The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 664 Different World View

When I learned about this, Wang Ye was so embarrassed, and I was unable to become a Nanshan City and became a lot of people.

Staying away from the bustling city, there will be a more rich aura, more suitable for comprehension.

All the way, go to Changan, watching the wide street, busy everyone, occasionally caught the vehicle, everything is as 10 years ago, but everything also turned over the earth!

In today's city, those modern equipment, high-end luxury restaurants are facing precarious situations.

In the cereal, make the comprehension for a long time, even if you don't eat, this has led to decadent dining industry.

Everything is developing toward retro, more in the street, not a firearm, but a weapon store, knife gun swords!

Even ten years ago, Wang Ye has also predicted that the cold weapon will ultimately replace the hot weapon.

"Remember, this ancient game!"

Wang Ye stood in a street, smiled in a lot of money, how can you remember to live!

"The year of Liu Ru smoke and Cai Yu Xin, in this Taobao." Zhong Xiaomo smiled, although I didn't remember, I listened to Wang Ye to tell.

They walked forward, Zhong Xiaofm said while introducing: "The world is not the same! The poor and rich people are no longer money, nor is it a spirit, but it is repaired! Only powerful Can you represent wealth and status. "

"You see this once bustling Chang'an City, now more vegetation, in the nourishment of the aura, everything is thriving! I have been envious of the city, if it is spurred, despised! Because, only Those who have no talents, can't make a truth, can be busy here, saying that it is more like a sorrow! "

A aura recovery has changed the pattern of the whole world.

Wang Ye is awkward, everything is transforming to retro, but everything is also revealed, the desire and goals of human survival, also become more obvious!

That is, longevity!

This is what human beings have pursued since ancient times, but only modern times, with the development of technology, the life of the paper, gives life more beautiful processes, so gradually paralyzed everyone's concept, and people think, live, The better thing is the purpose.

But when the aura recovery, when the truth frenzy came, all rich life, but it became a cumbersome, more people chose to hit, choose those aura of abundant local cultivation, they have clear targets, then improve the repair, Become a strong, with powerful strength and long life.

Not the world change, but the world's world has obvious.

Go all the way, passing through Chang'an City, Wang Ye has a feeling.

"Wang Ye, we have to speed up the speed, turn over the mountain, and the village of the road."

Zhong Xiaomi pointed to the direction of the city's mountain forest.

Everyone nodded, accelerated, and then entered a dense forest, and today's forest has become a place where ordinary people are rarely involved. After the aura recovery, the monsters become almost the owners of the mountains.

They have a powerful body, as well as a non-vulgar aura, strong monsters even the comprehension is a fear, not to mention the ordinary people.

Near the dusk, finally turned over this mountain, in the intersection of Sanshan, a winding news, surrounded by a village, Shuixi Village!

At this time, at this time, many people will travel to the Magic Grotto, because in addition to the five institutions, those scattered have the opportunity, can enter the heavenly sacred sacred sacred sacred house, just the opportunity is very embarrassing.

The five institutes have special power, they don't need to participate in the sea, but these scales are different.

Only after they are harsh, after selection, they can have the opportunity to compete with the five stockhouses, and they will take the opportunity to enter the Tiandao or the white family.

Even if the chance is very low, this time is from the four seas in the five lakes, people who have unlimited yearning for the comprehension will come to the touch of luck.

In the past eight years, Shuixi Village has gradually become these people and goes to the foothold of the Magical Grotto.

The small village is very boiling, the shape of people travel, which is similar to the ancient times, and has become a place where many business people are stall.

Even if it is already dusk, the streets of the village are still in a lot of stalls, and most of them are mostly some souls, or some weapons, and some of their unknown babies.

"That necklace, looks full of aura, very special!" Wang Ye glanced at a green necklace in one side of the booth.

Yao Xin, one side, smiled: "Wang Ye, you are really in the city, I have never seen the world!"

Once the words, it was called the mountain in the city, and now it is the opposite, and the feet can see everything in the world has reversed.

Seeing Wang Ye's face, Yao Xin explained: "Some of the antiques, especially those who have left thousands of years, and now is the most robbable baby! I don't know which one before the Qin Dynasty! Know that the treasure in that time, more or less hidden some secrets! Or martial arts, or a magic weapon with powerful features. "

"Yao Xin said." Zhong Yi added: "With the revitalization, some antiques, hidden secrets also have a riot of the aura, gradually emerged in the world! This is why, short ten years, work The reason why French and Techno is like this, part from the heritage of those big families, generations, and the other part, from the antiques of genius! "

I heard this, Wang Ye nodded.


Suddenly, Wang Ye's gaze, falling on a colorful disc.

On the disc, it seems to be inlaid with countless jewelry, in the disc, a special groove is that Wang Ye is concerned, and the groove presents a six-way star shape, just like the relics left by the mother. Sixth star jade is exactly the same.

Moreover, this is an eye, Wang Yen is inexplicably likes this disc.

"I want to buy things, I will have to take a table later!" Wang Ye mysteriously laughed.

Everyone he nor to nod, it is very curious that Wang Ye has seen anything, and can make him look, absolutely not simple.

He walked toward the booth, and the stall was a young man who was a young man.

It should be in the opening period of nine, facing the bottleneck and cannot break through the valley.

There are many people, and they are hard to enter because of the reasons for talents.

Even, it is abolished!

Wang Ye slowly squatted, and his eyes were aiming in the booth.

The man saw that the three beautiful women after the king of the king were glanced, and it was obvious that the eyes were envious.

He is here to say: "Brothers, have you seen it? I have many babies here!"

Wang Ye was shook his head and said: "Nored, there is a value of money!"

The man smiled: "Brothers, don't blame me, you don't know, you don't know the goods! Hey, you can feel the energetic flying fluctuations with your hands!"

He picked up a piece of ancient jade, introduced: "This thing is absolutely big! It can feel the especially smooth in the body!"