Refining the second-grade pill requires not only skilled alchemy techniques, but also at least eight levels of strength during the enlightenment period, otherwise the aura in the body will not be able to support the pill to be formed.

Therefore, generally speaking, only alchemists who have entered the bigu period will refine the second-grade pill!

But Wang Ye uttered wild words, and Zhong Xiaomo and other human rights were just jokes that he said for a while.

As Zhong Xiaomo and the other two left, Yao Xin muttered: "I don't have the skills, it's pretty big! If someone takes the medicine the day after tomorrow, I see what you can give it!

"That's not what you should worry about!"

Sitting on the stool, Wang Ye pointed to the pill furnace and said, "You and Chang Wei, move this heavy pill furnace to my house. I want to close the door for alchemy!"

"Move, go inside the house? Do you treat us as a mess?" Yao Xin said with a calm face.

"Isn't it?" Wang Ye asked rhetorically.

These words made Yao Xin about to run away. Although Wang Ye showed his hand before and did achieve the effect of the bone-receiving pill with that simple medicine, he is a pill alchemist and he is not even familiar with the process!

To count on him one day, he can refine the pill to help him break the seal, and that will have to wait until the year of the monkey.

Yao Xin was about to go crazy, but Wang Ye said first: "I am all for you! Only if I calm down and concentrate on alchemy can I increase my speed! Three to five days, I can basically help you refine the pill and help you relieve it. Seal inside the body and help you fuse that power."

Although he was sure that Wang Ye was a big talk about painting a cake to satisfy his hunger, Yao Xin was still looking forward to it.

That terrible seal not only seals in her body the energy that will explode at any time, marrying her life, but also her talent. Otherwise, with her extraordinary talent, it will not only be the sixth stage of consecration. The repair base.

Endure it!

Yao Xin gritted her teeth and took a breath!

She and Chang Wei carried the heavy cauldron to Wang Ye's room and prepared a large amount of medicinal materials according to his instructions.


The two were busy sweating profusely, but Wang Ye didn't even say thank you, and closed the door with his backhand.

"Who is it!" Yao Xin muttered complaining, turned and walked towards the courtyard, sitting cross-legged under the pavilion to meditate.

Chang Wei sat not far from the door and meditated, waiting for Wang Ye's dispatch at any time.

One way of cultivation is to meditate, to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and to comprehend the realm.

But Wang Ye is different. He has a Spiritual Yuan Sword in his body, which absorbs the aura of heaven and earth all the time.

In the room, Wang Ye circled the cauldron and sighed disgustingly: "Too much, this thing is almost scrapped! Hey, before the cauldron rewarded by the system is available, he can only take it first. You practiced!"

He was not eager to get started, but combed through the detailed process of alchemy recorded in those books.

About half an hour later, he just waved his arm, opened the lid of the tripod, and threw all eight medicinal materials into it in one breath.

With his eyes closed slightly, he put one hand on the fire eye, and the spiritual energy in his body gushed into the cauldron.


In an instant, the aura inspired by the fire, under the blessing of the cauldron, caused a flame to ignite in the cauldron.

Wang Ye, who had been prepared for a long time, concentrated his mind to control the temperature of the flame in it. Relying on his powerful soul control, he divided the flame into eight parts, and each flame was wrapped in a kind of medicinal material.

The medicinal materials begin to wither quickly in the flame, and then turn into powder or liquid medicine.

But each kind of medicinal material has a different ignition point, so it is necessary to accurately control the temperature of each flame so that it is wirelessly close to the ignition point of the medicinal material, so that the medicinal material can be refined more purely.

Only the most pure medicinal materials can improve the elixir phase after molding.

Although it was the first time to refine a pill, it had a strong cultivation base and a majestic soul power, which made Wang Ye feel like it was in his hands.

Eight kinds of medicinal materials were refined again and again in less than ten minutes, reaching an astonishing purity.

And then, it’s the critical moment to condense the pill. According to the records of the pill, the powder of the medicinal material and the medicinal liquid need to be fused together in the order of each other according to special pharmacology, and the fusion of each other must be controlled. Point in time.

There is a slight difference. The pharmacological rejection will make it difficult for the flame of the wrapped medicine to adapt to the ignition point of the two, which will cause the fryer to destroy the medicine.

Carefully, control the medicinal powder in the cauldron to fuse with each other in a specific order, and also need to accurately control the temperature of the flame.

Wang Ye was a little excited. The whole process took less than three minutes. The medicinal materials in the cauldron had already merged with each other.

The first alchemy is about to be successful, how could he not be excited.

Suddenly, there was a strange wave in the cauldron, causing the flame to get out of control in an instant, and a strong repulsive force burst out of the mixed embryonic medicine.

It's just that the powder fused between the electric light and flint, exploded suddenly because of the repulsive force, and after rushing into the flame, it began to burn and burst.


There was a muffled sound, a puff of black smoke, both came from the cauldron.

In the courtyard outside, Yao Xin and Chang Wei opened their eyes abruptly.

The former sighed in disappointment, but the latter smiled, looking forward to Wang Ye!

Inside the house!

Wang Ye was disappointed, frowning, looking at the cauldron in front of him.

"It's been too long for this guy! There have been cracks on the tripod body. When the temperature reaches a certain height, air pressure will be generated due to the high temperature. Once it is discouraged, it will completely lose control!"

It's the problem of this cauldron!

"It seems that you can only wait until the new cauldron rewarded by the system is available, and then practice refining the pill!" He sighed disappointedly, preparing to give up.

At this moment, an anonymous voice rang in his mind.

"This is giving up?"

"How about it?" Wang Ye smiled bitterly: "If you want to do something, you must first sharpen your weapon! This cauldron is not good, how can you do it!"

"It's practice, not practice!" Wuming pondered slightly, and said, "Although I am not an alchemist, but I have known a little bit. Before, you only had a fryer. It was indeed because of the cauldron problem! This alchemy cauldron, It's like a pressure cooker, once it becomes discouraged, it loses power, but..."

The nameless words turned around and said: "But in alchemy, there will be countless accidents. All of them need to be tried and mastered in constant failure! As far as I know, those top alchemy alchemists were in the heyday of cultivation. Master, you can refine the pill without a cauldron!"

"Hey, no need for a cauldron?" Wang Ye was a little surprised.

"Yes! The auxiliary tools in the early stage of the cauldron, with the improvement of strength, their own aura is enough to support, condensed into a small space as a cauldron! Of course that requires a strong cultivation base and rich experience! So, this one Breaking the furnace is a good tool to quickly improve your alchemy skills!"

Wuming suggested: "You can try and practice alchemy with this broken furnace! Then use the furnace for alchemy given by the system, and you will surely find that you will get twice the result with half the effort!"

"Good proposal!"

Wang Ye grinned. He touched his chin with one hand, and said slyly, "I didn't expect Wuming you to even know the alchemy! The aura was exhausted a thousand years ago, and the alchemy was not able to continue when the aura was exhausted more than two thousand years ago! How do you know so much? Is it possible that all I know about your age is just the tip of the iceberg?"