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Chapter 633 Entry into the Mountain

Although in accordance with Wang Ye is now cultivated, there is no need to accompany it, but Wang Yen has agreed.

He tried to find a way, awakening the memories of everyone and everyone.

Perhaps more contact can let her find a memory that is wiped!

For Yao Xin stabilized in the body, Changwei left behind in the pharmacy, the next morning Wang Ye will leave the Nanshan City with Zhong, enter the South Mountain.

"Wang Ye, look at it!"

On a hill, there is a mountain wall to point to the distance. Wake up Huaxia Aiqi, make the aura recovery. "

"Yes!" Wang Ye smiled in a bitter, and there was no one to know more than him.

"That history is the Huaxia Baidian opened?"

Zhong Yi nodded: "Yes! It is the power of gathering Huaxiaces, in exchange for today's brilliant era! Most human beings can stay away from the disease, can extend life, and have super power!"

Wang Ye smiled nodded, but he looked at the eyes of Zhongyi, and it contained a sadness.

I don't know, this is all of his Wang Ye, and he has paid a lot for this, and he is in the midst of the secret, but the world has forgot him.

Looking at him, "What is Wang Ye? It seems that every time you mention the secret, your eyes have emerged in your eyes."

"Nothing." Wang Ye is laughing, pointing to the direction along the bed, said: "Let's go in this mountain stream."

"I know there is a shortcut, let's turn over the mountains ..."

"No! This road, I am more familiar." Wang Ye interrupted her.

Two people have entered the mountains, looking for antibodes for the clock, and walking is the road of riverbed.

"But ..." Zhong Yi still hesitized.

Wang Ye's shoulder, a pair of beautiful bone wings, and ice crystals and flames cover them.

Ice fire bones are beautiful!

"Hey, this is rare flight martial arts, you actually have this martial art!" Zhong Yi is still.

Wang Ye smiled slightly, and I grabbed her waist, and the double wings were soaring to half-air.

I was tight, I have been a man in the last ten years, a man has a man holds her waist, but soon she relieved in his arms in Wang Ye.

The wind of whizzed whiskers, the ground flying on the ground, soaring the feeling of flying so that it is very indifferent.

But not long, Wang Yen dive down and fell in the forest side of the stream.

He looked around, and immediately stepped to a tree, and there was still a trace of the arrow.

"Wait, remember here?" Wang Ye looked with the traces left on the arrow, and he asked.

Looking at it, she didn't have the memory of the people, and finally shook his head.

"Then do you still remember the bell?"

"Remember!" Hui replied: "At that year, the family was chaos, the bell tried to remember, and finally killed!"

"Who is that, saved the homes?" Wang Ye asked.

"It's Xiao Mofu and like a smoke!" I didn't hesitate to answer.

Wang Yen heard that he was smirk his head, it seems that all people, all the things related to his Wang Ye have been erased by time and space.

Only the scars on this tree also witnessed everything.

"I tell you a story! A completely different stories you know! Once you are here, you are hit by Zhongmang Fu ..."

Wang Yen seriously told the matter of the year, and he listened seriously, but her eyes were gradually worried, she felt that Wang Ye's imperative disease was made.

For a long time, I have explained the matter in Zhongjia, Wang Ye is looking forward to: "Do you believe?"

"I ..." He hesitated, she said: "Wang Ye, or you will take a break!"

"Ha ha."

Wang Yen didn't know that he was laughing and helpless.

He followed on the trunk, his mood is very complicated, and every try to wake up the memory of everyone, in exchange, it is a heavy blow.

"Hey, you don't have a bad enough! How can I recover? It may recover again! As you said, let that all the past!"

In the mind, the sound of unknown sighs sounded.

"But my heart is not sweet!" Wang Yen lost his sigh: "If I rub my memory, I may not have to bear the pain! Look at the familiar people, but it is a stranger, and my mind It also saves the past life, that feels, unnamed, do you understand! "

"I understand!" The unknown firm reply.

"You know a fart!" Wang Ye smiled: "Unless you have experienced, the pain of running the time and space, otherwise you will not understand!"

"Maybe I really understand ..." There is no name, I will continue.

Wang Ye has not said more.

On the side of the side, the worry of a face, see him before, now I am talking about myself, she is concerned about, hesitated, he taught Wang Ye's hand.

"Sorry, Wang Ye, maybe you are really true, but I really can't think of it! I don't want you to be bindied by the pain, I, I found me ..."

Her scuba is tightly biting red lips, and the cheeks are extremely nervous.

Wang Ye is holding her hand, and the body is instantly straight, even shy, I dare not look at his eyes.

"You find, have you fell in love with me?" Wang Ye asked with a smile.

I am a little panic, but she is still silently nod.

"Silly girl, there is nothing to get to teeth! Once ... haha, I didn't mention it! People, I have to dare to hate!"

Wang Ye said, one will take her into the arms.

The nervous body is shaking slightly. After a moment, she hurriedly broke away from the embrace of Wang Ye.

"This is not good ..." She turned around and said.

Wang Ye saw it, smiled and more proud, directly raised his hand on the buttocks.

This slap is like a petrochemical.

"I am not embarrassed! I want to start here, I have seen everything on your body. I have a clear class! There is a sputum on the left side, and there is a sputum on the right butt. It is not right. Small birthmark ... "

"You, how do you know? When did you peek me!" Zhong Yi Hawran turned, staring at Wang Ye and angry.

The booth, Wang Ye laughed: "Peeking you, twelve years ago! I have already said, you don't believe it!"

The face of Zhongyi is red to the root of the ear.

"Wang Ye, I like you, but we haven't gone to that stage, I hope you will not say this again, or let others know, more difficult. And, we still need to know and understand each other ... "

Wang Ye has placed her mouth before, covering her mouth.

: "You, what do you want to do? Don't, Wang Ye, we now don't talk about love, you can't cross the world ..."

"Shantou, you think more!" Wang Ye was lowered, and he said: "Someone!"

I am widely widened, and I have been separated.

After a while, the forest between the side has a few shadows and flicker, and rapidly went to the depths of the mountains.

Hidden in the darkness, far away from the group of people, the corner of the mouth picks up a brids.

Those people are not weak, basically in the opening of the light-opening period, and one by one is wearing a nightclothes, it is obviously the object of hunting in the forest.