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Chapter 639 I didn't see

Seeing Xiao Yujiang galloping, go straight!

Wang Anne!

"If you are despicable, how do you go to Nanshanyuan teacher!"

He is chasing the past, surrounded by his five people, looking at each other, and shot together.

Boom ...

I saw Wang Ye's red hand, but they were close to the people, the weapons were wrapped in a spirit, and Wang Ye turned into a white blade, and it was in an instant in contact with its weapons. It has extremely terrible energy swarming.

Some people were fly out of the earth, and they burned the flames. Some people were instantly frozen, broken into a piece.

Fire and ice hearts in the body, with extremely horrible ice and fire effects under atrial fit.

Under the blessing, it is not an ordinary aura to resist, plus the strength of Wang Ye far with them, so this is not a scattered.

In the generations of the aura recovery, the real interpretation of the word, Guan Wan Fu Mo opened this word!

There is a hierarchical gap between the comprehension, and there is an extremely obvious strength in combat power.

And the gap between the realm is not the number of people.

Wang Ye has the strength of the Dansheng, but these people are just the performance of the Valley. If you don't say the district area, even if you are twuster, it is not his opponent, and it is not his opponent unless there is extremely skilled cooperation, otherwise it is not It is one plus one equals two, this is a contest.

When galloping, the five people have already killed, Wang Ye rapidly chased Xiao Yujiang.

When he is approaching, suddenly Xiao Yujiang stopped, and Hawran turned, a sword stab!


The long sword, the aura shook, this is the full hit of Xiao Yijiang in the early days of the Gudan.

The two are not far away, Xiao Yujiang smiled, "I have no threats, that is no threat, Laozi wants you!"

Seeing the ruddy of the rushing, the chest is going to hit on the sword tip, and Xiao Yujiang seems to see the moment when Wang Ye is killed.


However, at this time, Wang Ye had a hands folded, clamping the sword, and exhausted.

"Go to death!"

Xiao Yujiang cried.

Failed, the aura rolling the mountain in the sea from the sword.

King Ye, who can't prevent defense, only feels a powerful force, penetrating the arms.


He spoke, his mouth overflows a semi-blood.

The body is strongly retired from the powerful aura impact, and the foot will be rapid.

"Gen Dan!" He was a little bit a little in his mind.

Although the Danshen and the Jan Dan are only one step, the strength of Xiao Yujiang is the beginning of the beginning of the country, and it is still brought to him a powerful pressure.

Fang Cai is stabilizing, Xiao Yujiang is a chasing.

The long sword is shaped in hand, and countless swords are coming out, he is exhausted to try to kill Wang Ye in this.

"Tibetan does not reveal! There is a peak of the ceremony, it is so arrogant! But unfortunately, you will die today!"

Xiao Yujiang is like a rain, the sword is shaking the sword of the sky, and Wang Ye has been covered.


At this time, the Lingfeng in the distance, a shot of the opponent's chest, and saw it: "Wang Ye brothers are careful, that is his martial arts spirit!"

The words are exported, and Ling Peng tries to rush to there and try to help Wang Ye.

"Martial skill! Hey!"

Wang Ye turned his hand to his mouth, eyes were cold, looking at countless swords.

Suddenly, he turned his palm, a long sword in hand.

Lingyuan sword!

There is no fancy posture, Wang Ye holds the sword of the Lingyuan, directly rushing to the sky-covered sword flower.

Hey ...

Just listening to a crack, the Wang Ye in the hands of the Sword in hand, is like a broken bamboo shot sword flower, and the Xiao Yujiang rushing is.


The sword is shocked, the double sword sword is bombarded together, and a gust of the gaseous eye can be opened.

"Hey! Wang Ye brothers, it is so strong, can fight against the strong people in the battle!"

Affected by the air wave, Lingfeng footstep slightly, and the two people in hand in hand.

At this time, Xiao Yujiang is already a big pupil. He has been discovered, his vast aura, actually not enemies of the attack, but all the aura of the sword is, as if the mud cow is generally disappeared.

This reminds him of the strange scene when it is inserted into the king in the king of the king last night.

Xiao Yujiang, which was still deadlocked, because the heart is in the heart, and the meaning of escaping, the arm is shaking the sword, and it is ready to withdraw.

It would be at this time, he saw the cold smile in the corner of the king's mouth.


When the fire came, Wang Ye took the spirit of the sword.


Almost between electric light, the Lingyuanjian directly took the chest of Xiao Yujiang.


He spurted his blood, and he seized the shoulders of Wang Ye in front of him, and it was difficult to understand Wang Ye who stared at the smile.

"How can, how can you ... you, you are just a peak, how can I break me?"

Xiao Yujiang pupil is tightened, and vitality is driving fast.

Wang Ye smiled and said: "What is the peak of the valley? Who tells you!"

"Then, why are you repairing?"

"Have you heard of the Dansheng?" Wang Ye's taste said: "But you are not a defeated, but it is too afraid of death! It is indeed, I have a gap with your repair, if You fight dead, plus the martial arts you have learned, maybe there will be a chance to win, you can have the moment! "

Xiao Yujiang chest was worn, and his mouth was constantly there, his eyes became unwillingly from grievances.

"If you are not you, that moment wants to escape,! Under hard fight, take you the advantage of you before, you win the chance!"


Xiao Yujiang spit out of a blood.

Wang Ye's mysterious and strange make him scared. I didn't expect it because it was afraid, let myself lose their lives.

He stepped back, and the sword of the Lingyuan sword was pulled out from his chest.

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye ... I, my Xiao family will never let you go, will not let go ..."


I haven't spoke yet, Xiao Yujiang is dark, and she is planted to the ground. It is already no life.

The smile on Wang Ye's face is slightly slightly stiff, sullen, and the corner of the mouth is again overflowed.

In the body, the aura is turned into the sea. He hurriedly recovered the spiritual sword to help the breath of the body.

He frowned to Xiao Yujiang's body, in this life and death, also let him really realize the gap between the realm.

Ten years ago, whether it is a white family in the Magic Grotto, at that time, the aura has not recovered. The top of the inheritance is more ancient martial arts, but not today's comprehension, at that time, the fuzzy realm cannot distinguish a person's strength .

But now there is different, every level, every realm, there are other days!

If you don't have a fire and ice heart, you have a strong body of the world's spiritual quenching for ten years, as well as the rich combat experience, even if the Dansheng period, you can't compete with the early days of Jie Dan!


At this moment, he is extremely desirable to enhance the realm, only a powerful realm, can we act!

Ling Feng thought that Wang Ye, who was in a dull, was because of the injury, hurriedly rushed, said: "Wang Ye brothers, strong enemy has been removed! You and discharge, I will protect you."

"No, there is a small injury!" Wang Ye smiled and shook his head, "Thank you, Ling Feng brothers, but today ..."

"Why is it helpful, I am just self-policy, killing one person! It is a Wang Ye brother to repair people. Today, I didn't see anything today!"