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Chapter 652 Mysterious Zhuang Jian

With the unknown silence, the atmosphere in the house seems to be a bit.

"Let's talk about it! The breath of the magic spirit in her body, because your medicinal medicine, the surrender of the sorrow! But try to eliminate, almost unlikely! Once the limit is close, the magical spirit has to feel. "

Wang Ye heard the words, the face was almost, and he nodded.

With the countless rare medicines recorded by the Danfang Bai, it is completely grinding that the breath left by the magical spirit is not impossible, but it is only not necessary to do it. After all, it is limited.

However, Wang Ye is only suppressed, but did not try it clearly, it is a feeling between the breath and the magical spirit.

"㼈 㼈 㼈 ........... ....... .

Non-named heads agreed, "This matter and throws, this time is in the sword in the Lingyuan, and I will recover the breakthrough, and I have taken care of the time of time and space, let me try to figure out some Maybe you will help you. "

Wang Ni suddenly came to interested. If you can wake up everyone's memory, then in the future, there is a battle to help you.

Moreover, there is no need for him to suffer.

"Quick say it quickly." Wang Ye urged it.

"I remember that when I saw it in an ancient book, when the comprehension was robbed, I will bear the robbery. It is the best opportunity to communicate the heavens and the earth. At that time, you have the opportunity to find time and space. Going to everyone about your memory, thereby restoring the memory of you. "

When I listened to the name, Wang Ye's excitement made a bitter laugh, and finally he shrugged.

"You also look at me too. Robbery flying? That is the end of repair, and don't say that there is really the realm, even if you have, can I reach?"

"Can!" There was a firm and firmly said: "You have the spirit of heaven and earth, now the roots are unprecedented!

"Other fire ..."

Wang Ye smiled, he did not expect it, what achievements in the future, only hope that everything that has once be returned, can meet with loved ones, but not to shape the road.

"Other fire is horror, do your life and listen!" Wang Ye opened his mind and said: "I will work hard! Even if it is hard, even if there is only one hope, I will not give up!"

If you have forgotten by the world, with his belonging to the body, what is the meaning of living!


I have never knocked on the door outside the door. I haven't finished it. I haven't finished it, and I returned to the king of the king in the Lingyuan sword.

"Wild brother! Xiao Han is coming, say that it is to apologize to you, do you want me to keep him! Right, Zhuang Jian is coming."

Changwei's voice came from outside the house.

"Zhuang Jian?" Wang Ye has always been curious about this Zhuang Jian, and immediately laughed: "Since the other person apologizes, I have to give a chance! The living room is hospitality, I am coming."

With Chang Weiwei, Wang Ye has cleaned it, and the spin is going to the living room.

When people have not arrived, they see the two people sitting in the living room, it is Xiao Han and Zhuang Jian.

Chang Wei quickly came out, whispered: "Yogan, or my name is Ling Feng and Yao Xin, so that these two guys are coming!"

"No, they are closing and don't bother! To find , they will not be eager."

Wang Yen said, smiles into the living room.

Xiao Han glanced at him, hesitated moment, only to play the boxing: "Wang Ye, today coming to the previous thing, apologize to you! I have some misunderstandings, I hope you don't go to your heart."

Wang Ye didn't seem to have heard it, and the big got it went in.

"Wang Ye brothers, in the Xiafang Jian, long-lasting, famous today."

Zhuang Jian greeted up and reached out.

I glanced at his palm, Wang Ye reached out and holding him, suddenly a fond of aura.

Zhuang Jian's brow is sinking, and the ecn moves out a powerful fluctuation, and then disappears.

"Sealing repair, suppress strength!"

Wang Yen's heart discourse and unnamed sound in his mind.

His agreed in the past, actually discovered this mysterious Zhuang Jian, self-sealing and repairing, his aura fluctuated by him, far more than going to the peak!

Even, in that moment, Wang Yen smelled a dangerous feeling, although the other person hidden very deep, but still perceived by him.

He didn't move in his face, and the cold smiled, but he quietly inquired.

"There is no name, the previous shares are fluctuations, I can make me feel a dangerous sense, this person is truly cultivated, afraid that at least in the later stage of the game?"

"Maybe not only!" Non name is also a little surprised. "This person seals the descendant to the peak of the valley, it should be able to enter the ground! Specific strength, no way to conclude!"

"Wang Ye brothers, here, come, although Xiao Han is misunderstood, I'm also hope to be able to talk to my brother, you will have a long talk, about the things of trials!" Zhuang Jian opened the door to see the mountain.

Wang Ye has a smile, "This is the purpose of two comments! However, I still like this way to open the door! Please take it!"

Zhuang Jian did not seem to have found that Wang Ye took the thing of his seal.

After turning, he sat down, said: "In fact, Xiao Han and I have been in the land of trial of trial, of course, this is also every cultivator! I have mastered yin and yang. Piralitis, the location of the fire, but the fire is powerful is not my two people to join hands, can get! So, since this point, since it is resolved the contradiction, then we invites Wang Ye brothers, and join hands together! "

"Hey, two this can see me?" Wang Ye was shocked.

"You are now famous, we have to, invite you!" Xiao Han talking room, still with some hostility.

Zhuang Jian quietly glanced at her, and he smiled and said: "Wang Ye brothers, powerful is strong, don't eat alone! Only sincere cooperation can win, after all, there is only one chance!"

"Okay! Below, everything listens to two arrangements, my Kaino will work together, I only hope that when I have meat, I can drink a little soup!"

Wang Ye promised such venor to make these two people feel unexpected.

In the case of the situation of Xiao Jiahe Wang Ye's water, Zhuang Jian thought that he had a lip tongue, but he didn't expect Wang Ye to take it.

This makes it two people can't prevent it, I don't know what to say.

Wang Ye got up, but also stressed, "There is still two days to trial the day, two are very busy, since it reached a consensus, please return! By, for the table, I will give fire. Dan. "

"Three products Dan medicine, fire Dan!" Zhuang Jian stood up and said: "Wang brother is an open-minded person! In this case, that time, it will finish Wang brother!"

Xiao Han stood up and turned and turned, and the Zhuang Jian gave his hand to follow it.

Looking at the back of the two, Wang Ye exposed a smile.

This meeting was very short, but he has always maintained the initiative, a proposal to join hands, Wang Ye plans.

Of course, he also knows that whether Xiao Han or Zhuang Jian is all gangliu, this trial is all about this, who uses who is going to play, Wang Ye is, it is ready for a long time.