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Chapter 644 moves my woman, death

This is domineering, especially many disciples in the inner courtyard in Nanshan, a spirit.

"He is Wang Ye? This is domineering!"

"It seems to be him, just in the school, now in the hospital!"

"Although this Nima is my love, but today, he is very good!"

"Who said no! That sentence: my woman, really a meal!"

Zhong Xiao is the goddess in the heart of the people in the heart of the Nanshan Hospital, the bride in the dream of countless people, but in this situation, the North Deending is deceived, even forcing.

But there are people in the field, no one dares to go, only Wang Ye still has this kind of discouragement!

Almost those onlookers have a common idea. Today, Wang Ye is hanging, they will also make him funerally!

Wang Ye is going to go, go straight to Zhong Xiaomo, and then Chen Dewei.

"You are Wang Ye? I didn't see it, and I still have multiple noses ..." Chen Dewei plays.


Just then, Wang Ye is approaching, a grabbing of Chen Dewei's hair, a slap is on his face.


This slap, directly let Chen Dewei spit out a blood, mix a few broken teeth.


Take the cold breath, and the onlookers feel that the cheeks are burning.


Does really domineering!

Don't say that I don't say it, is it a ton of violence? !

Nanshan Hospital in the inner school disciple, in the shocking blood.

"You dare to hit me! Laozi is the Beibeiyuan ..."


Wang Ye raised his hand, and it was a slap. Chen Dewei's chin was shouted, or Wang Ye took his hair in hand, this slap is enough to defeat him.

One hand, buckled Chen Dewei's wrist, Wang Ye asked: "Xiaomo, just hit your slap, is this hand?"

Zhong Xiaomo was shocked by his overbearing, stunned, nodded.

"This waste!"

Wang Ye is glaring, and Chen Dewei at this moment is thinking, but he is surprised to find that he can't resist.


A crisp, Chen Dewei's arm was broken, and the broken skeleton poked the skin and barely bare with Yinhong's blood.

Chen Dewei's scrambled, but because of the chin, it is not clear.

The whole game is silent, everyone is wide.

On the chief, the clock has no expression, but the eye is scratched with the color of the gas.

Over the years, the Beiliyuan is deceiving. If he considers him for the overall situation, he will not want to endure. Today, someone finally solved a bad breath!

"I, I, kill you ..." Chen Dewei whispered.


Wang Yeo's arm is one, and Chen Dewei's head is heavy on the ground.


Then, it is a sudden sound. He is on the face of Chen Dewei, and a blood is accompanied by a full mouth of the mouth, and spit it out.

"You are Wang Ye? Good life!"

The horse pointed to the body, the man was cold, and the words were going to the central center of the hall.

"Beiliyuan Tutor, Ma Bao Guo! Please ask you the disciple of the hospital!"

The body of Mao Guo shook, a powerful breath swarming.

"Mr. Ma, you are born as an elder, shoot ..." Zhong Wuji stood up.

But when he is ready to block, Wang Ye is a little laugue: "You are the smallest younger brother Ma Baoshan, Ma Baogi?"

"Just!" Ma Bao Guo's face is gloomy, repelted: "The owner is a famous! Wang Ye, hurt my northern spirit, today I have to teach!"

Wang Ye is really anger. One is a wrath of this horse. I dare to force his woman. I'm also an angry homework. I didn't have anyone.

He smiled and said: "The real thing is funny, the grandfather is forced by the grandson, you are very small, don't you have to face yourself?"

"When I saw me nice to take my head, Ma Baoshan saw me. The chicken is still sweeping on the ground! Your Laozi Ma Zhen, a born, you will shanually, it is too big, the function is not good, the function is not good Not enough! You, I also dare to talk about the teaching in front of me! "

This is all, and everyone will hear the words.



No matter what is true, dare to say this, Wang Ye has become an idol in the hearts of inland disciples.

You must know that the Malaysian Bao Guo is the brother of the merchants of Ma Baoshan, although the age is only slightly larger than the horse, but the generation is not low.

The horse is stamped to Mabaushan's grandson, you can call the Ma Bao Guo to drink, but you don't dare to be so rude, let alone a disciple of an outer court of Nanshanyuan, which is so mad!

Ma Baogi has been angry, and the fist is cheering.

"I want your life!"

He roared in anger and went straight to Wang Ye.

Zhong Xiaofo saw it, ready to stop, Wang Ye slammed her wrist, drink: "Yao Xin will go!"

"Ah, I?" Yao Xin was slightly surprised, the momentum of the other party, that is, the strength of the gods.

Wang Yin's brow wrinkled, glanced at her, "I am afraid that he is doing, practicing the hand to adapt to the adaptation, don't there! Do you still need our Nanshan Masters to do?"

Seeing the Ma Bao Guo, you have to rush to Wang Ye, Yao Xin bites his teeth, and he will go up.

She also knows that she is not the opponent of Ma Baoguo, so I can only go to entangle, I don't dare to hard, and just let go of the seal, break through the late stage, yet fully adapted this level.

In the battle, Yao Xin is obviously in the wind, and Wang Ye is not as good.

"Wang Ye, the Ma Baoguo is the mid-term strength, Yao Xin must not be an opponent! Waiting for me!" Wait, whispered.

Wang Ye is a smile and said: "You don't do anything today! I will solve it, I have to give the Beiliyuan a shock, otherwise this is not over."

I heard this, Zhong Xiaomo and Zhongyi are eyebrows.

They also know this truth, Nanshan Institute disciples defeat the Northern Mission tutor, the mid-term power of the Danan, this will give the Nanshan Archisan a lot of noise, Beiliyuan will definitely not dare to be aggressive.

But the key is to defeat!

Although Wang Ye is very strange, they don't believe that it can defeat Ma Bao Guo.

A trembling, although Yao Xingen is solid, but it is obviously not held.

Even so, many people have been stunned, especially those disciples who know Yao Xin, even more.

Not long ago, the first departure of the outer house was the first Xiao Chen, but the opening period is six!

What is now, this ranking second Yao Xin is so powerful, and it seems that the power is in the ceremony.

"Hey! It is the late stage!"

Suddenly, there was a disciple of the inner courtyard.

For a time, the main hall was blown up, and the outer court of the district actually took a strong in the late stage. How could this?

But if not, she can be entangled with the mid-Triassa of the Dan.

In the crowd, Xiao Hanmei is tight, and the eyes are very vicious. "Yao Xin's cultivation is so fast, is it called Wang Ye to help her unlocking the body seal! This two people will become this, trial The land of my biggest enemy! "

"Wang Ye brothers really dominee, then Yao Xin, this staff, this trial will be like a broken bamboo!" There is one person in the crowd, but it is a short color. This person is Ling Feng.

The inner courtyard is surprised, but it is too excited.

The disciple of Nanshanyuan finally had someone.