Wang Ye walked to the bookshelf, roughly distinguished, put aside the books that introduced medicinal materials, focusing on a pair of alchemy experience, and the elixir in the Nanshan Academy's collection!

With the genius encyclopedia chip, the experience of the major genius doctors in China for five thousand years is recorded in the mind.

No one is more familiar with medicinal materials than him, but these special prescriptions and the refining process are indeed a bit tricky, and you need to quickly add knowledge in this area.

He sat quietly at the table, looking at the alchemy notes first. As for the thick book of alchemy recipes, it was just aside.

Time was passing quietly, and he focused on it.

Gradually, I began to indulge in the process of alchemy, and learned from books that powerful alchemists can refine some life-saving pills, and they can refine some, which can help the practitioner to break through the shackles. Special medicine.

In this cultivation environment where medicine is hard to find, the alchemist is undoubtedly the most abundant.

Moreover, the alchemist has become a rare profession because of the extremely demanding conditions for this profession, and it is also the most respected!

"Not bad, more popular than civil servants!" He muttered while reading.

The night is dim, shrouded in Nanshan City.

In the pharmacy, Wang Ye sat on the desk for more than a long time, but he would just throw aside all the books he had read, and he had already thrown a lot of them beside him.

Chang Wei had already fallen asleep on the stool beside him.

In the room on one side, there was no light, and Yao Xin stood quietly in the window.

Through the gap in the window, he looked at Wang Ye at the desk.

"Is he a madman or a fool? Is he pretending to be crazy or betraying him?" Yao Xin muttered.

This not-so-simple man can see the seal in her body at a glance, and help her to secure the seal. How can such a hidden person be like an idiot sometimes!

"Not sometimes, but most of the time!" Yao Xin muttered and turned back to the bed.

That night, Wang Ye stayed up all night. Not only did he skimmed over all the books on alchemy here, but also kept the thick pill in his mind.

Before the early morning sun fell, Wang Ye stretched lazily.

He stood up and moved his muscles and bones.

"I don't know my wish, has it come true!"

His eyes condensed slightly, and a systematic light curtain appeared in front of him.

I skillfully chose to check in and sign in, and a line of writing popped up on the screen.

[Congratulations to the host, who has successfully clocked in and checked in continuously, and won the system reward: Danfang Baodian.The wish has been fulfilled and obtained: Bad Luck Gu.

The system prompt has changed, it should be related to the continuous check-in.

But this did not affect Wang Ye's excitement at the moment.

"Pill Fang Baodian! The punch card system rewards are definitely not vulgar! As for the bad luck Gu, hehe!"

He hurriedly clicked on the profiles of the two.

Alchemy Prescriptions: Gather 5,300 kinds of existing alchemy prescriptions and 2,200 kinds of lost alchemy prescriptions. The Alchemy Prescriptions are all-encompassing, including not only alchemy methods, but also medical records.Remarks: Be careful when choosing extraction!The Danfang will be imprinted in the memory with the memory situation, and there may be appropriate pain!

Regarding the category of remarks, Wang Ye has ignored it.

His eyes are shining brightly, and he already feels impatient!

Introduction to Bad Luck Gu: Grade 5 Gu poison, those who are infected with Bad Luck Gu will continue to have bad luck and miserable!

The introduction to the bad luck Gu is rather concise.

Wang Ye first chose to extract the Unlucky Gu, which was prepared for Xiao Chen. As long as this kid comes to find fault, this kind of baby will make him worse off.

Within a few breaths, there was something more in Wang Ye's hand, and there was some black powder in a small bottle!

There is no time to think about bad luck anymore!He has great desire for the Pill Fang Baodian!

"Extraction! Wait, make a wish first! I hope the system can reward me with a decent furnace. The furnaces here are all antiquities!"

[The difficulty of making a wish is four stars, and the achievability is 20%. The system will do its best to achieve the wish for the host!

Very user-friendly pop-up window with changeable answering methods, which is much more fun and interesting than the previous rigid system.

And Wang Ye faintly felt that this brand-new check-in system also hides other functions, but he hasn't discovered it yet, or is triggered!

After getting all this done, he rubbed his hands fiercely, and then clicked the extract button of the Pill Fang Baodian enthusiastically.

After a few breaths, a memory filled his mind, and his head was a little up and down.

"Just this pain, I've long been used to it, I'll go, this, this... fuck!"

Before he finished speaking, the pain in his head began to increase exponentially.

With a huge amount of information, he almost exploded his head. He persisted for less than three seconds. After a scream, Wang Ye fainted with black eyes.

He fell to the ground with a puff, and Chang Wei sat up in shock.

"Brother Ye, Brother Ye..." He hurriedly stepped forward to help Wang Ye, only to find Wang Ye twitching.

This frightened her. After putting down Wang Ye, she rushed towards Yao Xin's room, yelling as she ran, "Sister Yao Xin, help! Brother Ye is overworked, so I drew it away!"

Before anyone arrived, Yao Xin opened the door and ran over quickly.

She hurriedly helped Wang Ye up, and immediately probed.

After a long time, under Chang Wei's worried eyes, she murmured: "I passed out, it seems to be painful, but the pulse is stable and there should be nothing wrong with the body! It should be that the spirit has been stimulated!"

"Oh! It seems that the little guy is right! Ye Ge's spirit is really problematic!" Chang Wei sighed.

"He is crazy, idiotic and stupid, isn't it normal! It would be weird if he was okay! It's okay, he can't die, maybe he will wake up after the break!"

Having said that, Yao Xin still helped Wang Ye personally and walked towards the next room.

It wasn't until he put him on the bed, covered him with a quilt, and signaled his pulse again to make sure that he would be fine.

"Woman! Knife mouth tofu heart!" Chang Wei muttered softly, guarding Wang Ye's side.

Before he knew it, he fell asleep on the edge of the bed.

When the sun went three poles, Wang Ye finally awoke.

He pinched his eyebrows in pain, and muttered: "Seven thousand five hundred kinds of alchemy, such a large amount of information, almost killed me! This is mentioned in the introduction, maybe it is a little bit painful? It is quite painful!"

He sat up, glanced at the sleeping Chang Wei, and then combed the memories in his mind.

More and more, he was overjoyed. The Dan Fang Baodian recorded far more Dan Fang than those in the bookshelf of Nanshan Hospital's Pharmacy. There were not only some top Dan Fang, but also many long-lost Dan Fang.

Moreover, Wang Ye found an extremely suitable pill in this pill, the most oppressive pill that he can refine with his current ability, and leaves a breath for the demons in the innocent body.

"This Nima, it's early in the morning! People are all dead!"

"Come out quickly, big brother wants to heal!"

"Why don't you come out, Lao Tzu makes a fire..."

The arrogant shouts in the courtyard stopped abruptly as Yao Xin opened the door.

Wang Ye poked a smile and reached out to touch his pocket, the bad luck Gu is still there!

"Hey! Xiao Chen, this unlucky one, really came to the door, I'm really sorry for my assistants if I don't cheat him on some spirit stones!"

He grinned, slapped Chang Wei on the shoulder, awakened him, and said: "Get up! It's business!"