All the way to the direction of the pharmacy, many disciples in the outer courtyard cast envious eyes.

Unconsciously, Wang Ye has become a legend in the outer courtyard.

On the first day at Nanshanyuan, he praised Haikou, the three beauties in Nanshanyuan, two of whom are good friends!

In less than two days, Wang Ye seemed to have proved this.

Not to mention, he beat Zhang Shun, who was ranked fifth in the outer courtyard, and stayed in a single room last night and spent the night alone with Zhongyi.

Today, everyone's eyes were in full view, and the fourth-ranked Hou Wenjun was stunned by a mismatch, and Xiao Chen suffered internal injuries through his help.

In addition, after walking in the office for a while, Wang Ye took the two entourages directly, and was about to move into the pharmacy's independent hospital!

What does it matter, what number of paths can it soar so fast!

Obviously there is only one possibility, that Wang Ye is not bragging, maybe he really has a relationship with Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Yi.

At least now in the outer courtyard, most people, including Chang Wei, think so.

"Brother, cow! Only one day, I changed from the single room to the independent courtyard!"

Chang Wei's cheeks were swollen, his eyes narrowed when he laughed, and he gave a thumbs up, and said: "And you can also invite Yao Xin to do miscellaneous work. That's the second-ranked existence in the outer courtyard. It's cold and beautiful! "

Wang Ye smiled and said nothing, Yao Xin would definitely come because she needed her own help.

She showed her hand in class, she already knew Wang Ye's special.

"However, that Xiao Chen is really a forced guy!" Chang Wei gritted his teeth and said, "I just heard the brothers in the outer courtyard say that Xiao Chen has spoken out to deal with you! I'm afraid I will have to trouble you recently!"

"I'm in the pharmacy, why does he trouble me?" Wang Ye asked suspiciously.

"Because you are in the pharmacy, he just happened to be injured, so he has the opportunity to trouble you!" Chang Wei smiled bitterly: "The infirmary of the outer hospital only accepts some simple diseases. He wants to recover quickly from a broken wrist. The pharmacy naturally It's the best choice. As long as he pays, he is eligible to be treated in a pharmacy. After all, he is an academy disciple!"

Xiao Chen wasn't convinced, Wang Ye had guessed it a long time ago, but if you trouble him in the pharmacy, you can get the money, which makes Wang Ye quite interested.

In this case, Xiao Chen is very likely to become his cash cow.

While smiling slyly, Wang Ye asked casually: "What's the matter with your brother, and what's the matter with Xiao Han?"

Speaking of Chang Yu, Chang Wei's face immediately became gloomy.

He clenched his fist tightly, and was extremely angrily telling what happened back then.

It turns out that Zeng Changyu also signed up to come to Nanshan Academy. With his outstanding qualifications and adaptability to the fire spirit, he was the first alchemist in the outer hospital. In a short time, he was promoted from the pharmacy of the outer hospital to the inner hospital.

Not only did he have an excellent alchemy aptitude, but his cultivation talent was also extremely strong, which once became the hope of Nanshan Academy.

But a year ago, during an experience, Chang Wei learned from relevant practitioners that with his most competitive inner court disciple, Xiao Han, he secretly attacked when Chang Yu tried to surrender the unusual fire. Fire, life and death are still unknown.

Therefore, Chang Wei had always held a grudge, he believed that this matter must be Xiao Chen and his sister Xiao Han in the inner courtyard.

"Brother Ye! I will definitely take revenge on my brother with my own strength!" Chang Wei gritted his teeth and looked firm.

Patting his shoulder, Wang Ye nodded and said: "You also said that the place is a crypt, maybe it fell into the sea of ​​fire, and your brother Changyu is still alive! Don't worry, I will go personally for this college experience Take a walk! If he is still alive, I will help you rescue him! If..."

"If he falls, I will avenge your grievances. After all, it was the Nanshan Yard you brought me here!"


Chang Wei immediately knelt on his knees and said with a serious face: "Chang Wei is here, thank you, Brother Ye!"

"stand up!"

Wang Ye's face sank, and he scolded: "I, Wang Ye once, had many brothers and friends! But there is a common principle, never kneel to anyone!"

Hearing this, Chang Wei nodded his head and stood up.

"You are really sure to participate in this experience?"

"That depends on the strange fire, I am interested in it!" Wang Ye smiled.

Chang Wei sighed with disappointment, "Unfortunately, there is very little news about the strange fire, and I don't know much!"

"No problem!"

After all, Wang Ye and two had arrived in front of a courtyard, and he pushed open the courtyard gate.

"Fuck me, it's so bad for me!"

The gate of the courtyard almost collapsed. It wasn't that Chang Wei hurriedly supported it. The door panel was about to collapse to the ground. Wang Ye couldn't help but explode.

Looking at the courtyard again, he was furious.

I thought it was an elegant courtyard. Who would have thought that the courtyard was overgrown with weeds, and the houses in the courtyard looked rather dilapidated, as if they had been unoccupied for a long time.

"Brother Ye, clean and clean, here is still very elegant!" Chang Wei smiled bitterly.

Wang Ye stood with his hand in his hand, his face was gloomy, and he muttered, "We must let the college allocate funds, repair and improve!"

"College, the iron cock is so unrefined, if you want it to allocate funds, wait until the year of the monkey!"

At this moment, Yao Xin came over.

"Senior Sister Yao Xin, you are really here!" Chang Wei was a little excited, but also a little surprised.

With her, Xiao Chen wouldn't dare to be too presumptuous.

Yao Xin ignored him, and walked towards the courtyard, "Why are you still in a daze! Clean up! Let's come, isn't it just for Wang Ye to do miscellaneous things!"

Seeing Yao Xin walked into the courtyard and started cleaning it, Chang Wei naturally didn't dare to be idle, so he rushed up.

He really did not expect that Yao Xin would put down her figure and come to the pharmacy to help Wang Ye.

But Wang Ye obviously had predicted that she would not refuse.

Depressed, he stood in the courtyard complaining, suddenly his eyes lit up.

Since Nanshan Yard is an iron cock, it's up to you to find a way to decorate it yourself!

Xiao Chen!This is his Wangye’s God of Wealth!

With his eyes condensed, the punch card system formed a light curtain in front of him, and a wish button appeared on the screen.

I just checked in today, and I haven't made a wish.

He directly clicked on the wish button, and a line of writing popped up on the screen.

[Please tell me what you wish, and the system will do its best to realize it for you!

Wang Ye rubbed his hands and said excitedly: "I hope to get something that makes people unlucky, the more unlucky the better!"

The system light curtain flickered, and soon a line of writing popped up again.

[Wish difficulty is one star, and the possibility of fulfillment is 100%. The system will receive a wish item when the host opens and sign in tomorrow!

Looking at such a powerful system, Wang Ye laughed happily.

"What are you smirking?" Yao Xin asked when she appeared next to him.

Wang Ye was shocked, if she saw her check in to the system, it might cause trouble.

But when he turned his head to look, Yao Xin looked puzzled.

"You can't see it?" Wang Ye asked tentatively.

"What can you see and what you can't see, I ask you why you giggle?" Yao Xin said impatiently.

Wang Ye took a long sigh of relief and immediately smiled and happily. This brand-new system obviously has a greater advantage!

The huge screen in front of me, it seems that only I can see it, and the nameless who is connected with my own mind can see it!

The rest are invisible at all!