With the longer the contact and the more things he experienced, Wang Ye gradually discovered that the nameless became more mysterious.

He seems to know everything, and how strong his strength is, even now he can't figure it out.

Although Wuming died with his body and his soul entered the Spirit Yuan Sword as the sword spirit, he only saved the memory of Wang Ye. At first Wang Ye was still moved, but in the conversation between Wuming and him yesterday, he seemed to find that Wuming did this deliberately. made.

He knew from his mouth that the soul exists in the Lingyuan Sword, and he can continuously strengthen himself, and one day when Wang Ye's strength reaches that level, he can help him condense his body.

With a brand-new physical body, coupled with the constant strength within the Lingyuan Sword, Wuming can not only be reborn, but also reborn.

"Nameless, I trust you very much, don't cheat me!" Wang Ye said, referring to the original Qiu Xuanji.

At first he trusted and thanked Qiu Xuanji very much, but later discovered that Qiu Xuanji had been using him.

"Is there no basic trust between people? Wang Ye, you let me down!" Wuming sighed.

Wang Ye smiled bitterly, "No, I was just afraid of being deceived! Once I was bitten by a snake for ten years, I was afraid of well ropes. Of course, that was just a joke. I wanted to ask, how old did you live? "

The nameless silence was in the Lingyuan Sword, and he didn't speak again.

"Isn't it so stingy?"

"Anonymous, speak a word!"

"A lot of age, just like a kid, I'm angry and ignore people when I say a few words about you!"

No matter what Wang Ye said, Wuming stopped talking, which made Wang Ye very helpless.

After spreading his hands, he only needs to continue to practice and refine the pill!

As always, it takes months, or even a year and a half, for people who are new to alchemists to get familiar with the purification of medicinal materials at first, but Wang Ye refines eight kinds of medicinal materials at the same time. , Not only is the degree of so refined is staggering.

It's just that every time, when the pill is condensed into its embryonic form, the air pressure in the cauldron is unstable due to the cracks in the cauldron, and the furnace is fried!

boom!Bang bang bang...

Almost standard, every ten minutes or so, there will be a muffled noise in the house.

This made Yao Xin and Chang Wei sitting in the yard uneasy, and they would be awakened by the explosion when they first entered the concentration, and there was no way to practice.

"It's been blood mold for eight lifetimes, how can I believe this lunatic's words!"

Yao Xin, who was sitting cross-legged under the pavilion, stood up depressed and looked at the sunset to the west. There were auditory hallucinations in her ears, the sound of the fryer.

Chang Wei, who couldn't practice meditation, walked over and smiled bitterly: "After all, Brother Ye is the first time to come into contact with alchemy. The fryer is normal!"

"Normal?" Yao Xin, who was originally out of anger, had seized the opportunity.

She stared at Chang Wei and asked, "Is there no self-knowledge? Yes, the fryer is normal, but is it normal for a day? He doesn't know how to stop, sum up the experience? Medicine, don't you need money! "

Chang Wei shrank his neck, regretting coming over and being scolded.

He was about to take the opportunity to slip away, but suddenly changed his mind and said, "Fryers are also a skill!"

"Are you cramping like Wang Ye!" Yao Xin was furious and scolded: "Fryers are also capable?"

This time, Chang Wei nodded excitedly, and said: "Sister Yao Xin, think about it! Depending on your strength, if you can refine the pill, can you continue to fry for one day? I mean, your cultivation level Can aura support a day's alchemy?"

Yao Xin's eyes widened as soon as he said this.


Every ten minutes or so, there will be a sound of the fryer, which means that Wang Ye has not stopped since the beginning.

How powerful is that to maintain the alchemy that has not been easy for a day!

"That's right! Fryers are indeed a skill! What kind of cultivation is this Wang Ye?"

After a while, Yao Xin muttered dazedly and turned to look at Wang Ye's room.

This mysterious man is hard to figure out.

"Oh, hello! Take the bone, I want the bone!"

At this moment, a scream of pain came from outside the hospital.

Yao Xin turned their heads to look at them, their eyes widened suddenly, more shocked than guessing Wang Ye Xiu's base.

At the entrance of the courtyard, with the support of two people, Xiao Chen stumbled towards this place. It was only nearly twelve hours before he had seen him. Xiao Chen was already swollen and embarrassed.

The toes of both feet were dragged on the ground, almost being held by two people beside him, and dragged in.

"What's wrong?" Chang Wei asked subconsciously.

Xiao Chen shouted bitterly: "What's the matter, it's not because of you a broomstick, I'm too unlucky this day! I'm looking for Wang Ye to take the bones!"

Two front teeth leaked, and both legs broke, making Xiao Chen miserable.

Seeing his bad words, Chang Wei puffed up his chest and said, "Registration fee, outpatient fee! Everything is business as usual, pay the money first and then treat the illness!"

"Here! Lao Tzu is ready!" As soon as Xiao Chen raised his head, the man beside him put a bag of spirit stones on the table.

Xiao Chen broke his tooth and swallowed it in his stomach. If he was not a last resort, how could he be boring to come forward!

It’s really unlucky. I have fallen a lot in this half-day, and I have broken a few times. I just went to the infirmary to buy bone-receiving pills and spent ten thousand yuan of spirit stones. Wang Ye, it's just a few hundred spirit stones at best!

Its price is much cheaper than Jiegudan.

Chang Wei opened the bag and glanced at it. When he saw that he was making money, he was naturally willing to help. After all, one shot was a few hundred Lingshi, which was not a small sum!

He walked quickly to the outside of Wang Ye's room, knocked on the door, and said, "Brother Ye, that Xiao Chen is here again, and he wants to ask you to take a bone. The consultation fee has been paid!"

Inside the room, Wang Ye wiped the sweat from his forehead, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Bad luck Gu, that's a fifth-grade Gu poison!

Only at this rank, it can be seen that this bad luck Gu is so powerful, presumably Xiao Chen is afraid that life is worse than death.

Wang Ye is also very happy to make money. After all, Lingshi is not only currency in circulation, but the pure spiritual power can also be directly absorbed by people!

"Bring people!" Wang Ye shouted.

Hearing this, Chang Wei turned and beckoned to Xiao Chen, before pushing the door open.

When the door of this room opened, everyone outside was shocked.

A scorching smell rushed to the face, accompanied by a black smoke, and the room was so dark that even people could not see clearly.

Every time in the fryer, the burning medicinal materials are black smoke. From the dense black smoke in the room, it can be seen how many times Wang Ye fryer.

In dumbfounded, Wang Ye almost walked out of his black eyes, his face stained and embarrassed.

"Hahaha, alchemy, is this? People who don't know think it's on fire!" Xiao Chen laughed unscrupulously.

This is his happiest moment today!

Seeing him like that, Yao Xin and Chang Wei couldn't help laughing.

Wang Ye said solemnly: "Stretch out your hand!"

Xiao Chen's smile was suppressed, and he hurriedly stretched out his hand.

Wang Ye stuck his head out, his mouth was close to his palm, and Xiao Chen was extremely nauseated, he spit out the chewing medicine dregs from his mouth and spit it on Xiao Chen's hand.

With a nausea, Xiao Chen felt a little nauseated and got goose bumps all over his body.

"Whenever you have a broken bone, apply the medicine anywhere!" Wang Ye said, turned around and walked into the house, waving his hand: "Next time, I will directly ask my assistant Chang Wei to dispense the medicine for you! But I suggest that you can set up a monthly membership subscription. Otherwise, you may not be able to afford it!"