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Chapter 636 Changcai Lingfeng

Behind a huge boulder, Wang Ye and Zhongyi hide this, they quietly looked at the entrance to the grottoes.

The footsteps are getting lighter and slim, and finally disappeared, a man in the grottoes is here.

The man's face is handsome, with a resolute face, and the long Jian Fengmang converges, there is still something on the back, and his eyes patrol a circle in the grotto, and he fell in the snow Ling Leopard.

"It is him!" Zhong Yi is a bit surprised.


Heyi nodded: "It is a disciple of Nanshan Hospital, Ling Feng!"

"This person is repaired, can it be comparable to second-order monster?" Wang Ye has a little questioned.

According to Zhongyi, the strength of the second-order demon beast Snow Leopard is equivalent to the cereal period of human beings, and wants to kill the second-order monster, the cultivation of the valley is not enough, you need a higher level Dansheng was repaired, and he was able to smoke it.

However, according to the disciple of the Nanshan Hospital, the strongest strength is just near the front line, and it will break through the game to enter the god stage.

If you don't, you will shake your head and some disappointed.

"Ling Feng's strength is strong, it is the second, but it should not be the opponent of Snow Leopard! If I have not guess, in the mountains, the snow Leopard should be out of food, the fight is being Sad attack, hurt! Good to resist, I am afraid he ... "

If Lingfeng can't get the Snow Leopard, then it means that there is no chance to save the snow leopard.


A low snoring, from the grotto.

The Snow Leopard stood up, the bloodthirsty scorpion was stared, and the Ling Feng, which was discovered, it was low, and the angry came back.


Ling Feng's figure flashed, first starting with strength.

The speed of the Snow Leopard is very fast, although there is injury, but does not affect the speed of it quickly.

Just the bitnet, one person in the grottoes beasts.

Wang Ye's two people are inexpensive, hiding in the boulder, sitting on the mountain.

The fight is extremely fierce, but as is it to measure, Ling Feng gradually falls into the lower wind.

"It seems that there is no chance. If you can't do it, I have to save Ling Feng! As for the Snow Leopard, it should be that I have no time to fight!"

Ling Feng Festival defeated, and he couldn't help but sigh.

But Wang Ye shook his head, "Not! I see that Ling Feng is very smart."

Looking at him when I watched him.

Wang Ye is explained: "His long sword is very sharp, but not proficient, I don't look at the weapon of his most hand! And he is only doing this, just in order to make the snow Leopard to drop light, Then give a fatal blow. "

"Long Gun!" Is even more curious to look at Wang Ye.

Ling Feng is the most hands, but a long gun makes it into the gods, but all this is actually a clear two of Wang Ye.

You must know that Lingfeng is a strong existence of the middle of the valley, and in the inner disciples, the strength ranks second.

Wang Ye can inspect all of his, the cultivation of the Wang Ye?

"Come!" At this time, Wang Ye smiled and went to see the grotto.

A sword has not been in Lingfeng, and the Snow Leopard is like a tail, the shock is on the sword, and the long sword shock is out.

Ling Feng retired, the Snow Leopard wins the chasing.

Seeing that the Snow Leopard rushed up, sudden Ling Feng took out two guns behind him, connect with Thunder and pourness, becomes a long gun.

His eyes shot a touch of the dawn, a long gun, a hit back to the belly of the Snow Leopard.

"Hey, anxious, take a break!" Wang Ye saw it, but sighed.

When his voice arrived, Lingfeng gun came out of the Xuel Leopard belly to the Dragon, and he was able to wear his belly, the front paws of the Snow Leopard, but buckled in the gun tip On the air, one flip is turned to avoid this shot.

After four hoof landing, carefully stare at the disappointing Lingfeng.

"At this time, I shouldn't hesitate to hesitate! The two areas, the momentum is especially important! The previous fatal hit has been lost, and the victory of the chase is king, and then the snow will go down the snow will will be more winning!" Wang Ye The little mutter is muttered.

Listening quietly on the side.

She is more and more curious, what strength is Wang Ye, and his combat experience is so rich.

Everything is like him, after the confrontation half-ring, the Snow Leopard once started attacks, and the momentum was in a hurry and powerful power, even though Ling Feng's long-tiger danced, but still There is only no effort to fight for help.

After all, the second-order monster Snow Leopard, equivalent to the cultivation of the Valley, plus the powerful body of the monster, and the outbreak of combat power is directly forcing the Dan, not the middle of the Valley to be resistant.

About an hour, Ling Feng has already somewhat.

Seeing that he gradually subjected to detailed, it was obviously ready to fight back.


The Snow Leopard looked low, he was jumped, but step by step first on the exit of the grottoes, blocking the way Ling Feng.

Ling Feng is already close to the exhaustion, for his safety, I have to save him! "When I thought, I was ready to save.

Wang Ye took her, smiled: "The second repair of the inner hospital is also a worries! Or I will go! Wait, the plan is constant, the Snow Leopard is seriously injured, you shot save."

"You? That is a second-order monster." Zhong Xi wanted his eyes.

It is impossible to severely injury to the Snow Leopard.

Even if Wang Ye is sooth, it is powerful, it is possible to defeat the snow Leopard, but defeat and seriously injury is a qualified difference. The monsters have a keen sense of smell in danger, never followed by people. .

As long as it feels there is no chance to win, you will not take care of all the escape.

"Don't worry! My eight pokes, it is powerful!"

Wang Ye smiled, he first quietly detounded, and immediately came out slowly.

"Long shooter, Ling Feng!"

He went to the sideways and smiled.

In the grottoes, suddenly there is a person, whether it is a Snow Leopard or Lingfeng, is cautious.

People who have been in the age of people, the tone is not small, Ling Feng Shen Sheng said: "Is your?"

"The district is an external hospital disciple, Wang Ye! Seeing you can't fight, save you a life."

"It turns out that you are Wang Ye." Ling Feng did not say, and moved a few steps on one side.

This means, it is obviously preparing to join hands with Wang Ye to deal with the Snow Leopard.

"Even the strong people in the inner courty have known my name?" Wang Ye asked calm.

Ling Feng is quite honest, the opening: "Last night, Xiao Han and Xiao Yujiang were striking in the pharmacy in the external hospital, and the nose is swollen! It is said that it is the door, the inner hospital has not known."

It is that the entire Nanshan Hospital is now this, and it is a matter of helping, so when I mention this topic, I mentioned how many irony is mentioned in Wang Ye, but Lingfeng's tone is not.

Wang Ye grinned and smiled and spread it. "Brothers, you and rest, or let me! If we join hands, the snow Ling Leopard will escape, you have to chase it!"

"Wang Ye brothers, I have to fight with it?" Ling Feng asked some concerns.

Seeing Wang Yen's head, he slowly retired, and his heart is really not to help himself.