The richest man starts from checking in

Chapter 673 has no regrets

In the dense forest, the people headed by Xie Yuan is searching in the carpet.

The number of people has been from the previous five people, and more than 20 people are now.

Xie Yuan somedately: "Give me a big eyes, look at it carefully, the Wang Ye is quite heavy, Huanglin and Mo San Niang eroded by Jiu Squa, definitely fleeing! Who is the first discovery They, I am going to the Lingshi! Who can get the Kings, I will hurt the stone 10,000! "

The artificial and dead birds are dead, and a group of people focused forward.

Xie Yuan's mouth: "Wang Ye, I will find you, I must kill you, let go of your belly, but I'm refining your outlet!"

In addition to the number, this hidden cave.

The red fruit is lying on the ground, only feels some pain, gradually waking up.

When she is at the time, the whole person is like electric shock, and the body is tightened.

At this time, Mo San Niang also woke up, so that she is the same.

Their eyes were rotated, and they saw their heads of fruit, and Wang Ye squinted on their body, it was very uniform, the hands were put on the chest of Huanglin and Mo Sanny.

They are ashamed, and the eyeballs are rotated to each other, and they are rushing to flash.

"What's going on?" Mo San mother lowered.

Huanglin lowered the sound, "It should be Wang Ye, with a fire in the serious injury, replace the nine sevils in the body, too strong, too strong, so I have been in the past."

After the words, it was caught in silence and embarrassment.

After half a ring, Mobi asked: "Huanglin, do you believe in Wang Ye saying? We have met, and there is a fight against life and death."

"I believe. As you said, maybe we really have forgotten, some things we haven't forgotten." Huang Lin sighed a breath.

"If not, I am afraid that only my parents relatives will use their own body to block our fatal attacks. Perhaps only the people who love, will not care for life and death, for us to remove the nine sevity in the body! Do you say? "

Mo San Niang didn't feel very good, she didn't say: "Wang Ye is in order to us, I can remember to be heart, I am in the future, I am afraid that I will still go with a lifetime!"

"Yes! My Huanglin is also the same, I will wish, no regrets!"

"That two, is it to put clothes first." Mo San Niang opened.

In this way, endless embarrassment is hit.

The two are careful, pinch Wang Ye's wrist, move his hand from his body, and then move to move to the body, hurry to sit up, shy clothes.

"Hey, your blush, the people who practice are not in the session, and then say that Wang Ye has not happened!" Mo San Niang chat, but also intentionally ridicule.

Huanglin's face suddenly turned into the root of the ear, and the breathing was very urgent.

She said: "Don't say me, you are the same! Hey, you are ashamed to make something like! But with your colleagues ten years, I found that your chest is bigger than me!"

"Yes! I usually not pay too much!"

If this woman is put down, talking about the sky, it is more straightforward than men.

Wang Ye, who is squatting on the ground, in fact, after they wake up, I have woke up when I start talking!

I heard here, I didn't stand back and smiled.

"Ah? You are awake?"

Huanglin and Mo San Niang shy hate must not find a slit.

Wang Ye climbed up and smiled: "It is not intentionally heard! But I am flattening, the two chest is actually quite big!"

"Your shameless guy!" Mo Sanny glanced at him.

Huanglin hurriedly opened the topic, "cough, which, your injury, is nothing wrong?"

"Can't die!" Wang Ye stretched a lazy waist, smelted the spirit of heaven and earth as Yuan Dan, his body has an amazing self-healing force.

Today's strength has been recovered, at least slightly exhausted.

The last button, Huanglin is afraid that Wang Ye will refer to the shame of the previous one. She turned out: "Wang Ye, the rescue of the tomb, we have no return, willing to follow you in the future Horse, repaying the rescue. "

"Yeah! We live, later it is yours!" Mo San Niang Zhengqi.

They have saved the life of Wang Ye, grateful to work.

I swayed and shook my head, Wang Ye said: "I said, we used to be a friend of life and death! I still need you to make a horse! However, you both remember that my kindness is good, I will have a good cultivation, maybe One day, I will really ask you to help! "

I heard this, two people can't help but lose.

The hand of Huanglin is open, and there are two inheritance of ancient jade in his hand.

"This should belong to you."

She handed Wang Ye and Wang Ye refused.

"This thing is useless to use, just a piece of one person, can use the inheritance of the ancient jade to inherit the method, not ordinary things!"

"How is it so embarrassed, say good two eight #!" Mo San Niang said.

Wang Ye smiled and took out the six-way star jade, said: "This thing, just give me the remuneration!"

He is in the hands of Jade, as usual, and then gets the mother's relic, the jade of the six-man shaped shape, can't see the raft, but absolutely there is a wonderful existence.

"Wang Ye, since you don't want, then we will not resignate!" Huanglin handed a passage of ancient jade to Mo San Niang.

Two people looked at the eye, dropped the fingertips, and dripped into the ancient jade.

Occurred, the soul is fluctuating dramatically, swaving in the ancient jade, go straight to the two people.

The two skills have emerged in their minds.

When the two combs, when the memory in the mind is inherited, the bored king is born, open the system interface.

One side of the light curtain was in front of his eyes, and his light car was chosen to sign in the button.

[Congratulations to the host continuous card sign to success, get system reward ... 50,000 Lingshi!

, ...

In front of the screen begins to suddenly flash, and harsh, like current, the unconventional sound, the flexible picture is dramatic.

"what happened?"

Wang Ye was shocked, this is the first time, seeing the strange situation in the system.

Just when he was very doubtful, suddenly a sustained force exuded out, the six star jade in his hand drifted under the effect of suction.

Wang Ye looked stunned. The Sixth Star jade was falling in front of the light curtain corner, while gradually penetrating the inlaid.

"Lying in the trough, this thing is related to the system." Wang Ye couldn't help but explode.

Nowadays, I will look at this screen, and he finally discovered the Ni, the screen of the system emerged, and the hexagonal, like a zoomed six-hunt.

At the corner of this Six Star Screen Border, there is a small texture, like a tray, is a six-way star jade, and now there is another corner, and one more!

Waiting Wang Ye is surprised, and there is no name in my mind.

"It's so good! That Sixth is frightened, it seems to be able to improve this system, if you make four jade, don't know where the system will change!"

"I can't figure out that when I fused the four keys, the Sixth Star left in the mother eventually disappeared. It turned out to be in the system! Ancient Sixth star jade, actually has a relationship with the system, it seems that there are many behind this system. Is not a secret secret! "

Wang Ye smashed and scattered and only felt some difficult thinking.