The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 628 Unknown Frank

"Wait!" Wang Ye went to stop, "" What do you say? What can you enter? "

Zhong Xiaoyou nodded: "Yes!"

"It's over! I have no chance!" Wang Ye took a forehead.

When I finished today, he was a touch of breakthrough, and after this breakthrough, he could step into the Dan.

This is, I am afraid it is no chance to enter the trial.

When he listened to him, Zhong Xiaomo was very shocked, and he said: "Your strength, has a finals?"

"That is not." Wang Ye replied.

Zhong Xiaomo's three people finally made a breath. If Wang Ye's repaired is a good time, it is not anxious to with them.

As everyone knows, Wang Ye who has never cultivated in the secret in the secret in the secret is that it is only one step to enter the god stage.

However, this is not a focus, Wang Ye is looking forward to it, asked: "How long does it still open trial?"


Wang Ye once again took a forehead, and I won't wait for a month.

According to the current speed, it will break through the valley within three days, step into the gods.

After a month, I couldn't get it in the middle and later periods of the gang!

"I can't catch up, can't catch up!" Wang Ye disappointed sigh.

Seeing that his preface is not returned, the look is somewhat and the three people think that this koon is sick.


Sad sigh, Zhong Xiaomo is ready to leave, as for what he said, no one believes that he is a person who is about to step into the gang.

"Wait, take this thing away, I want to be quiet!"

Wang Ye recruited, took out two bottles, and the jade bottled medicine was installed in the bottle.

After passing through the jade bottle, open the bottle cover, a rich Danxiang is emerging, and everyone is in the face of each other.

I hurriedly asked: "Is this a medicinal medicine you refined?"

"Well, today's refinement, the second product Dan, the heart of the heart! It is helpful to the innocence, don't bother me in these two days, I want to be quiet!"

After that, in a cool breath, Wang Ye was depressed back to the house in the house.

Zhong Xiaomo and others have a small eye, watch the closed door from time to time, and see the medicinal medicine in the jade bottle from time to time!

Two products? !

This is the second product medicine!

Although I have never heard of it, what is Ice Cartoon! But the two-piece medicinal medicine is already letting their heads.

You must know that today's Chief Alchemist Han Xiao, but it is impossible to refine the second drug.

Wang Ye! A person who contacts alchemy can refine two-piece medicinal herbs?

"This will not be what he spends money?" Zhong Ling whispered.

"It is possible!" Yao Xin nodded, and he will tell everyone yesterday.

As soon as I listen to this, everyone is determined that these ice hearts are Wang Yehua to buy! But even if I spend money, I can buy so many two-piece medicinal medicine, how much it costs!

But then look at Changwei hand, there is a card with a million Lingshi in one piece, everyone is relieved!

That Wang Ye, you can make a shower, you can make a million Lingshi, the money should be a small problem for him, buy so many two-piece medicinal herbs are also reasonable!

As everyone knows, this is just their brain supplements. With the truth of Wang Ye, plus Jiulong Ding's help, even some three-piece medicinal medicine, he can refine!

It's just this moment, I still have a heart!

He is depressed in the house, the palm of the palm, the sword is in hand.

"It's finished! It seems that the next month, the Lingyuan sword can't stay in my body! Otherwise, I will not have three days, my realm will improve. Once you step into the gods, you will have no chance to enter the trial. Di, let alone, the oxide, yin and yang Pifia! "

A shot of micro-light, flicker from the sword, the unknown vain is in front of him.

Wang Ye depressed sigh: "I really don't want to upgrade so fast! Missing Yin and Yang Piyano this baby!"

If this is heard by the outsiders, it will definitely fall in the glasses!

Which comparator does not want a quick improvement, this year, the higher the time, the more status and the right.

It is no longer ten years ago, the money in the year, and now the aura recovery is the world that is a respected world, so it is a unique goal of everyone.

There is no name: "The yin and yang flopphitis is critical to you, otherwise it is the spirit of the heavens and earth in your body, almost even violent menstrual merits! It is improving you!"

"Then I can't do it! The realm is improved to the stream, I can't press itself."

Some people will depress because of the realm, Wang Ye is one of them.

But there is no name but laugh.

"Are you a gloating?" Wang Siyou took his mouth.

There is no name: "You don't know, the cereals is not the Trinity!"


Wang Ye was surprised to stand up, and now the comprehension level is extremely stringent, ten years have been thorough, what does it mean?

"In fact, there is a hidden realm above, and the name is a stadium. As long as the aura in the body is about to condense into the Dan, it will enter the Dan period, and the reserve of the body Will be on the Grand Valley, under the Dan! "

"This realm is only three weeks! After completing the Danshen period, then enter the Tan Dan, its combat is far more than doubled than the direct promotion!"

"Dan Dan?" Wang Ye stared at the name.

Ten years, only the soul of the soul entered the sword, and the same ten years with him in the secret, how can they know such a detailed thing.

He is slightly positively, and he said: "Nony, this time I really ask you, which time you are in the end, more than two thousand years ago, the truth is gradually abandoned, and today the aura recovery is gradually The experience left, there is such a harsh level to divide! And you, I don't know how the Danshen, I know how to enter the Dan! "

This old man in front of me, let Wang Yen become curious.

At the beginning of the barren village, Wang Ye only knew that he lived in some years, until the entrance to the magic cave is known to be at least hundreds of people!

Later, before opening the secret, the old woman appeared in Bai Yan, who made him know, the original is not named last millennium.

But this last thousand years old monsters really only have thousands of years?

In the face of the eyes of Wang Ye, there is no name for a long time.

"I really don't remember! But when I exist, I had a good life in the world, and the repair world was the peak period! After a robbery, I walked away from the Devil's mountains, where did you know how many years! No time! "

"When I wake up, the heaven and earth aura has been exhausted. I then travel in the Chinese mainland, I have forgot to have been over, I have been in the heart of the autumn, so I have been inspired by the heart, and stay in barren village! This is also me Why, there is no real reason for Bai You! "

"I don't know, when my life is the end, plus the heart of the heart, the speech hurts Bai You! And because the obsession will be bound to the barren village, I want to be abandoned for a lifetime, confused Married and born, Bai Yan is more sad! Since then I have never left poor village, behind, you know! "

The no name is relaxed, but Wang Ye listens to the sweat.

When the aura is full, he already exists, so that it is nothing to do so far, there are at least two thousand years!