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Chapter 645 Chapter Master's Office

Wang Ye seems to be negative, in the mountain watching, the fact is that the strength of everyone who is secretly analyzed the Northern Perspective.

The people of Mount Ma is not low, but the strength is not the strongest in these people, the five people sitting in the right side, which is not weak.

According to his guess, those people should be in the late stage of the gods, even the peak!

He is secretly thinking in his heart, dealing with a horse Bao Guo is not difficult, but if he is defeated, the Beiliyuan will send a strong play?

It seems that I feel that my heart is thinking, my name is ringing, "" I hit the enemy, knock on the mountain! "

"One hit?" Wang Ye smiled in the heart, although it is now a stadium period, unlimited approaching the Dan period, but after all, there is still a gap, and the Mount Mao Guo is the middle of the sinister.

"I will help you!"

I heard the name of the name, the jealousy of Wang Ye's heart, instant smoke was disappeared.

There is a nameless help, don't say that it is Ma Bao Guo, I am afraid it is a clock, he has a unpredictable, and he has to defeat it.

One thought, Wang Ye said: "Yao Xin, step!"

Yao Xin, who is hard to support, he will hear his righteousness, his footsteps are unstable, but fortunately, Changwei has helped her.

Wang Ye, who is standing, is despising, watching Master Baoguo, "Just, I also dare to even say, I can fight with you to this, know how to fight, so I will make you a trick. Face sweep. "

When you come out, everyone is awkward, and many people also smile.

It is important to say that Wang Ye can take a war with Ma Baoguo, but there are no few people will doubt, but it is necessary to win, that is basically impossible, let alone, a trick!

As-that, Wang Ye is so mad, he reminded: "Don't say that I didn't give you a chance! I just said that my woman said! You are the strongest, what is the five luck! I advise you, ready to prepare Your strongest martial arts, full hits! Otherwise, you will be defeated very miserable! "

He is especially emphasized, and my woman is three words.

The horse is sitting in the chief, the face is gloomy, and he is cold. "Since people say it, then there is no need to stay! The lion rabbit also uses the whole force to be with hostile game!"

Ma Baoguo nodded should be, it was previously entangled by Yao Xin, and it was already sweeping his face. At this moment, it can endure.

I took the waist, and the Ma Baogi pulled it, and a 9th yard dropped into his hand.

Wang Ye saw a smile, "the belt is lost, the pants are still there!"

"Wang Ye, there is a quick tongue! Since you are sincere, I will fulfill you!"

To be said, Mao Bao is in the hands of the 9th, like a long stick, forming a strange curvature in front of it.

"Wang Ye, can not be angry, this is the Thunder fiveth whip!" Zhong Xiaomo is a bit nervous.

"Take him what five widows, let him go home!"

Wang Ye took a step forward, and the hand stretched out the soul sword.

Just this strange shot posture, it is a lot of people in the field.

"A trick! Ok, I see how you pick me up! Thunder five widows!"

Mao Bao Gui drued, the straight long whip suddenly took the arc of the drill, came to Wang Ye, and a false whip, but contained a aura, such as substantial coverage.

Under the martial arts of this Thunder, there is no dead end, forcing the opponent without any retreat, can only shoot hard.

"Hua Yuhu"! "

Wang Ye disdain, holding swords, there is no fancy action.

The long sword is rapid, and the circle surrounded by the long whip.

Ma Baogui laughed, "Young people, not me not talk to Wu De, just you are too mad! Your arm, you have to waste!"

After the nine sections wrapped around, after entanglement of the Lingyuan sword, went to Wang Ye's arm.

Mixed with a thick rocky whip, if you touch the arm, Wang Ye's arm is really abolished.

At this moment, the Nanshan Hospital spent the breath, but the people in the North Deending courtyard laughed and didn't seem to have seen the win.

Outstanding, an extremely horrible breath, swords above the king in the hands of the king.


The breath is extremely horrible, accompanied by a fly that swarmed, and then the aura is fired.

Hey ...

Just smelling a sound, Thunder five lobby whip This martial arts is broken instantly, not only such nine segments are broken.


The light and shadow flashed, the spiritual sword is already in the shoulders of the Mount Ma Guo.

"Hey!" Martial arts was broken, and the Mount Mao Guo spoke, his mouth overflowed a blood.

He is still watching, pokeing a smile in front of him, seems to be difficult to accept this result.

"Uncomfortable!" Wang Ye only highlights four words, swords, and the long sword slammed on the head of the Malaysia.


A blood sprayed out, Ma Baoguo was flying out, and his body was smashing more than ten feet, and the drag is far away.

Everyone is surprised to see, Mount Ma Guo has dizzy.

", this Nima!"

"The cattle is forced!"

"A trick is solved, the San Dan is strong, Wang Ye is the strength of the future?"

The noisy argument, this is the sound, countless people are guessing the strength of Wang Ye.

Only in the field, those real power, the greedy eyes of the eyes, the lord sword.

Several people sitting on the Beibeiyuan are whispered.

"The sword is actually a spiritual sword, which should have the existence of the sword!"

"This person is cultivated in general, the manner is extremely powerful!"

"Have this weapon, I am afraid that I am not small, I will return to the North Lingyuan, I must investigate his identity!"

The real power can identify the powerful power of the previous Wang Ye, is not from him, but the long sword in his hand.

Even if I was seen, Wang Ye didn't matter, the wrist was shaking, the spiritual sword disappeared!

He has a self-improvement, and the Ma's is no longer a forced marriage.


There is no exemption, the Wang Ye has a flash, and the next moment has appeared in front of the horse pointer.


He hurts the throat of the horse.

"Dare to move my son, destroy you!"

"You gave me release, otherwise the Nanshanyuan is going to be!"

"It's crazy, I still let go of my son!"

The Beiliyuan was extremely strong, and Hawran stood up. No one thought that Wang Ye did so dare to do so.

Wang Yen is not back, telling one hand to those people, drink: "Dare to act, the first dead, should be him!"

His ice gaze gaze his horse pointer, a murderous lingering.

"If you are eligible to compete with my king!" His voice is very calm, but in the ear of the horse, it is like a thunder.

It is more strange that the horse pointer determines that he has never seen this Wang Ye, but when he looked at his eyes at this moment, he had a fear and inferiority that could not inhibit it.

The voice made him tremble, and the eyes made him fear.

Hed, the horse poked under the body, with a yellow-brown liquid, and flowed up in the trouser leg.

I am scared? !

hiss! Ma pointer, was scared!

Everyone exposed a surprised look, in front of Wang Ye, horses! The young master of Ma Jia is actually scared!

Everyone is difficult to understand what is going on, even if Wang Ye has a heart, it is not to be scared!

Here, but there is a stronger power in the North Deending courtyard!

Moreover, even Wang Ye is really going to kill, the nearest clock is unpolated, and it will not let him do this. After all, this will provoke two of the two colleges!