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Chapter 672, fight for death

Xie Yuan has the initial repair in the early days of Junan, and the speed is fast, and the moment is rushing out of the main tomb outdoor.

The Samsung magic month started to re-run, and the light curtain is turning toward the stone wall.

Under the man of Xie Yuan, panicked to the light curtain, some movements were fascinated by difficulty, some reaction succumbers, the body behind the light is like being caught in the stone wall.

As the light curtain has gradually disappeared, the stone wall gradually forms, those who are truck in it, the body is crushed by hard-erased under huge extrusion.

Compared to these people, those who have never reacted and trapped in the tomb are the most sad.

They will never leave the tomb, will become the dead people in the tomb, until the endless loneliness and suffering, will will take the road to suicide.

Only five people followed Xie Yuanchun, looked at the king of the escape, and Xie Yuan 's is very angry.

"Laozi wants you to slaughter you! Want to put them, hang in the front rules of the city building!"

Angry Xie Yuan rapidly chased, and there was a high-spirited bombardment in his hand. It seems to be a light column.

Wang Ye did not choose to avoid it. In his body, the ninety gas was dramatic. If it was slightly delayed in this hole, it will fall into a desperate situation.

Therefore, he uses the body hard to learn, and the ZHIHO is an attack, with the help of the impact to improve the galloping speed.

The cave has become more and narrower, and he can't stand it at all. He will make two people galloped.

One of the arms, throwing Mobi and Huanglin out, Wang Ye said: "Go away!"


After the body, Xie Yuan, a punch, a punch, the aura, and constantly bombards the vest of Wang Ye.

His mouth overflows a slice of blood, his face is rising, but it is guarded in front of him with his own body.

The two tears, running forward, Wang Ye followed behind him, protecting them with the body.

Is this really Pingshui?

Is this really just a general partnership?

This is really just a somewhat familiar, but I can't think of the stranger who has seen it?

Mo San Niang and Huanglin are unclear, but in their minds, do not think of it, Wang Ye said before.

"My name is Wang Ye! It is not a thank you Yuan! It is exactly that we are very good friends when we are in the north!"

Life and death and a total of friends!

If there is no such sense of friendship, someone will live with life, and use their own body to withdraw from Xie Yuan's attack to protect them?

do not know!

Huanglin and Mo San Niang are like a numbness, and they are also like a knife. They have seen a shirt of the cave exit.

"Jumping!" Wang Yehou shouted.

At this moment, Huanglin and Mo San Niang did not hesitate. They rushed out of the cave one after another, and they jumped to the Baizhu Abyss.

Wang Ye, who rushed out, jumped out, fell in a hurry, he pilked up with two people in his arms, shoulder a pair of bones and wings.

The ice fire is fanned, and swaying in the void to the distance in the distance.

"Ah ... Wang Ye! I will definitely find you, kill you!"

The mountain cave, Xie Yuan's angry roaring, the voice echoed outside this cliff, but only glanced, fanless, Wang Ye who went away from the distance.

The whistling wind, blowing two faces, blowing the tears of their cheeks.

Staring at Wang Ye, watching him biting his teeth, insisting on flying forward, Huanglin suddenly asked: "Why do you do this?"

"Because you used to, I would rather go to the fire!"

Wang Ye is biting his teeth, withstanding violent anthoglocks, and suffering from the injury left by Xie Yuan attack.

"Don't we have forgotten, some things that should not forget?" Mo Sanny whispered.

The dense forest, rushing away, swaying Wang Ye, falling around two people.

After landing, the feet were unstable, and they took them directly, and the three were heavy.

Wang Ye climbed up, watching it in four, "I should not stay for a long time, I need to find a hidden place, first healing! You can rest assured, I will help you, eliminate the nine sevity in the body!"

The three people supported each other, passing through a thorns, and finally in an extremely concealed cave.

Wang Ye's breath is very urgent, the injury is heavy!

"You two seal the meridians, try to suppress the nine-skests!"

When you say, the king knees are sitting and begins to suppress the force of the anti-anti-alveolal.

First, the anti-the anti-allel of Jiuyin gradually presses, and he is the entrance to a Dan Pharmacy.

Then take another jade bottle, pour out two Dan medicine, hand it to Huanglin and Mo San Niang.

"Remember, wait until you complete the nine sessions in the body, come together, then take a lower medicine!"

The two nodded, grateful to pick up Dan medicine, but apparent Wang Ye is too overestimating their cultivation.

When he started with Dan medicine to be treated, the two were difficult to inherit the pain of nine-skeepers, and they had syncizes.

The sky is gradually darker. At midnight, Wang Ye is to spit a turbidity and slowly open his eyes.

The injury and anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-diagnosis, but when he turned his head to the two people, the face was incomparably dignified.

Huanglin and Mo San Niang were lying on the ground, and the physical instinct can spast from time to time, the nine-skests have been out of control, spread in their corners in their body.

"Two, I can't help!"

Wang Ning said, unfolding the clothes of the two, let his red fruit.

He sat in the middle of the two, with his hands on the small abdomen of Huang and Mo San Niang, his eyes closed, and the spiritual high concentrated mid-yin and yang flutitis gradually, in the boss.

He accurately took the temperature of the flame, not allowed to hurt two, and a silk flame began to start in their body.

The appearance of the fire, let the nine-body in the second boss are uneasy, and they have fled, and some from the pores, trying to escape!

The nine-skests who have just drilled out from the pores, fiercely wrapped in flames, in a burst of .

The scene in the cave is very fragrant, and it is very strange.

Huanglin and Mo San Niang are lying in red fruit, and Wang Ye is sitting in their middle.

From time to time, in the white skin of the two, there will be a black bug like a rice grain, drilled out from the pores, and that is extremely seep.

However, the nine-skeeper is just out, it will be burned into an inexplica.

After two hours, Wang Ye's face was pale, and the penetrated sweat was heated on the forehead.

"I will stick to it again, I will completely eliminate it!"

"Insist that persistence!"

He is seriously injured, helping the two people simultaneously eliminate the insects in the body, causing the nine secluded gas and anti-alveolar, plus the spiritual high concentration, a burst of glutinousness.

With a strong willpower, Wang Ye can reluctantly keep awake and continue to drive them to the body's nine secluded insects.

When half an hour passed, Huanglin and Mo Sanny were driven out, and the Fire was burned into ashes by flames, Wang Ye also insisted.

He is dark, and it has been exposed to the past, and fell to the body of the two.

Time is quietly lapse, the twilight of the next day, the fragrance of the fragrance is imagined when it is in the cave.