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Chapter 646 extreme inferiority

Although everyone can't understand, can't even believe in the scene you see!

But the fact is that the fact is that the horse pointer is scared!

"A shack of taste!" Wang Ye took the nose and satirized: "It is also a waste like the year!"

The horse pointer doesn't speak, just more fear, it is no longer daring to see the eyes of Wang Ye.

"Today, I officially tell you, Zhong Xiaomo is my woman, after you give me the heart!"

The horse pointer still does not answer, and there is no deactivation and struggle.

"I have heard it!" Wang Ye shouted.

The horse trembled, it turned out to have a cry, replied: "Listen, hear it."

"What is it?"

"Zhong Xiaomo is your woman, I, I die this heart." The horse pool is like a frightened child, the only Ino replied.

How can the people in the face of everyone have always been arrogant!

Moreover, it is so complete!

As everyone knows, ten years ago in Maha, Wang Ye has left an indelible shadow in the heart of the horse.

Although the time of time and space erases everyone, all the memories of Wang Ye, but the shadow that stays in the heart is never elapsed.

The time of the time and space was turned by Wang Ye, the horse poked the memory of Wang Ye in the brain disappeared, he gradually returned, and once the confident and arrogant state.

But today, Wang Ye, who is close, the kind of eye and tone make him like to know, awaken the shadow of his deep fear.

Although still can't remember the memory, the fear left by a thing will not change.

"Waste! This horse is fully abolished!"

This is the voice of everyone, as long as he remembers this thing today, it will never go out of his inner shadow.

"This is awkward! Roll back to your horse to go!"

The face of the horse poked the horse, Wang Ye turned into the hall and Zhang Yang pulled the smaller hand.

The latter refused a little, but soon followed Wang Ye, let him hold his hand.

Although Zhong Xiaomo knows, this is a long-standing, but I don't know why I have a natural and natural and followed, it seems that I was launched by Wang Ye, which is a very normal thing.

"Zhong, your outstanding disciple, too arrogant ..." Beiliyuan thought it was strong.

There is no opening, and Wang Ye is on the front: "horse pointer!"

A chill, the horse sitting on the horse pointed to Hao Ran got up, and left straight to the main hall, muttering, "walking, walking, walking ..."

Even he got, the horse is a few strong, and can only bite his teeth, raise the martial arts of the Mao Bao Guo, a gathering sleeve to the main hall.

"Wang Ye!"

"Wang Ye, Wang Ye ..."

For a time, the inner college disciples in the Nanshan Architecture outside the hall boiled, and called Wang Ye's name.

He not only defeated Ma Bao Guo, but also brought no glory to Nanshanyuan!

If you want the horse to be frightened, you will soon like the wind of the Chinese mainland, blow all the five institutions! The name of Wang Ye has also been destined to start high-profile rise today.

"Grab a woman with me, hehe!" Wang Ye grinned.

Zhong Xiaomo was coming back to God, hurriedly took back the hand, opened the topic, said: "You just sword it?"

"Oh, there is no special!" Wang Ye fooled.

Zhong Xiaofo shook his head. "It seems that nothing is mistaken. In the mountain, you should talk to the sword in the sword."

There have been many people around them.

The clock is unpretched, and the eyes are stigadie, and if this is, it is rushing to disperse everyone.

Those curious inner courties have left the three steps.

There are only a few people left in the field, as well as Yao Xin and Changwei, the clock is said to say: "Wang Ye, although you come from the sword, but that is a spiritual sword! Looking throughout The mainland of China, it is also a few! "

"Today, you will lose your sorrow, give Nanshan TM! But also will let the Beiliyuan stare at you!"

Wang Ye smiled: "It doesn't matter, the woman who protects my, I should do it."

"People are gone, don't play again!" The clock smiled.

He didn't know that Wang Ye did not act at all, and he said true.

Take the shoulders of Wang Ye, the clock is like a happy gift, "It seems that the five colleges will have a place to leave a place! As long as you can ranam, enter the heavens or white home, our Nanshan The hospital will also be blessed! I have been there for so many years, and there is no one in the Nanshan Hospital. I have been riding in the neck by the Beiliyuan. Wang Ye, Nanshanyuan pointed to you! "

He gave Wang Ye's high, although the Nanshan Hospital, there is Zhuang Jian and Ling Feng and Xiao Han, such as the weak, the clock has a little hope, but today, I will see Yao Xin and Wang Ye's strength, my heart is more It is full of confidence.

"Young people must be very high, although you have the limelight today, but you have to practice! First prepare for the ground! Tight, is the five institutions!"

"Grandpa you also ..." Wang Ye said with the mouth.

Everyone has gained their eyes directly, this will change the mouth directly!

After Wang Ye, he smiled and said: "Oh, the dean, I am sorry, it is too deep!"

Everyone listens, it is also hilarious.

Wang Ye took the chest and said: "Try the land of the five institutes and will be given to me! Never lose face to Nanshanyuan! But I have a small requirement!"

"Say! Do everything, I will meet your conditions." The clock said that he said.

This is the hope of Nanshanyuan, and what else can not meet him.

"I want to borrow someone to the inner court."

"Who?" The clock is very curious.

It's still a good response, laughing: "But that Lingfeng?"

Wang Ye smiled and nodded. "Just is it! I want to ask the dean, transfer Ling Feng to my pharmacy to help! Mainly this, then this time, I am going to close Qing Dan, more to the college reserve Some commonly used, and the applicable medicinal medicine! I am afraid that someone will harass, so ask him to help look at home care home. "

"You let an inner court strength second, go to see your home care home?" The clock helpless couldn't help but exclaimed.

Still Yao Xin, explained: "The Dean misunderstood! Following Wang Ye with meat, what is the home care home, I see is that he is ready to help Ling Feng, near the water building first, he refines the month Dan medicine out ... "

Hearing here, everyone suddenly realized that they all laughed.

Naturally, the clock has promised to agree.

Not only that, but also to order Zhong Xiaomo, as long as the medicinal materials needed in the pharmacy, countless considerations are as satisfied.

And the clock is not very stupid, Wang Ye has been able to refine the two-piece medicinal medicine. This is the precious, the cost price of Dan medicine is very low, and the drug, the higher the drug, the higher the price. It is horrible.

There is such a dedicated person, and the Nanshan Archi will be a medicinal material for the college.

The famous Wang Ye, but she has a deep residence, and I have never left the pharmacy.

The pharmacy is equipped, it is also the top top of the Nanshan Institute, with two of the lamers of the valley, and the endless medicinal materials.

Ling Feng and Yao Xin and Changwei Three, became Wang Ye's medicine tank. Every time they practiced the effect of Sika, they will let these three people enjoy first, and the cultivation of the three people's cultivation is increasingly refined. !