In the courtyard, Ling Feng was surrounded, Xiao Zhenpeng talked about the words, obviously an aggressive look.

However, everyone in the courtyard, seems to have forgotten Ling Feng is Wang Ye, forgotten the things above the hall.

Just thinking that the pharmacy of the external hospital is huge, it seems that it is full of enthusiasm.

Ling Feng frowned and said: "Director Xiao, the Nanshan Hospital provides medicinal materials for the pharmacy of the external hospital. This is the dean of the dean. ! But all this, is you in the middle of you? "

"Alchemy, Na Dan medicine?" Xiao Zhenpeng took the table. "You are paying it to the Dan medicine! More than 20 days, my material has never seen your external hospital pharmacy, pay any Dan medicine!"

"Well, it's less nonsense! Don't use the king wild to open it, or think about you, how to save it!"

"You, Ling Feng! Private Materials Office, forcibly robbing the medicinal materials! Despise the college rules, today must pay for your behavior! Liang Chao, what are you waiting for! Bring someone to take it!"

Listening to Xiao Zhanpeng, the group of people surrounded by Lingfeng, a little hesitant.

His name is Liang Chao, which is a fourth person in the disciples of the inner courtyard.

He said, rushing to Ling Feng: "Feng Ge, you will serve a soft, I apologize to Xiao Director! Don't force the brothers."

"It's impossible!" Ling Feng is proud, "I came to apply for medicinal materials. If I apologize, is it a sash, I have a sin, I want to add the sash, even if I arrived to the dean, I Ling Feng is still that sentence! I am here to apply for medicinal materials, and the material is aggressive! "

As soon as I heard this, the Liang Chao is too difficult.

For the table, Xiao Zhenpeng, who is at the Erlang Leg, but it is a lot of anger. He shouted: "Liang Chao, your repair is lacking, is it afraid of him Ling Feng! Don't forget, behind you is Nanshan hospital!"

"Give me! Take him, today must severely punish!"

Liang Chao hesitated again, and the big hand is ready to do.

However, at this time, the courtyard came to a laughter.

"Who dares him!"

"Wang Ye !!"

A strange scorpion, looking away from the crowd, Wang Ye in the hands in a bib, poked a smile slowly into the courtyard.

He first slammed the blood of Ling Feng's mouth, and he smiled and said: "Is it color?"

"Director Xiao Director shot, I didn't come back." Ling Feng said.

"He?" Wang Ye turned his head, glanced at Xiao Zhenpeng.

He has already put down, which is obviously a little cautious, and it is standing up.

"Xiao Jia can be a soul of the soul, everywhere is in the enemy! Brother, this is evil, I will help you! The people in the pharmacy can be bullied!"

Wang Yen said, walked to Xiao Zhanpeng.

Seeing that although he poked a smile, the kind of cold murderous, but she was like a knocked cave, although Xiao Zepeng was repaired in the early days of the Dan, still very uneasy.

He hurriedly screamed: "Liang Chao, with people to win them! Director is here."

Liang Chao is susceptible, and this is more than 20 days ago, Wang Ye, who came to the North Deep Hospital.

Although the inner hospital is born, Wang Ye is only so fierce, but it relies on the special long sword, but even with external force, it is not what he can resist.

Therefore, Liang Chao Arch said: "Wang Ye brothers, don't make trouble, this is the inner hospital!"

"What is it?" Wang Ye smiled.

"My beam super shoulder is heavy, and if Wang Ye brothers have to be hard, then I can only take people!" Liang Chao bite his teeth!

Wang Ye wondered, but he smiled. "What is you more than that of Xiao Zhenpeng?"

Liang Chao is unclear, before, replied: "Nature is Xiao Director, and the gods are more."

"Isn't it finished! There is a kind of to let him do it yourself, why bother you to come as a can?"

Wang Ye seems to be plain, but people have a feeling of spurting.

The words are swearing, and there is a provocation of Xiao Zhenpeng. I have not put Liang Chao and others.

"Good born boy! Liang Chao, you as the inner court in the fourth place, with 13 people in the hospital, is it afraid of Wang Ye's mad guy?" Xiao Zhan said.

Liang Chao tight the weapon in the hands, he is not stupid! If the guardian material is his account, he is not willing to face, facing Wang Ye.

Wang Ye laughed at him, "Don't be shif!"

He said, his body shape, suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Zhenpeng.

This was shocked, and I took it on the stool backwards. I sat down.

"Liang Chao, some people are in the material, you ..."

Xiao Zhenpeng tried to take a man's hand, but Ling Feng shook his head in Liang Chao.

In the heart, Liang Chao finally chooses the cold eye, which is his most wise choice.

Bypass the table, in front of Xiao Zhenpeng, Wang Ye leaned over and said: "My outer hospital consumes herbs. Have you opinion?"

Recalling the means in the main hall, Wang Ye's terrorist means, Xiao Zhenpeng is somewhat nervous.

"The material, has been hollowed out by your pharmacy, the current material shortage."

"Hey." Wang Ye should have a sound, and asked: "Then you shot, hurt my brother?"

"It is him, he is with me."

Wang Yen is not recruited, and Ling Feng came over.

"He hits you?" Wang Ye asked.

"Yes! Hit my palm, I didn't return!" Ling Feng was active.

Wang Yen nodded, "It is also to respect him three points!"

Just in everyone, I didn't think of the move of Wang Ye when I didn't think of Wang Ye.

Seeing him straight, it seems to be ready to leave, but he fierce it, and he is in Xiao Zhenpeng's chest.


This foot force is full, and the bomb is fried. Xiao Zhenpeng sat down the stool to break, the whole person flew out.

Under the foot, Xiao Zhenpeng's chest fracture, fell to the ground, wow, wow, a blood.

A shocking scene, let the whole game is a wooden chicken!

The director of the material, Xiao Zhanpeng was gave!

And it's a feet!

What is more incredibly is that Xiao Zhanpeng in the early Junan has actually dare to come.

Wang Ye is negative, and Xiao Zhenpeng, who is in the ground, looks at his grievances, laughs: "How, don't care?"

Director of the Materials Office of the Tangshen, actually heard the words.

"This is right! Dare to hurt my brother, give you some lessons are light."

Wang Yen said, is preparing to turn around, Xiao Zhenpeng, silent, and actually normally, roaring.

"Wang Ye! You are not able to learn, dare to do it for me, don't put the material in your eyes, don't put the Nanshanyuan in your eyes, are you going to rebel!"

He cracked up and fell to Wang Ye. "I read you is a small generation, don't care about you, but you will be on your face."

"Hey, the gront is this!" Wang Yin brows wrinkled, ready to go.

At this time, the courtyard, sounded a angry, "Care!"

Wang Ye turned his head, Xiao Yulong, Zhong Xiaomo, Zhong Xiaomo, Zhong Xiaomo, Zhong Xiaoyu, Zhong Yuli, and the people are slow.

No wonder, Xiao Zhenpeng, who is still in the top, this is so vowed, and it turned out that his relying on the mountain Xiao Yulong.