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Chapter 654, complaints

The entrance to the ground of the trial, just penetrated a layer of water, there is a strange energy to swear.

Then, suddenly, it is clear, it is an inexperienced mountain.

Wang Ye is negative and detached, which is full of soft breath, but there is a hot fever, if you don't feel it, it should be difficult to feel.

Looking at this endless mountain forest, it can't see any strange, it seems to be no different from ordinary mountains.

"Wang brother does not know! The land of trial, is a space that is independent after the aura recovery."

Zhuang Jian appeared next to Wang Ye, and the opening introduced: "It's like this, and suddenly there is a lot in Huaxia mainland. From some experienced family ports, it is thousands of years. , There is always because of the prosperity of the concession, but it is hidden in the world, and it is not discovered. "

"So, like this small space, hiding a lot of baby left by the ancient times, this is also a precious place to try the way!"

Wang Ye nodded, he understood the source of these small spaces, and it understood the temptation of it.

A portrait appeared, gathered in the entrance to the ground of trial.

Wang Ye turned and glanced at these people, and he smiled and said: "There are many treasures, all of them. Zhuang Jian brothers, let's go!"

Zhuang Jian and Xiao Han played a look at the eyes, and the latter was first in front of the forest, and Zhuang Jian made a pose.

Wang Ye is very embarrassed, it seems to be a look.

And these experiences are also followed, and the inch is not departed.

But no one is noticed, just when they followed Wang Ye and others, there were three people in the other side, which is Ling Feng and Yao Xin and Changwei.

The rumors about the fire in a short time, let countless people are full of greed, even some of the teachers of the college! But unfortunately, the land of trial is banned, only the cultivation under the Dan Dynasty can enter.

Going to the isotheo yin and yang flutitis, let these people forgotten, in fact, there is also a more practical baby, such as a blend!

That is their strength, the most realistic, the most chance to get the baby!

All the way, Xiao Han seems to be a light car, go to the depths of the mountain, is very calm, and Wang Ye does not feel any danger.

"Everyone, is this to look at the lively?" Wang Ye opened his mouth: "It's not as good as you can get involved. If you can get involved, there is such a search for search, and you will be unexpected. Harvest! "

It is good to persuade, but fall in the ear, but people have poked them.

"There is a fire, you want to swallow!"

"It's too bad!"

"It's, the heavens and the earth come to the treasure, there is hope!"

"I don't know how to touch the fish, and finally, who is still not allowed!"

Many people are embarrassed, and the words are full of hostility.

More even, some people began to be called, and they were clustered Xiao Han and Zhuang Jian.

On the way, the silence of the Zhuang Jian, from time to time, from time to time, he is somewhat curious, why did Wang Ye wants to fall into the neutralization, causing anger.

At some point, Xiao Han's footsteps stopped, she was cautiously staring at the mountains in front of them.

"From here, it is dangerous before!" Said her discourse.

Wang Ye took the words, "the strength of the three people, I have to comprehensively, just bring these cumbersome, I am afraid that I am not correct?"

When you listen to this, those people are not happy!

"Wang Ye, how do you talk! How do we get cumbersome?"

"Just, no one says that you have to bless!"

"You take you, let's take us! Is there a collection?"

Everyone screamed, and every mood is very excited.

Wang Ye smiled and wanted to ridicule, the Zhuang Jian, but smiled: "Why bother Wang brother! I know it here, Wang Xiong is really benevolent! It is attracted by the fire, it is for the source. Let's take it! People are here, no one will grab the marrow with them! "

The spirit of the trial of the ground, that is, the baby in the baby can change a person's physique.

But obviously, the spirit of the marrow is in front of the fire, there is no need.

Wang Ye smiled and said: "They go now, come and come!"

"It's really despicable, it turned out to be tiger from the mountain!"

"Go now? Silly! Everything is over, Ling Feng three people don't know if they have to have!"

"It's, now you have to grab it, people have to have a hand, we run all over, then give you the opportunity here?"

"Let's delay our two, you are as good as a plan!"

Listening to these quite aimed, Wang Ye smiled.

Where is the birthplace, can you find it, how many hours can you find? These words, but it is self-comforting, find a reason to follow them, and go to the reason for the fire.

"Hey, don't help you!"

Wang Ye is in a sigh, step towards the mountain forest, "I am going to fight!"

He said, it will take it in the first, Xiao Han and Zhuang Jian look at it, and follow it!

Following it, it is the group of greedies!

This seemingly flat, unmatched forest, followed by everyone, the forest begins to rise a mist.

Soon, fog is getting more and more rich, and has begun to cover people's sight.

"This fog is strange! It should be a method."

"Yes, you must go out as soon as possible, otherwise it is trapped, it can be dangerous!"

"Don't be dissipated, try to close together!"

A group of people began to go back together to walked forward.

But they quickly discovered that things were not so simple, walking, the trees in the forest disappeared, just like a wing.

At the foot, on the water, starting dramatic shaking, surrounding, just like a high wave, it is going to crush.


This feeling has just appeared, a huge wave is coming, and many people have been shocked.

Their instinctivity is resistant to the aura, but it finds that the wave is unstoppable.


Many people, the blood of the shock flew down, as if the horse was returned to the shore, the body impact is on the trunk.

The blood of the mouth, these people are not willing to rush again.

Some people are constantly being shocked, they can't see it, but they can hear the screams, but everyone goes out of the past.

At this time, in a sunny forest, Wang Ye leisurely slanting on the trunk, looking at the miserable scene in front of him.

The picture seen here is completely different. There is no ups and downs of the water, there is no tall wave, and some are just the scenes between them, waving the ambiguous attack.

Step stepped out, this strange array, Xiao Han frowned looking at Wang Ye.

"You come here for the first time, it is so easy to leave the lost array!"

"Wang Xiong is really universal! I am two people who have been tried three times, but it is still slow." Trinity, though, there is a touch of aggression.

Wang Ye's strangement made him feel a slice of pressure.

"Pure luck is good." Wang Ye smiled.

"What is good, I know you have some things!" Xiao Han looked up to front, "Let's go, you can go to the hinterland of the outlet!"