Seeing the disgusting medicine dregs held in the palm of his hand, Xiao Chen curled his lips.

"I don't believe it, it's so unlucky! Let's go!"

After he said, he let the two entourages help and leave here. The application of medicine can take the bone in an hour, but he doesn't want to stay here for a moment!

Wang Ye handed the prescription to Chang Wei and told him to keep it secret. Xiao Chen, a frequent visitor to their pharmacy and the God of Wealth, must not offend him. After that, he returned to the room again to continue alchemy, no!To be precise, it is continued but fryer.

Just as Wang Ye said, less than two hours later, Xiao Chen came to the pharmacy again wailing.


It's still a fracture!

The medicine had just been connected to the leg bone, and my arm broke again!

According to Wang Ye's instructions, after receiving the money, Chang Wei chewed it personally and handed it to Xiao Chen.

However, Xiao Chen was as punctual as Wang Ye Fryer, and came again two hours later, even though it was late at night!

Xiao Chen, who was extremely annoyed, was almost about to collapse, and was unlucky enough to drink cold water between his teeth.

He only dared to lie on the bed quietly, but even the board of the bed collapsed, and his arms and legs were broken this time!

Yao Xin had already returned to her room, and Chang Wei sat under the pavilion late at night, waiting for Xiao Chen's arrival.

He looked at his watch and muttered: "It's almost time to come!"


As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Chen's painful voice came from outside the hospital.

Chang Wei smirked and smiled, looking at Xiao Chen who was so troubled, he sneered: "People are watching the sky, this is retribution! Well, the medicine is here, pay for the medicine!"

"Monthly subscription, okay?" Xiao Chen asked bitterly.

Even the Xiao family of the wealthy side can't stand his tossing like this, and it would cost nearly 20,000 spirit stones a day to fix bones!

"Yes!" Chang Wei replied: "Brother Ye said, one hundred thousand spiritual stones a month! One million spiritual stones, you can buy the prescription directly!"

"One hundred thousand?" Xiao Chen said angrily: "Why don't you grab it!"

"Monthly, not monthly, it's up to you!" Chang Wei said coldly.

Being forced into helplessness, Xiao Chen doesn’t have so much money on his hands, but his unlucky luck really worries him. If at the current rate, he is unlucky enough to fall and fracture, and he will not have money in a month It doesn't matter, I'm afraid I should hang up!

He glanced at Wang Ye's room and asked, "Can it be eradicated? I mean, can I eradicate my unlucky disease? If possible, I am willing to invest a million spiritual stones and add an important message."

He just had the attitude of giving it a try. He didn't know that Chang Wei replied: "Brother Ye has ordered that it can be eradicated! But it needs two million spirit stones! As for the so-called news you said, can it be worth one million spirit Shi, Brother Ye has the final say!"

"But not tonight, at least until tomorrow afternoon! You have enough money, and then come to Ye Ge, he is retreating to refine alchemy!"

According to Wang Ye's instructions, Xiao Chen had suffered enough after all, and then he would salvage a fortune on him to make him remember.

After receiving the money, Xiao Chen drove away, and Chang Wei continued to sit under the pavilion and wait.

He is full of money and not sleepy.

In Wang Ye's room at this time, there was no sound of frying, and Chang Wei thought he was resting.

In fact, at this moment, Wang Ye was full of excitement. He was standing in front of the cauldron. A rudimentary pill in the flame of the cauldron gradually became mellow under the warmth of the flame!


At a certain moment, he grinned and patted the body with his palm.

The instant the Ding Cover was opened, a thrust sent the pill out, and he grabbed it in his hand.

Spread out his palm, a pale white, thumb-sized pill lay quietly in his hand, exuding a strong pill fragrance.

He looked at this pill with excitement, which was exactly the pill of Qingxin. Although it was only a first-grade pill and had a mediocre color, it was the first time he had successfully refined the pill on his way to alchemy.

"This pill is of great significance, so let me enjoy it myself!"

He opened his mouth and squeezed the Qingxin Dan into his mouth, and a cold feeling flowed down his throat to his whole body.

Suddenly exhausted, full of energy!

Moreover, Wang Ye was surprised to find that as the alchemy continued to consume aura, the speed at which the Lingyuan Sword actively absorbed the aura was also increasing, and this superposition allowed his cultivation level to rapidly improve in the alchemy.

With this alone, it is already a special case in the alchemy world!

Generally speaking, the cultivation base of alchemists is not too much, because they put most of their energy on alchemy, so they ignore the cultivation!

However, Wang Ye was just the opposite. He was able to improve his cultivation more quickly with the help of Lingyuan Sword while making alchemy.

Stretching lazily, Wang Ye smiled beautifully, his eyes condensed slightly to turn on the system, and a screen appeared in front of him.

The person who was familiar with the road clicked the check-in system, and a line of handwriting appeared on the screen.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully checking in and signing in continuously, and get the system reward: Xuan Ling Jue.The wish has been fulfilled, get: Nine Dragon Ding!

Wang Ye laughed excitedly. This wishing function made the new system full of more expectations.

This time, he directly made a wish, hoping to obtain more rare and exotic plants for the future needs of alchemy.

Like this simple request, the probability of fulfilling the wish is 100%.

This is what he clicked to view, the brief introduction of the gift item.

Xuan Ling Jue: Suitable for the cultivation of Frost Reiki, the top-level cultivation technique can greatly increase the training speed and the quality of Reiki!


Wang Ye shrugged, this thing is more suitable for Yao Xin!

Nine Dragon Ding: An ancient artifact. It is said that the ancient Pill God captured nine fire dragons alive and was cast from the dragon souls of the nine fire dragons. It has a strong increase and stability to the flame!It is a necessary artifact for leapfrogging alchemy and creating high-quality goods.

Looking at this humorous introduction, and then at the four ancient artifacts headed by large characters, Wang Ye rubbed his hands excitedly.

He couldn't wait to choose to extract it, and after a few breaths, a black cauldron suddenly appeared.

This cauldron is not big, the whole body is pitch black like ink, there are nine legs like nine dragon tails underneath, and there are nine dragon heads on the top, but there are no fire eyes. After careful observation of Wang Ye, I discovered that on the body of the Nine Dragon Ding, there is With a hole as thin as a hair.

Just put the palm of your hand on the tripod body, you can infuse aura into it, and the aura will not leak.

"Wonderful! Wonderful!"

After watching a circle, Wang Ye was deeply attracted by the Nine Dragon Ding.

"The Nine Dragon Ding is an artifact! Unexpectedly, your brand new system is so powerful that you can dig out all the ancient treasures like the Nine Dragon Ding!" An unnamed exclamation sounded in his mind.

"Yeah, don't be angry anymore!" Wang Ye grinned.

Wuming snorted, and then said: "This thing is too rare. Although there are not many people who can know the Nine Dragon Ding, I remind you that you will rarely show this thing in front of outsiders in the future! Otherwise, if you meet someone with a lot of knowledge, once I'm afraid that knowing this will cause a bloody disaster!"

Wang Ye understands the truth that everyone is innocent and guilty of his crimes!

He smiled and asked: "Then you mean, does the dragon in myths and legends really exist?"

Wuming didn't answer him directly, but said: "In this age of rejuvenation of spiritual energy, do you think the legends that have been passed down are still in myths and legends?"

Wang Ye's expression was slightly shocked. There is nothing in the world. Could it be that the fabrics and myths that you once thought were true in ancient times?

Does even the most mysterious dragon in the Chinese civilization exist?