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Chapter 656 Fire Valley Abyss

"Wang Ye brothers, these three days, thank you all the way! But I am super curious, why is you here, but you have to return?"

Everyone has erected the ear, I really want to know what is going on.

Dang Ye, gave up the use of fire in the land of trial?

Wang Yisi leisurely took a tree branch and walked on the road on the road.

"I will go through, I will be familiar with the environment for the first time."

He, the ghost will believe.

It's hard to return, but it is very easy. It is only for less than a day, and they will go to the periphery of the trial.

It is four and a half days since I come back, and Wang Ye didn't do anything, and these people were the same.

He walked toward the north side of the periphery of the trial, did not stop the followers.

In a mountain ditch on the north side, Wang Ye saw the agreement, waiting here Ling Feng.

"How?" Wang Ye came and smiled.

"Gate!" Three people smiled happy.

Chang Wei is even awkward: "If Ling Feng Ge and Yao Hin, I really can't get a marrow."


"You have got a marrow?"

Liang Chao and others have grown their eyes, and they fight for death, and they walked together, and they were wasted for four days, and they didn't get it.

However, in the periphery Lingfeng three, it has already got a marrow.

Ling Feng gangle: "That is much more thanked, or not him, we can't be so easy! Wild brother, ready, do you sure we want to leave?"

Yao Xin said: "Yes! I have cultivated the peak of the valley. If you refine the spirit of the spirit, you will break through the end of the nano. When you come, you will be more helpful. "

There is a level restriction on the ground in the trial, but in the ground of trial, it is not compressed by the level.

But Wang Ye is still shaking his head, "Don't forget that I tell you, the Dansheng!"

"Well! Since there is a bamboo in the wild brother, then we will not drag your legs!" Ling Feng gave his hand.

"Wild brother, my brother ... Whether it is dead, please, please ..." Chang Wei did not say.

Wang Ye nodded and urged: "Okay, I want to open the fire valley deeply, it will be very dangerous, let go!"

Three people heard the heart and headed down and prepared to turn around.

" !" Liang Chao shouted: "At least let us know what is going on, but die this heart! Wang Ye brothers, what do you say?"

They have been listening to it, but they have heard a mist, it seems that this group of people come here, it is an emergency, turn a circle and left, who will be willing!

Lingfeng three people have got a spirit, but they waste time and blood.

Wang Ye smiled and boked his hands. Here will become a fire! "

He said, walrowing in front, there was a six-piece color red jade, and the mucus between the jade, obviously a medicinal solution of a medicinal, and a strong dish.

"This is a simple cavity. Once started, it will attract a fire! Open the channel to the outline of the outlet."

"Here? Don't you say that the fire is in the depths of the trial?" Liang Chao asked.

"This, I haven't said it!" Wang Ye smiled and bokedped, "The whole trial is all the nunisures of alloy yin and yang, which is also the center and peripherals. Here is a fire. Internal, you can say that the fire is everywhere. Just we can't see it, with the flame, will expose the true face of the fire. "

I heard here, some intelligent people finally realized.

The juncture of the trial, is a cohesive of yin and yang, which is equivalent to entering the fire, so it does not locate the outlet here, because it is everywhere, just how to let it Really revealing!

Wang Yen no longer said that the arm is lighted, a flame is poured, and the fire array is burned.

Soon, seemingly solid ground, starting a layer of collapse, becoming a bottomless abyss, a hot waves, from the bottom of the abyss, this is the Valley Abyss, the illegal nucleus !

Hot high temperatures, so that the space in front of them begins to distort, the dense forest begins to burn, like the ashes generally begins quickly dissipating.

"Walk everyone!"

As Wang Wen talks, Ling Feng three people go first.

The flame is filled, and more than 20 people such as Liang Chao can only be rushed to follow, and they have been in the entrance.

When they appear in the square, they were surprised by the eyes of those people in the square, suspended in the entrance to the previous.

There, as if it is a mirror, it can clearly see everything in the comic circle.

In this case, it is already a flame.

"The neops burned."

"It is pushed the yin and yang flopphritis, destroying this comment!"

"What is this Wang Ye wants to do?"

Everyone guess, but no one pays attention to the three people who have got a spirit of Lingfeng, which is quietly separated from the moment.

In the place of trial, the ground collapsed black flame is wound, with hot high temperatures, half-air, white clouds, is a white fire snake roll.

The vast and boundless junction, finally exposed the true face of Lushan, is a valley filled with flames. It is dark in the valley, which is like a cover, a white coaches.

The two heads of the Valley, one is the king of the front, and the other has two people, it is Zhuang Jian and Xiao Han.

The hot and high temperature is difficult, they have taken the jade bottle, which is the fire of Wang Ye.

Two people will swallow the fire.

There is a three-piece medicinal medicine to fire the fire, and the hot high temperature in the week seems to be isolated.

"This koon is a person, and the effect of fire is good!" Xiao Han smiled.

Zhuang Jian took the head: "Can refining three products, Wang Ye is not simple! But a pity, the fire of the fire is about to appear, this time I have a sense of Sword, even if he has a Junan repair, It will also die! "

"Congratulations to Human Swords, with your repair, plus fire, the fire is good!" Xiao Hancougard.

The two vowed to smile, laugh and walked in the center of the Valley.

This is the real capacity of the trial, one is not big, the valley of the black flame is the body of yin and yang Pifia, as long as the fire spirit is found, it will get the real yin and yang flopphitis.

At this time, Wang Ye is not rid of to go to the valley.

The far away is to see it, from another one-old Zhuang Jian.

When I watched Zhuang Jian, the momentum of him was strong enough to make people astochantly.

"Golden Dan!" In the mind, there is no name, "This person is definitely from the big family in the forest of the magic cave!"

Wang Ye's eyes glamorous, "We can't, he can stay in the Nanshan Hospital, the original seal the strong cultivation of his own golden Dan! But unfortunately, he will be, die in my hand A Jin Dan's strong! "

Wang Ye smiled and cautiously walked towards Zhuang Jian.