Chen didn't even pass out.

He stroked his chest with one hand, and squirted blood again, his broken wrist couldn't work hard, and he stood up tremblingly, staring at Wang Yehe Zhongyi somewhat bitterly.

With his backhand wiped away the blood on the corners of his mouth, Xiao Chen said coldly: "Teacher Zhong Yi, you are too unreliable! Our brothers and brothers discussed each other, and you actually helped Wang Ye with such a cruel move!"

"I..." Zhong Yi wanted to say, she didn't have the opportunity to exert her strength at all, it was not her secret help at all.

But at this time, Wang Ye turned around and leaned on his chest, and said, "I was scared to death. Thank you, Teacher Zhong Yi, for your help. Otherwise, I have to die with the blow just now!"

She loves a hundred mouths and can't argue, it is obviously not her to help, Wang Ye actually planted on her.

However, because of the effect of Qing Xin Pill, Zhong Yi did not blame Wang Ye, and was relieved to see that he was okay.

Wang Ye turned around with a smile, and looked at Xiao Chen jokingly, "In the future, don't stand up and let people beat up when nothing is wrong. It is easy to vomit blood."

"You..." Xiao Chen gritted his teeth.

Everyone also whispered, accusing Wang Ye of being too arrogant and Teacher Zhong Yi being too protective.

Even this time, Yao Xin thought it was a willingness to help.

Otherwise, without the strength of the Bigu period, Wang Ye would never be able to fly Xiao Chenzhen away.

As everyone knows, the current Wang Ye does indeed have the strength of the Bigu period, and he is approaching a breakthrough, and he is about to enter the Dan Consolidation Period!

"The end of the competition! In the future, if anyone makes such a heavy hand, he will handle it according to the rules of the Academy!"

Zhong Xiaomo stood in the distance with her hand held, and Zhong Ling was beside her. As the words fell, Zhong Xiaomo cast a glance at Zhongyi.

Zhong Yixin understood, and said: "Everyone is gone! Wang Ye, come to the office with me."

After she said, she walked quickly towards Zhong Xiaomo and the others.

After these three people gradually walked away with their innocence, Xiao Chen took a sip of blood and sneered somewhat bitterly.

"Wang Ye, you are lucky this time, and there is a teacher who likes to help! Next time, I am afraid it will not be so lucky."

"Not necessarily." Wang Ye spread his hands and said, "I am a person, nothing else, just luck!"

"Then you pray, good luck always patronize you!" Xiao Chen finished speaking, waved his hand, and said: "Take Hou Wenjun, let's go!"

A group of menacingly moved towards the distance.

When Yao Xin passed by, Xiao Chen still glared at her.

"Brother Ye, are you okay?" Chang Wei ran quickly and looked around Wang Ye.

"It's okay." Wang Ye waved his hand and saw Yao Xin turned to leave, and said loudly: "Look, I'm right! Teacher Zhong Yi came to me, it should be about discussing the alchemist, and there is a result. Tomorrow, I’m afraid I’ll have class in the pharmacy of the outer courtyard, and those teachers are going to give me a small stove!"

"Then congratulations!" Yao Xin turned her back to him.

Wang Ye grinned, and said: "I need two helpers to help me, Chang Wei counts one, and one more place for you! It's good for you!"

"Not rare!" Even so, Yao Xin did not leave.

Wang Ye smiled confidently, she would definitely agree.

"All right, you think about it, and think about it, what gift you have to prepare for me, so that I can consider whether or not to help you!"

After he finished speaking, he patted Chang Wei on the shoulder, smiled mysteriously, and turned to chase after Zhong Xiaomo and others who had gone far away.

Yao Xin was silent for a long time, turned her head and glanced at his back, muttering in her mouth: "As soon as you are about to come into contact with alchemy, you dare to praise Haikou! Humph!"

But what she didn't know was that Wang Ye had a Divine Doctor Encyclopedia chip for a long time, coupled with the fire in his body, he was simply a genius for alchemy!


Walking all the way to the office, Zhong Ling whispered: "Sister Zhong Yi, you did too much today!"

"What's the matter with me?" Zhong Yi asked inexplicably.

"You said what's the matter with you! It's too obvious that you want to help Wang Ye, you can't help! Then Xiao Chen is Xiao Han's younger brother anyway, and the college is still pointing at her!" Zhong Ling complained a little.

I'm not happy with this, "We are dignified at Nanshan Yard, and we have to accommodate a disciple! Besides, it was not Wang Ye who helped me just now. I said earlier that he is not easy!"

"Come on, my good sister." Zhong Ling stepped forward, took her arm, and smiled jokingly: "What did you two do in the dormitory last night? You have changed so much to him today! I'm afraid I don't even know it. When I talked about him with Sister Xiaomo, his ecstatic look is obviously in love and can't help it!"

"Zhong Ling, don't talk nonsense." Zhong Yi's face flushed.

"Yeah, my face turned red, and I said nonsense!" Zhong Ling teased.

At this moment, Zhong Xiaomo also sighed helplessly, "The joke is a joke, I love it, I have to be restrained in the future, you helped Wang Ye today, you really helped a little too much! Moreover, I can't fully trust that Wang Ye. , This person is crazy, unconscious and full of nonsense! I don't know what his purpose is! Later, in the office, you will stop talking and leave everything to me!"

Even Zhong Xiaomo spoke, Zhong Yi nodded his head aggrievedly, but still muttered, "I really didn't help him, he fought back!"

"Sister Zhong Yi, you look at him too high! According to your opinion, he has the cultivation base of the bigu period? Wouldn't it be between us." Zhong Ling didn't believe her at all.

"Hey!" Zhong Yi sighed: "Who knows! Maybe he is better than you and me!"