The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 650, the biggest golden master

With the mood of questioning, the clock is unpredictable to follow the Wang Ye.

A group of lively disciples in the inner courtyard is also the pace of them, and it is huge to go to the outside court.

"Wang Ye wants to provoke Xiaojia's power!"

"Trying to use the pharmacy of the outer hospital, the empty Her family in the Nanshan Hospital!"

"The idiot of the idiot, the material is the key to our college disciples, the key to supply and demand!"

"Take a look, this Wang Ye has created a miracle several times, and maybe there is a surprise!"

As the crowd is huge, there are more and more people join the onlookers, and the discussion is endless.

However, most of them are lively, with your own power, how to be enemies with Xiao Jiaquan!

To know that the material of the inner courtyard, it is only a famous person on the list of inside and outside, and there is a free qualification under the college, and most of the disciples need, it is necessary to deliver a certain spirit. Can be exchanged.

To put it bluntly, the material is the large supermarket of Nanshanyuan, providing all kinds of things needed to cultivate the disciples of the college, thus earning the Lingshi.

Unlike previous money, this monopolistic operation earned, it is possible to provide it directly to the comprehension, and use it!

Therefore, the accumulation of the week, so that Xiao Jia only occupies 30% of the Nanshanyuan, but has become an important position in the Nanshan Hospital.

Import the pharmacy in the external hospital, guarding Yao Xin and Changwei, seeing the vast people, all are not horrified.

This is simply attracted the people of the entire Nanshanyuan!

"Wang Ye, you will break the place, you also dare to fly!" Xiao Yulong took the fire and smiled and smiled: "The bell is old! This thing is not the contradiction between the college teacher with Wang Ye, but my Xiao Jia and Wang The wild conflict! Have him not, there is no point! "

"Today, this matter is related to the survival of the inner hospital, and whether his Wang Ye is eligible to stay in Nanshanyuan. If he can't say something, I will ask Nanshan Hospital, otherwise, I Xiao. Home will temporarily enclose the material. "

The clock is helpless, and there is no expression in the face.

He looked at Wang Ye, because of a small thing, it has already made a lot of things, if Wang Ye has no ability to replace the material, I am afraid that the Xiao Jia will borrow the question, and then I want to protect him again, I have to think about it!

Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Yi, naturally understand that things are light.

Zhong Xiaomao has a laughing and smiling, said: "Director Xiao, why is it so true! Wang Yen is just the outside hospital ..."

"This is not a relatively true question! This is about the face of my Xiaojia!" Xiao Yulong Shen Sheng.

When I waved, Wang Ye blocked the Zhong Xiaomo, laughing and looked at Xiao Yulong. "You will make a heavy visit to me! Whether it is comprehension or doing business, you are not qualified to teach me! If you say it is not exaggerated, I am your teacher, your way! "

This sound is arrogant, and the danger is very modest!

Don't say that Xiao Yulong, even if it is a must-have, even the whole Huaxia mainland, Wang Ye can say a sense of justice, he is the beginning of the entire Chinese mainland to repair the world!

This is not too much. If he is not his Wang Ye, where is this aura recovery, which is now in this truth!

In the face of Xiao Yulong's disdain, many disciples laughed, Wang Ye turned around: "Yao Xin opened the door!"


Yao Xinnan, hurried to Wang Ye's room, and then slowly opened the door.

When the door opened, the pharmacy of hundreds of pharmacy was silent.

After the number of interest, a deafening scream, even a lot of people, all broke out this moment!

"Lying! So many medicinal herbs!"

"Scorpio, you, look, it seems to be a three-piece medicinal medicine, not a, a bottle!"

"This is just a Jinshan!"

"How much is this?"

Everyone is almost crazy, Xiao Yulong is smashed, and the first step is close to the house.

There is a jade bottle that is piled up like a mountain, and every bottle is full of Dan.

The low price of herbs, after the Wang Ye's hand refining from Dan medicine, the moment price has been over 100 times more than one hundred times.

Only those Dan medicine in the house, if it is sold, it is a golden mountain, no! Specifically, it is a Ling Mountain that is stacked!

Not only is Xiao Yulong dumbfounded, but it is dumbfounded to the clock.

Around 20 days, Wang Ye's efficiency is high to be amazing!

He looked at Wang Ye in both eyes, which is simply the golden owner of Nanshanyuan! According to this speed, the Nanshan Sale is not repaired, with only a rich resources, you can rank first in the top three of the five institutions!

"Wang Ye, this is you, close to these days?" Zhong has no pole.

Wang Ye smiled and nodded: "Many medicinal materials that spend the college, Wang Ye is deeply embarrassed!"

"No!" Zhong Wuji quickly shook his head, "you create the value, far we can't imagine!"

"That dares to ask the dean, can the pharmacy can replace the material?" Wang Ye smiled.

But in the face of this serious problem, there is no answer to the clock.

On the side, Xiao Yulong, quietly swallowed the throat, and immediately said: "Wang Ye, you are too true! The material is owned, not only Dan medicine, there is also a martial arts weapon, and many magic treasures! You think, With Dan ... "

Wang Ye smiled and said, "I said, whether it is cultivation or doing business, you are still tender! All things are all priced! From today, pharmacies have no disciples from internal and external hospitals, provide cultivation Dan medicine required! "

"Is it free?"

Inside and outside the hospital, many disciples listened, and they were awkward.

If it is free, it is simply the Nanshan Institute, the biggest highlight of the five major hospitals! I am afraid this news will come out, I will attract countless people to invest in Nannan San Card. After all, the value of expensive Dan medicine is free, this is how terrible welfare!

But things so, I haven't finished yet!

Wang Ye then said: "From instant, post release, invites partner, genius, skills, martial arts! But with its pharmacy transactions and providers will be high return! Or Lingshi, or direct Excord any of the required medicinal herbs! "

After listening to this, Xiao Yulong was stupid.

This is perfect, as long as there is money, there is nothing to buy.

With such a big battle, the pharmacy can get all what they need. After all, the material is income, but it is exchanged in Lingshi.

Once this news came out, I am afraid that it is the supplier of soldiers or weapons, or those who collect high-level skills martial arts, they will come, or for spiritual stones, or for Dan!

The bell has no eye-catching, Wang Ye's move, completely overhead of Xiao Jia's right in Nanshanyuan.

This disease is finally able to gradually clear!

One thought, the clock failed to announce the road: "Good! From now on, the management of pharmacies, there is no need to return to the college, everything will be documented! Everything, since then, the college disciples enjoy the medicinal medicine, my Nanshan Hospital is five major The hospital, the first to enjoy the college of Dan medicine! Everything is grateful to Wang Ye! "

"Wang Ye!"

"Wang Ye ..."

The crowd shouted Wang Ye's name, the greatest, naturally the disciple of these colleges.

Xiao Yulong's footsteps, the eyes are dead! I didn't expect the result, it turned out to move the stones, so that Xiao Jia faced a huge dilemma, even the tragedy that was opened by Nanshanyuan!