The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 653 Anti-Motion

In the living room of the pharmacy, Wang Ye was lifted by Wang Ye and Changwei stood next to him.

"Yorge, don't you really believe them?"

"How could it be!" Wang Ye smiled, "In the eyes of Xiao Han's eyes, hiding strong killing, but they want to use me, achieve the purpose!"

"Then you have to ask them to prepare fire Dan?" Chang Wei is a little disintegration.

Wang Ye took a shot of his shoulder, said: "You don't have to worry about this matter, the place of trial is about to open, you put the wind in the wind, say this, this time, Wang Ye did cooperate with Xiao Han, And put the destinations of the trial of alloy yin and yang flopphitis, but also can't get out! "

"Don't ask why, do it."

Looking at Wang Ye's face, the confident smile, Changwei nodded and went, according to Wang Ye commanded him.

For a time, the land of the Nanshan Institute trials, Wang Ye has worked with Xiao Han and Zhuang Jian, and it is ready to take a lot of fire in trial.

Many people come here, see Wang Ye is only for one thing, and the oxamitis is mixed.

It is said that there is a huge change, even changing the fate of a comprehension, so the purpose of these people, I hope to be able to pay a group.

Anxually, Wang Ye, who has always been very good, and people don't refuse to receive everyone, but they are all rejected and their cooperation.

For a time, it caused a non-discussion, and many people were talking about Wang Ye, which is floating, and expanded!

Xunyue is empty, the pharmacy of the pharmacy, the Lingfeng and Yao Xin under the pavilion, and Changwei is here.

They looked suspicious, and Wang Ye sitting at the end from time to time.

"You are very curious, why do I put out the wind, but I have refused everyone?" Wang Ye asked.

The three heads of the three people are like a chicks.

The proposal to invite all the people to invite cooperation, that is, it is open to these people, and there is no one.

"Wang Ye is working hard, you can't see it!"

In addition to the court, Zhong Xiaomo and Zhong Yi gone came in, smile and smiled, Shao Xiaoyou, and shook his head after brickry.

"How do you say this?" Yao Xin got up and let the Ling Feng met.

Zhong Xiaomo sat down and said: "Try the land, it is intended! Among them, many treasures are many, and everyone is attracted by the fire. The famous fire is covered with the land, people The salty marrow of the three feet! He is still in a bad, it is for you to fight for opportunities! "

On the side, it is also a sigh: "Everyone knows, Wang Ye has cooperated with Xiao Han and the first Zhuang Jian in the inner court, for the fire! Although the cooperation with everyone is rejected, the purpose is extremely strong. Try to trial in tomorrow, I will follow them, go to the outlet, so three people, I have to fight for you. "

The two have gone in the intention of Wang Ye. After heard of Yao Xin and Ling Feng and Changwei, he was grateful to see Wang Ye.

He did not hesitate to get a chance to fight for them, and this kind of grace is in mind.

"There is no two priests that I have said." Wang Ye smiled his hand, "In fact, there is also a selfishness! After all, Xiao Han and Zhuang Sword are big, said that cooperation is actually two-go, I am not worth it. Ah! Greed, will let everyone help me, resolve some trouble. "

"Right, two come here, will not be just for this matter?"

Zhong Xiaofo smiled and said: "It is indeed something different. Nanshan Hospital is rising in the five institutions because of your strategy, and you have become a nail in the eyes of the four other courts. After all because of you, let them The situation is unstable! The old master is speculated that before the trial is opened, there will be someone to come to trouble, so the father decided to open the trial in advance. "

"Hey ... Wang Ye, look at this, you are not surprised." Zhong Yi stunned.

Wang Ye is just a smile. He did have seen the clue, "But it is ready to open the trial of trial tonight?"

At this time, Zhong Xiaomo is amazed.

This afternoon, the college meeting room was unpretched for the temporary resolution. I didn't expect Wang Ye to do not understand.

"You are really smart, this time you participate in the trial of the trial, a total of 28 people, the teacher who has been relevant to the relevant responsible, and then open the trial of the trial, send it to the position! I haven't thought of it, you already I know. "

As everyone knows, Wang Ye goes out in the afternoon, but it is not to suffer everyone's white eyes, but to explore the current status.

Many people in the Nanshan Sale are people who are the board of directors of the college, which is obvious that this is a big action.

So, near the evening, he is to call Ling Feng and Yao Xin from the closed customs, waiting for the college decisions.

"Is it started now?" Wang Ye asked.

Zhong Xiaoyou nodded: "Everything is hidden! Well, I am here to inform you, let's go! Zhong Ling has taken people on the way, this time is the pharmacy. Trial of Nanshanyuan The place is in the city square. "

Her voice arrived, the courtyard was raised, and it was Zhong Ling to take someone to take the pharmacy. After all, here, there is a good value of the drug.

Lingfeng three people were still in the past, and they were taken by Zhong Xiaomo with the square of the city, they did not even prepare it.

The moonlight is empty, and the person who is selected to try to trial, gather in the square square.

There are already dozens of people gathered here, which is the unpredictable clock of the Nanshanyuan Dean.

Next to him, it is the college shareholder and the strong.

Many people are hot, watching the central office of the square, a towering stone monument, carving three big characters in Nanshan Salon on the stone monument.

It is very clear that it has entered the trial of trial, this is an entrance to the land of Nanshan Institute.

The so-called trial, in fact, it is a juncture. The college will open it in secret law, which can last for half a month experience, and the next knot is turned off, and it is necessary to enter the rigidity before shutting it. Otherwise, you can only wait until you can leave.

To know, the junction after the seal is unable to open, people who can live in a year, almost do not exist!

This related regulations and important matters, the chief is unpretched, informing everyone in detail.

This secret opened the ground, and many people have surprised many people, and the heart is secretly guess whether it is because Wang Ye is one, so that the trial is opened in advance.

But sudden decisions, there is no time to think too much to everyone.

As the moon is empty, when the child arrives, the Zhong Wuyi and others have a secret law, and the runes on the stone monument have emerged.

That is the entrance to the landing of the trial.

"Wang Xiong, please!" Zhuang Jian and Xiao Han have come over and make a posture.

Wang Ye grinned, under the public, remove a jade bottle in the pocket, lying down two Dan medicine in the inside.

"Wire fire, we agree!"

Wang Ye handed the jade bottle, and he deliberately handed a Zhuang Jian, but not Xiao Han.

After passing through the jade bottle, Zhuang Jian hugged: "Wang brother, thank you! I wish our cooperation smooth!"


Wang Ye is confident and smiled, and stepped forward to try to try to trial, in his previous command, Lingfeng three did not follow.