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Chapter 643 Ma Punning Forter

Seeing Wang Ye murderously, I hurriedly went to him.

"Wang Ye, don't impulsive, this time the horse poked, it is coming to the Northern Elephant! You may not know the reason."

"No matter what reason, no matter what you believe! Zhong Xiaomo is my wife's wife, who has no right to marry her!" Wang Ye is already anger out of the mouth.

Waiting: "No matter what you are crazy, you may be what we have forgotten! But now the situation is special, the five institutions have been established, the Beiliyuan is a unique, the only thing can be high, it is Eastern Hospital ! "

The Majia created in Beiliyuan, one of the four ethnic groups.

East Hospital is Bai Yanyang to take charge, and it is also one of the four ethnic groups, and it is quite deep with white family.

As for other three hospitals, although the Xifeng Hospital is in the autumn and autumn sword, it is good at the autumn in the autumn, although there are many autumn leaves left, they used to use the table foot to repair the trust martial arts.

At that time, there was no aura between the world. Those things were worthwhile, and even doubtful things, there is something that is meaningless, but now the aura recovery, those bons!

In this way, the Xifeng Hospital is still a discourse right.

Mao Jia is in charge of the middle, although the bottom is not good, at least Mao Lun is extraordinary.

In this, only the Nanshan Sale is the weakest, and the homes who have been inherited for thousands of years, but unfortunately because of the secret key, it has suffered numerous changes in many years, which has already made it precarious.

With the unlocking, the aura has not been recovered before, Zhong Jia does not enter the four major families, let alone today.

I learned from Zhong Yi, Zhong Xiaomo is in poor this person, but also disgusting, not only such a wedding.

But helplessness is that the horse is poked in Zhong Xiaomo, and the death is tangled. With the powerful advantage of the North Pieyuan aggressive, the lure of life before a few years ago.

But in the face of Beiliyuan, facing Majia, Nanshan Hospital can only endure.

I want to tell Wang Ye's start and end, let him have a few, but I didn't expect that Wang Ye was angry.

"Specification, you will poke your grandson, and you are also qualified to pay attention to my woman!" His fist was cheering.

I would like to persuade: "Wang Ye! During this time, you enter the South Mountain, this time, it is a little ... is your woman! This matter, Nanshan Institute is just your mouthless. But now the horse pointer, the reason why Xiaomo has no resignation, so I hope that you can come up, with this layer of rumors, try to resolve this thing for her. "

"This is not a rumor, this is the fact!"

Wang Ning said, he took a sigh of relief, looked at Zhongyi and said, he said calmly: "Wait, you can rest assured, I will not mess! Isn't Xiaomo said! As long as Nanshan Hospital, Some people can promote the heavens or white houses, they can make the Nanshanyuan boat high! My Wang Ye is this person! Live, time is urgent, you bring me to the inner court, I have a number in my heart. "

"Good!" Zhong Yi should have a sound, with Wang Ye three, go to the inner court.

With the rumors of Wang Ye, let Zhong Xiaomo have a master, and the idea of ​​dismissing the horse, which is also the next policy of helplessness.

At this time, there are many people in the Nanshanyuan, outside the hall, are all disciples from Nanshanyuan.

In the temple, the chief is on two chairs, including the bell no poleless expression, sitting in it, sitting in peace, turned out to be the horse pointer!

On both sides of the temple, one side is the people of the Nanshan Arch, one side is the Northern Elephant, the central center of the main hall is placed with red silk covered.

Zhong Xiaomo, standing in the temple!

The horse stamps, the finger is tapped with the table. "The clock is old, this is too ridiculous! Miss Zhong, a disciple of the Nanshan Hospital, the outer hospital? Hahaha, Nanshan Salt will look like this Lingyuan, I can't afford me! My horse is not as good as a disciple of Nanshanyuan, the outer hospital? "

The clock is unpopular and sorry.

This matter, if it is said that Zhong Xiaomo said, he can't believe it!

However, although it is known that Zhong Xiaomo has elapsed excuse, but it is not good to hurt the face.

"Young people's things, I am very small to intervene." Half ambition is unpredictable, only this sentence is said.

"Well!" One shot of the table, horses Hao Ran got up, "Let me see, the name is Wang Ye, what three six arms can let Nanshan Hospital, do not hesperse the small mobs, but not my horse pool! I have to see, I am not as good as him! "

The horse pointer, rushed to the side of the head.

This person is extraordinary, and there is a powerful breath.

"Come on, go to the outside hospital, come with the king!" The man said quietly.

One side of the Beibeiyuan, a man hurriedly got up, smiled and smiled: "I will go, see why Wang Ye is, there is no qualification, Miss Yu Zhong."

This person named Chen Dewei, is a teaching assistant in the Beiliyuan, but the strength is not one of the hearts of the horse, it is good at shooting.

The horse pools him to give him a look, said: "Good! Then you will go before, from the Nanshan House to say that our Northern Perspective is more popular!"

"Understand, understand! I have to see, the Wang Ye is dead is alive!" Chen Dewei smiled.

Look at him, the sound of the words is to kill Wang Ye.

The horse was appreciated to see him, and the spin was slowly sat down.

After Chen Dewei, he took a few steps and immediately turned to go outside the hall.

Zhong Xiaomo's eyebrows, Shen Sheng: "This is Nanshanyuan, you don't want to be!"

"Miss Zhong said, I just want to ask the king!" Chen Dewei smiled and his footstep did not pause.

This person is repaired, and it is the peak of the valley. Look at his face, and the previous words, this will definitely fight with Wang Wild, and Zhong Xiaomo is worried.

She took Chen Dewei wrist and wrote: "People in the Nanshan House, don't use you to please."

Chen Dewei glanced at her hand and smiled. "Miss Zhong, today my master is brought! You said that there is a marriage with the college! Also, but at least let my family, lose my heart Oral! Take a look at what people can make Nanshanasia so rare! "

"I would rather give up, marriage with my northern spirit court, what is the genius?"

"I don't need to share with anyone ..."

"But I can't want this kind of shame!" Chen Dewei interrupted Zhong Xiaomo.

He slammed his arm and broke away from Zhong Xiaomo's wrist.


Inadvertently, he slammed his hand, making it on the face of Zhong Xiaomo.

See this, the hall is outside a road to fall into the cold.

Chen Dewei was also scared, quietly looking toward horse poke, fortunately, the horse pointed to see, and his heart is more angry.

Chen Dewei is a relief, ready to turn around to leave the main hall, and go to the outside hospital to find Wang Ye.

At this time, outside the hall, there was a role in the crowd.

"My woman, you also dare to move!"


As the voice came, countless people turned their heads, and everyone in the main hall also cast it.

The crowd made a way, Wang Ye's anger rushed, and it was a moment, followed by Yao Xin and Changwei.

The person is not yet, the cold murder is that it is a championship.