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Chapter 634 Xiaojia Assassination

It is gradually far from the group, and Wang Ye is the mouth that is loose.

"What is it? It seems to be tracking!"

Wang Ye grin said: "If I don't guess the wrong, it should be a Xiao family! Track, definitely you, I am! Will you will?"

I nodded.

Two people got up, such as ghosts shuttle in the forest, quietly followed the person.

There are six people in this team, and they shuttle away, they carefully look for traces in the forest.

"Boss, some are not very strong!"

A black man, pointing to the traces of the forest.

There is a clear scratch, and there is a tree that is broken by the long sword. It seems that someone will fight here with the beast.

After the first man comes to inspecting, the doubts: "It is indeed unreliable! Look at the traces here, there should be someone to fight with the monsters, but only one person should not be Wang Ye!"

Wang Ye hiding in the distance, curious: "Me the beast?"

Ten years ago, he has heard that in the center of the magic cave, there is an ancient beast, which is similar to the beast similar to the variation, and has a long life and The ability to absorb the aura and cultivate.

Ten years later, even gradually adapt to this world, but still appear some outset.

After the auction, many monsters have been deep from the magic cave mountains, and the monster is very fast. Nowadays, there are still some monsters in the mountains, and some powerful monsters are terrible. The lowest first-order monsters, the combat power can be up to the power of the human lighting period. "

"In general, only a first-order monster, the fire-opening comprehension, basically not the opponent of the monster! If it is a second-order monster, although the combat power is quite humans, the battle is killed, the ceremony is not The opponent of the monster! "

Wang Yen nodded, understanding, after all, the survival law of the monster is to kill the life, and they are most good, and human beings can compare with them!

He looked at it four times, I hope to meet a monster, see how much the guy is.

But unfortunately, it is obvious that the monster that have appeared here have been chased, and it has been fled.

"Don't see it, it is impossible to have a demon again!" Zhong Yi smashed the sound, said: "The monster has strong territory consciousness, even if it is not its territory, as long as it passes here, left The smell is more powerful than the original monster, the original monster will also smell the wind! "

"It's very interesting!" Wang Ye smiled, this is more than a tiger group than the original mountain.

"Right, your beast is capable of controlling those monsters?"

"Not completely." Zhong Yi smiled: "Ten years ago, when there is no aura, those can only be a beast, the wisdom is very low, the crater can be manipulated! But now the aura recovery, the monster can not only With a spiritual cultivation, it is still gradually growing. "

"Asahi, when the Tiandao Institute was first built, the monster drove out from the Tiandao Court did not count their number, and those strong monsters, they already have higher learning, and even mouth spit. I heard some rumors, strong monsters, even after constant cultivation, "

Wang Ye heard the taste of Jinjin, and the exclusive consciousness: "That is once, what we said, the monsters and fairy? It seems that the ancient people record it, not the illusory idea, but true existence!"

"Like a chat, the goblin described in it is not what it is said, the powerful blood of the monster is cultivated, and it has become a human shape!"

In the face of his inquiry, I smiled and nodded. I immediately slowly stood up and said: "I am not fully controlled, actually, I can tame the monster becoming my own fighting partner, but no Previously, fully controlled any animals! "

"That is not bad! Find a powerful monster, tame it, fight against the power! Their ancestors are stronger than it. "

One side of Wang Ye said, while strivinging the way: "Crazy, don't be discovered by those guys, I still want to see, how many people are they coming here! Looking for opportunities, putting it."

"I am afraid that there is not that necessary." I smiled and pointed it out.

Wang Ye took her fingers, more than ten black people, staring at them.

One shot forehead, Wang Ye broke out, smiled: "When you have a trough, just listen to you, I am so happy! It is forgot to have hidden. It turned out to be discovered by these guys! Just, one pot!"

In the distance, the group of black people, seeing Wang Ye standing up, with it, it seems to be here.

After a short stay, he said for the first man: "Run, take a minute! Take the message over!"

... ...

Six people and started to escape.

Wang Ye is not in a hurry, pointing to the left, said: "The four will give it to me! The two will give you!"

"There are more people, or give it to me!" He said, he gave birth to the left jungle!

Wang Ye smiled nodded and disappeared. His speed quickly smashed, in the dense forest.

The original silent mountain, soon sounded a dull scream.

After about three minutes, Zhong Yi and Wang Ye were in this forest, and she dragged one in her hand.

Wang Ye saw it, smiled: "It's still careful, know if you leave a living! The two guys are too can't help but hit, I just done it!"

"I really don't know, how many strengths do you hide!" Zhong Xin himned him, and threw the man dragged on the ground.

"Let's talk! Who are you sending, how many people come, who is a team?" Asked the opening.

This man in the night is the leader of this group of people, and his eyes are firm, like swearing!

Wang Ye saw it, grinned, "You are so gentle voice, you can't ask if you can't ask, let me come!"

Zhong Xi quickly reminded: "Don't die!"

"Reassured, will not let him die easily!" Wang Ye first, first pinching the people, let him not bite her tongue.

Rotating, one hand pinching the person's finger, slowly goes to the direction of the hand.

It is getting more and more painful until it is, and the finger is broken.

The man opened his mouth and could only make a painful whimper.

"Next!" Wang Ye smiled faintly, pinching another finger, and smiled: "After the end, there is a ten foot finger!"

As soon as he heard this, the man was cold and cold, whimped: "Say, I said ..."

"This is awkward!" Wang Ye seems to be very disappointed sighing, letting the people's chin.

This person has eight democratics, but it is scarf, Wang Ye is just a look and action. He didn't dare to hurry out.

"We are the dead service of Xiao Jia, this time is sent to the mountains, it is to encircle you! However, we are just a scout, this time is the Xiao Yujiang University, we are only responsible for looking for the trail of you, because one I lost your whereabouts in the mountains, so I've been looking for! "

"In addition to us, a total of 13 people have come, and the Hi Guangjiang adults, there are five strong people in the valley!"